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him the communication, description, or model, except the officer to whom it shall be entrusted; nor shall such officer part with the same out of his custody, without a special order of the Society for that purpose.

6. The Society, having previously referred the several communications from candidates for the premium, then depending, to the consideration of the twelve counsellors and other officers of the Society, and having received their report thereon, shall, at one of their stated meet ings in the month of December, annually, after the expiration of this current year (of the time and place, together with the particular occasion of which meeting due notice 'shall be previously given, by public advertisement) proceed to final adjudication of the said premium; and, after due consideration had, a vote shall first be taken on this question, viz. Whether any of the communications then under inspection be worthy of the proposed premium? If this question be determined in the negative, the whole business shall be deferred till another year; but if in the affirmative, the Society shall proceed to determine by ballot, given by the members at large, the discovery, invention or improvement most useful and worthy; and that discovery, invention, or improvement which shall be found to have a majority of concurring votes in its favor shall be successful; and then, and not till then, the sealed letter accompanying the crowned performance shall be opened, and the name of the author announced as the person entitled to the said premium.

7. No member of the Society who is a candidate for the premium. then depending, or who hath not previously declared to the Society, that he has considered and weighed, according to the best of his judgment, the comparative merits of the several claims then under consideration, shall sit in judgment, or give his vote in awarding the said premium.

8. A full account of the crowned subject shall be published by the Society, as soon as may be after the adjudication, either in a separate publication, or in the next succeeding volume of their Transactions, or in both.

9. The unsuccessful performances shall remain under consideration, and their authors be considered as candidates for the premium for five years next succeeding the time of their presentment; except such performances as their authors may, in the meantime, think fit to withdraw. And the Society shall annually publish an abstract of the titles, object, or subject matter of the communications, so under consideration; such only excepted as the Society shall think not worthy of public notice.

10. The letters containing the names of authors whose performances shall be rejected, or which shall be found unsuccessful after a trial of five years, shall be burnt before the Society, without breaking the seals.

11. In case there should be a failure, in any year, of any communication worthy of the proposed premium, there will then be two premiums to be awarded the next year. But no accumulation of premiums

shall entitle the author to more than one premium for any one discov. ery, invention or improvement.

12. The premium shall consist of an oval plate of solid standard gold of the value of ten guineas. On one side thereof shall be neatly engraved a short Latin motto suited to the occasion, together with the words: "The Premium of John Hyacinth de Magellan, of London, established in the year 1786 ;" and on the other side of the plate shall be engraved these words: "Awarded by the A. P. S. for the discovery of A.D.— ." And the seal of the Society shall be annexed to the medal by a ribbon passing through a small hole at the lower edge thereof.

SECTION 2. The Magellanic fund of two hundred guineas shall be considered as ten hundred and fifty dollars, and shall be invested separately from the other funds belonging to or under the care of the Society, and a separate and distinct account of it shall be kept by the treasurer.

The said fund shall be credited with the sum of one hundred dollars, to represent the two premiums for which the Society is now liable.

The treasurer shall credit the said fund with the interest received on the investment thereof, and, if any surplus of said interest shall remain after providing for the premiums which may then be demandable, said surplus shall be used by the Society for making publication of the terms of the said premium, and for such purposes as may be authorized by its charter and laws.

The treasurer shall, at the first stated meeting of the Society in the month of December annually, make a report of the state of said fund and of the investment thereof.

Members who have not as yet sent their photographs to the Society will confer a favor by so doing; cabinet size preferred.

Members will please communicate any change of address or inac curacy in name.

A few sets of the Society's Transactions, New Series, 1818 to 1893, XVIII vols., 4to, can be obtained from the Librarian. Price $90.00.





SECTION 1. John Hyacinth de Magellan, in London, having in the year 1786 offered to the Society, as a donation, the sum of two hundred guineas, to be by them vested in a secure and permanent fund, to the end that the interest arising therefrom should be annually disposed of in premiums, to be adjudged by them to the author of the best discovery, or most useful invention, relating to Navigation, Astronomy, or Natural Philosophy (mere natural history only excepted); and the Society having accepted of the above donation, they hereby publish the conditions, prescribed by the donor and agreed to by the Society, upon which the said annual premiums will be awarded.


1. The candidate shall send his discovery, invention or improvement, addressed to the President, or one of the Vice-Presidents of the Society, free of postage or other charges; and shall distinguish his performance by some motto, device, or other signature, at his pleasure. Together with his discovery, invention, or improvement, he shall also send a sealed letter containing the same motto, device, or signature, and subscribed with the real name and place of residence of the author.

2. Persons of any nation, sect or denomination whatever, shall be admitted as candidates for this premium.

3. No discovery, invention or improvement shall be entitled to this premium, which hath been already published, or for which the author hath been publicly rewarded elsewhere.

4. The candidate shall communicate his discovery, invention or improvement, either in the English, French, German, or Latin language.

All such communications shall be publicly read or exhibited to the Society at some stated meeting, not less than one month previous to the day of adjudication, and shall at all times be open to the inspection of such members as shall desire it. But no member shall carry home with








JULY, 1895.

JAN 20 1896





The American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia for the promotion of useful knowledge has the honor to announce that an award of the Henry M. Phillips Prize will be made during the year 1895; essays for the same to be in the possession of the Society before the first day of January, 1895. The subjects upon which essays are to be furnished by competitors are as follows:

No. 148.

1. The sources, formation, and development, of what is generally designated the Common Law of England.

2. The theory of the State, treated historically, and upon principle, with a discussion of the various schools of classical, mediæval, and modern thought, upon the subject.

3. The historical and doctrinal relations of the Roman Law and the English Law, illustrated by parallels and contrasts.


The Prize for the crowned essay on either of these subjects will consist of the sum of five hundred dollars lawful gold coin of the United States, to be paid upon the awarding of the prize. The Society invites attention to the laws governing said prize, which accompany this circular.


FREDERICK FRALEY, President of the Society, Ex-officiis.
J. SERGEANT PRICE, Treasurer of the Society,

Committee on the

Henry M. Phillips
Prize Essay Fund

The essays must be sent, addressed to Frederick Fraley, President of the
American Philosophical Society, Hall of the Society, No. 104 South Fifth Street,
Philadelphia, Pa,


PRINTED NOV. 9, 1895.

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