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logical Survey, Des Moines; Kansas State Agricultural College, Manhattan; Observatorio-Magnetico Central, Mexico, Mex.

The death of Prof. James D. Dana, New Haven, Conn. (born Feb. 12, 1813, died April 14, 1895), was announced.

The President announced that he had requested Mr. C. Stuart Patterson, Prof. E. D. Cope, Dr. D. G. Brinton and Mr. J. G. Rosengarten to prepare the obituary notices of Mr. Vaux, Prof. Ryder, Dr. Ruschenberger and Prof. Coppée respectively, and that they had accepted the appointments.

An obituary notice of the late Mr. Thomas H. Dudley by Mr. W. John Potts was submitted and read by title.

Dr. D. G. Brinton read a paper on “ The Protohistoric Ethpography of Asia Minor.” The paper was discussed by Prof. H. V. Hilprecht and others.

Pending nominations Nos. 1306, 1307, 1308, 1309, 1310, 1311, 1312, and new nominations Nos. 1313, 1314, 1315, 1316 were read.

The nominations for non-resident members, recommended by Council and not acted on, were placed in nomination.

A report was read from the Special Committee in reference to the plates attached to Mr. Lyman's paper. As the report was not definitive, on motion the Committee was continued and requested to prepare a final report at the next meeting. On further motion, as Mr. Henry Phillips, Jr., a member of the Committee, was ill, Mr. J. Sergeant Price was appointed to act in his place.

And the Society was adjourned by the President.

Stated Meeting, May 3, 1895.

President, Mr. FRALEY, in the Chair. Correspondence was submitted as follows:

Letters from Sarah J. Farmer, Eliot, Me., and Mr. James Lindsay, Kilmarnock, Scotland, the latter accompanying a book presented by him to the Society.

Letters of envoy were received from the Geological Survey of India, Calcutta ; Musée Teyler, Haarlem, Holland; K. Geologische Landesanstalt und Bergakademie, Berlin, Prussia; K. Sächsische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Leipzig ; Meteorological Observatory, New York, N. Y.; Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Letters of acknowledgment were received from the Societatea Geografica Romānā, Bucharest (141); Univērsitets- Bib. liotheket, Christiana, Norway (145); Prof. Japetus Steenstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark (145); Naturwissenschaftliche Verein, Frankfurt a. 0. (145); K. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Göttingen, Prussia (Trans., xiii, 3); Prof. G. Maspero, Paris, France (145); South African Philosophical Society, Cape Town (136–141); Hon. E. J. Phelps, New Haven, Conn. (119, 143); N. J. Historical Society, Newark (143, 146); Mr. Henry C. Mercer, Doylestown, Pa. (141, 145, 146); Mr. Jacob B. Eckfeldt, (143, 146), Dr. Charles Schäffer, Philadelphia (143, 144, 146); Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore (143).

Accessions to the Library were reported from the Naturwissenschaftliche Verein des Reg. Bez., Frankfurt a. O.; Musée Teyler, Haarlem, Holland; Friesch Genootschap van Geschied, Oudheid, en Taalkunde, Leeuwarden, Netherlands; R. Museum van Oudheden, Leiden, Holland ; I. R. Accademia degli Agiati, Rovereto, Austria; Verein der Freunde der Naturgeschichte in Mecklenburg, Güstrow; Société Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles, Lausanne, Switzerland; Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, St. Gall, Switzerland; M. J. de Rey. Pailhade, Toulouse, France; Philosophical Society, Cambridge, Eng.; Mr. James Lindsay, Kilmarnock, Scotland; R. Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Dublin; American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.; Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford; Lenox Library, New York, N. Y.; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Agricultural Experiment Stations, Durham, N. H., Burlington, Vt., Jacksonville, Fla., Tucson, Ariz.; Observatorio Meteorológico Central, Mexico.

Dr. William H. Greene presented to the Society a Breguet metallic thermometer, made by Dr. Franklin Bache, from whom it was purchased by Dr. B. Howard Rand, whose widow

PRINTED JUNE 12, 1895.


presented it to the donor. This form is no longer made, except as an apparatus for physical demonstration. It was the precursor of the modern metallic thermometer now rapidly coming into use.

An obituary notice of the late James E. Rhoads, M.D., LL.D., was read by Dr. Henry Hartshorne.

The President announced the death of Hamilton Andrews Hill, Boston, Mass., April 27, 1895, æt. 67.

Prof. Cope read his paper on "Some New Forms of Whalebone Whales," as announced.

Mr. Julius F. Sachse made a preliminary communication on “The Application of Electricity to Photography."

Pending nominations 1306-1316 and new nominations 1317-1329 were read.

The following report of the Special Committee on Mr. Lyman's paper was presented : TO THE AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY:

The Special Committee to whom was referred the paper by Mr. Benjamin S. Lyman read at a late meeting of the Society, for the purpose of considering the subject of publishing the plates accompanying the said paper, respectfully report that they have carefully considered the matter referred to them and have reached the following conclusions upon the subject :

1. The plates consist of thirty-four maps taken bodily from the book of plans published by the Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, all of which have been copyrighted under the Laws of the United States and therefore under no circumstances can be published without the written consent of the Board of Survey, witnessed by two or more witnesses, wbich consent does not accompany the papers.

2. There is a standing rule of the Society from which it has not deviated, that all its publications must be of original matter, and any papers, drawings or maps, which have been previously printed or published, cannot appear in its Proceedings or Transactions. This is an insuperable objection, and however much we personally desire to accommodate Mr. Lyman, it is impossible for us, even if the expense should be borne by him, to report in favor of printing or publishing the maps, although he is fully entitled, to have his paper printed in the Proceedings as an original contribution read at one of the stated meetings. We therefore submit the following resolutions for adoption by the Society :

Resolved, That the paper presented by Mr. Benjamin S Lyman be published in our Proceedings, but that for the reasons set forth in the report of the Committee, the thirty-four maps accompanying his paper be not included in the publication.”

Resolved, That the Special Committee be discharged from the further consideration of the er."


Prof. Greene made a statement in reference to the paper

of Mr. Lyman, expressing his inability to speak of its special value as a geological contribution.

Mr. Lyman stated that he had received a verbal permission to print the copyrighted maps.

Prof. Cope spoke in favor of publishing the maps accompanying Mr. Lyman's paper.

Mr. J. Sergeant Price explained the reason for referring the question of publication to a Committee.

Prof. Cope moved that the Special Committee be discharged, and that a Committee of Experts be appointed to consider the publication of the plates and the paper. Car. ried.

The President subsequently appointed Messrs. Heilprin, Ingham and Platt.

And the Society was adjourned by the President.

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