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Higb Yield Investment - Asset Mana.. · Investment Banking - Consulting yield_investments


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Trading Techniques for Individual Traders Hedgers • Institutional Traders

Financials - Currencies • Metals • Energies • Private Banking Indexes
Tax Free Investing

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What's New

We would like to thank you for your interest in Lugano Synergy
what Qttered

Investment Group, Ltd., products and services. We specialize in

developing and implement technique for tax reduction strategies, asset
Investment Banking protection plans, and sophisticated wealth management techniques. You

will have access to a full array of some of our products and services.
Cash Management
Business Account

Lugano Synergy Investment Group, Ltd. is now in its third year of
Corporate Credit Card Operating. The company operates through the world and has offices in,
Insured or Not Insured Antigua & Barbuda Bahamas Belize and St. Kitts & Nevis Islands and
High Yield Investment Panama.
Mercbant Account
NO US Resident Lugano Synergy (Antigua), Ltd, is a subsidiary of Lugano Synergy

Investment Group Ltd., private registered incorporator and
management group devoted to excellence in all that it does. The group

utilizes the delicate balance of skills of its senior term, from the
Offshore entrepreneurial to the control and diligence of our Legal Affairs and

Finance directors.

Benefits of

Lugano Synergy Investment Group, services also includes the
management and organization of International Business Companies
(IBC's) facillties, offshore trust facilities, offshore banking facilities, and
mutual funds, for clients who require a complete investment services.

Asset Protection

Preserving assets for
your descendants is
the very essence of
estate planning.

We offer you the added resources and products reliability that stem from
our Strategies Partnership working with major world financial Institutions
and under contract to Imperial Consolidated Securities, S.A British Trade
& Commerce Bank, Ltd., and several other organizations.

All of the group directors have had experience into the banking and
Finance industries for a considerable time. Our portfolio in this respect
includes graduates in Law, Marketing and Accounting as well as time
served industry professionals.

Qttshore Glossary

Privacy Statment


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High Yield Investment - Asset Mana... - Investment Banking - Consulting

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Corporate Banking Busness Accoon Accounts Online with Pantate Back

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corporate finance;
cash and asset management;
and the establishment and financing of

companies worldwide.
We prov de tools and expertise for secure remote
banking, opportunity to open and work with
high-yield accounts, free accounts maintenance,
discrete personalized services, no min mum balance
requirement, flexibility of international multi-currency
accounts, premium corporate cards services, hassle
free on-line application and processing.

How to open Business Account
On-line application allows you to reserve an account
number immediately. It means that funds can be
transferred right away and you can start working with
the account once the opening procedure is completed.
Fill out and submit an on-line application. A Customer
Service officer will contact you via e-mail to confirm
your business account reservation as well as to
advise, if necessary, on further opening procedures.
Be prepared to mail the following items to the Bank
address provided below:

Nctarized copy of your certificate of

• Notarized copy of your documents of

incorporation e.g. Articles of Incorporation,
Charter, Shareholders Ayreement, Minutes of
the Board, Articles of Association or other
incorporation documents required by law.

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