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University of Alabama, University P.O.; University of California, Berkeley; Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Cal.; California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco; Texas Academy of Science, Austin; State Agricultural College, Michigan; Geological Survey of Missouri, Jefferson City; Prof. E. W. Claypole, Akron, O.; Editors of the Journal of Comparative Neurology, Granville, O.; Society of Natural His. tory, Cincinnati Observatory, Hon. J. D. Cox, Cincinnati, O.; Oberlin College, Oberlin, 0.; Athenæum Library, Columbia, Tenn; Academy of Sciences, St. Louis, Mo.; Prof. J. L. Campbell, Crawfordsville, Ind.; Indiana Engineers' Society, Remington; Field Columbian Museum, Newberry Library, Chicago, Ill.; Iowa Experiment Station, Ames ; Iowa Masonic Library, Cedar Rapids; Academy of Natural Sciences, Davenport, I a.; State Historical Society, Iowa City, Ia.; American Archæological and Asiatic Association, Nevada, Ia.; State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Madison, Wis.; Agricultural Experiment Station, Manhattan, Kans.; Kansas Academy of Science, Topeka; Agricultural Experiment Station, Corvallis, Oregon; Colorado Scientific Society, Denver; Agricultural Experiment Station, Fort Collins, Col.; Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln; Academy of Science, Tacoma, Wash. ; University of Wyoming, Laramie ; Dakota Agricultural College, Brookings.

Accessions to the Library were reported from the Naturforscher Verein, Riga, Russia ; K. D. Geografiske Selskab, Co. penhagen ; Université Royale, Lund, Sweden ; Société Royale de Geographie, Antwerp, Belgium ; Hungarian Nat. Museum, Budapest; Académie des Sciences, Cracow, Austria; Osservatorio Astronomico. Meteorologico, Trieste, Austria ; K. K. Naturhistorische Hofmuseum, Vienna, Austria; Akademie der Wissenschaften, Verein zur Beförderung des Gartenbaues, Berlin, Prussia; K. Sächsische Gesellschaft der Wissen. schaften, Leipzig; Naturhistorische Verein der Preussischen Rheinlande, etc , Bonn, Prussia ; Wiirttembergische Kommis. sion für Landesgeschichte, Stuttgart; Prof. M. E. Renevier, Lausanne, Switzerland ; R. Academia de Ciencias, R. Academia de la Historia, Madrid, Spain ; Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France; Mr. James L. Bowes, Liverpool, Eng.; British Association for the Advancement of Science, London, Eng.; Geographical Society, Manchester, Eng.; R. I. Historical Society, Providence; Academy of Sciences, Historical So. ciety, New York, N.Y.; Rev. Joseph H. Dulles, Princeton, N.J.; Messrs. Henry Phillips, Jr., Julius F. Sachse, Philadelphia; Light House Board, Smithsonian Institution, Mr. F. W. Hodge, Washington, D. C.; Editors of the Journal of Comparative Neurology, Granville, 0.; Agricultural Experiment Stations, Durham, N. H., Lexington, Ky., Ames, Ia.; Socie. dad Central de Profesores del Estado, Puebla, Mex.; Observa. torio Meteorologico Central, Xalapa, Mex.; Institute of Jamaica, Kingston ; Direccion Général de Estadistica, Guatemala, C. A.

A photograph for the Society's Album was received from Prof. Peter R. v. Tunner, Leoben, Austria.

The following deaths were announced :

Prof. Henry Coppée, Bethlehem, Pa. Born October 13, 1821 ; died March 21, 1895.

Hon. Richard Vaux, Philadelphia. Born December 19, 1816; died March 22, 1895.

Dr. W. S. W. Ruschenberger, Philadelphia. Born September 4, 1807; died March 24, 1895.

Prof. John A. Ryder, Philadelphia. Born 1852; died March 26, 1895.

Prof. James E. Oliver, Ithaca, N. Y. Born July 27, 1829; died March 27, 1895.

Dr. Brinton moved that the President, at his leisure, appoint members to prepare suitable obituary notices of the deceased.

Prof. Cope, by consent, paid a tribute to the scientific standing of the late Prof. Ryder, and the exceptional value of his investigation into ontogeny.

The President appointed Prof. Cope to prepare the obituary notice of the late Prof. Ryder. Prof. Cope accepted the appointment.

Prof. Cope read his paper on "Crania of Fossil Whalebone Whales," as announced.

Mr. Du Bois read a paper on the “ Priority of the Manufacture of Extremely Thin Gold Leaf by Electrical Processes.”

Remarks, corroborative of the tenor of the paper, were made by Mr. Joseph Fraley.

The Committee upon Mr. Lyman's Paper reported and was continued.

Pending nominations 1306, 1307, 1308, 1309, and new nominations 1310, 1311, 1312, were read.

And the Society was adjourned by the President.

Stated Meeting, April 19, 1895.

President, Mr. FRALEY, in the Chair.

Mr. Richard S. Hunter, a newly elected member, was presented to the Chair, and took his seat.

Correspondence was submitted as follows:

A circular letter from the Geographical Society of Toulouse, France, requesting that the Society examine into the method of applying the Decimal System parallel and simultaneously to the measurement of angles and time.

A letter was read from Philip P. Calvert, Secretary of the Ryder Memorial Meeting, requesting the Society to appoint a representative to the Committee of Publication of that meet. ing.

On motion, the President was requested to make the appointment.

Prof. Cope was subsequently appointed.

Letters were read from Mr. Dalton Dorr, Superintendent of the Pennsylvania Museum of Industrial Art, and Mr. F. D. Langenheim, Curator of the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society, requesting the Society to take the receipt of the former institution for the Society's coins and medals deposited therein, and return the receipt held by the latter institution. A list of the coins and medals belonging to the Society accompanied the letters.

Dr. Brinton moved that the letters of Messrs. Dorr and Langenheim, together with the list of coins and medals, be referred to the Curators, with instructions to take a receipt for them from the Pennsylvania Museum of Industrial Art as a deposit in that institution.

After some discussion the motion was carried.

Letters of envoy were received from the Academie des Sciences, Cracow, Austria ; Naturforschende Gesellschaft des Osterlandes, Altenburg i. S. A., Germany; K. Sächsische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Leipzig; Société de Géog. raphie, Berne, Switzerland; Bath and West and Southern Counties Society, Bath, England; Meteorological Council, London, England; Iowa Géological Survey, Des Moines.

Letters of acknowledgment were received from Dr. Otto Donner, Helsingfors, Finland (145); Russia Tashkent Observatory (144, 145); Maatschappij der Nederlandsche Letterkunde, Leiden, Z. Holland (145); Société R. de Géographie, Antwerp, Belgium (145); Naturforschende Gesellschaft, Schweiz. Naturforschende Gesellschaft, Berne, Switzerland (145); Anthropologische Gesellschaft, Vienna, Austria (145); Anthropologische Gesellschaft, Berlin, Prussia (145); Naturhistorische Verein, Bonn, Prussia (1+2, 144, 145); K. Sächs. Alterthumsverein, Dresden (142, 141); Naturhistorische Mu. seum, Hamburg, Germany (Trans., xvii, 3); K. Sächs. Ge. sellschaft der Wissenschaften, Leipzig (142, 144, 145); Naturwissenschaftliche Verein, Osnabrück, Germany (141, 145); Literary and Philosophical Society, Liverpool, England (145); Prof. W. W. Goodwin, Cambridge, Mass. (144, 145, 146); American Mathematical Society (143), Mr. James Douglas, New York, N. Y. (143, 146); Vassar Brothers' Institute, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. (143, 146); Academy of Science, Rochester, N. Y., (143, 146); Dr. H. Hartshorne, Germantown, Pa. (143); Mr. Joseph Wilcox, Philadelphia (143-146); Prof. John F. Carll, Pleasantville, Pa. (143, 146); U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md. (113, 146); Mr. T. L. Patterson, Cumberland, Md. (143, 146); Maryland Institute, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Peabody Institute, Prof. J. E. Humphrey, Bal. timore, Md. (143, 146); Smithsonian Institution, U. S. National Museum (113, 146), Dr. John S. Billings, Washington, D. C. (146); Agricultural Experiment Station, Morgantown, W. Va. (143); Ohio State Archäological and Historical Society, Columbus (143-146); State Geological Department, Frankfort, Ky. (143, 146); Agricultural Experiment Station, Knoxville, Tenn. (140, 144, 145); Prof. Joseph Le Conte, Berkeley, Cal. (143, 146); Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles (143, 146); California Historical Society (143, 145, 146), California State Mining Bureau (143), Prof. George Davidson, San Francisco, Cal. (143, 146); Prof. J. C. Branner, Stanford University, Cal. (113, 116); University of Wisconsin, Madison (136-141, 143-146); Prof. G. W. Hough, Evanston, Ill. (143); Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka (143, 146); Experiment Station Library, Lincoln, Neb. (143, 146); North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (143, 146); Bishop Cr. Carrillo, Merida, Yucatan (143, 146); Dr. Antonio Peñafiel, Mexico, Mex. (143, 146); Observatorio Astronómico Nacional Mexicano, Tacubaya (143, 146).

Accessions to the Library were reported from the Société Entomologique de Belgique, Bruxelles ; Naturforschende Ge. sellschaft des Osterlandes, Altenburg i. S. A., Germany; Ge. sellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie, etc., Berlin, Prussia ; K. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Göttingen, Prussia ; K. Sächsische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Leipzig; Socie: a R. di Napoli, Napoli, Italia; Bath and West and Southern Counties Society, Bath, England; Meteorological Council, London, England ; Natural History and Philosophical Society, Belfast, Ireland ; Public Library, Salem, Mass. ; Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven, Conn.; University of the State of New York, Albany; Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Md.; U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Lighthouse Board, Washington, D. C.; Denison University, Granville, O.; Cincinnati Observatory, Cincinnati, O.; Iowa Geo

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