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HUNT, THOMAS. Arguments for the Bishop's right. London, 1682, 8vo.

HUNTER, ALEXANDER. Geological essays. York, 1777, 8vo.

HUNTER, JOHN, F.R.S. The natural History of the human teeth: explaining their structure, use, formation, growth and diseases. Illustrated with copper plates. London, 1771, 4to.

HUNTER, Capt. JOHN. The historical Journal of the transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Islands, with the discoveries which have been made in New South Wales and in the Southern Ocean, since the publication of Phillip's voyage. Illustrated with 17 maps, charts and

views. London, 1793, 4to.

HUNTER, JOSEPH. Who wrote Cavendish's Life of Wolsey? London, 1814, 4to.

100 copies printed.

Hallamshire. The History and topography of the parish of Sheffield in the County of York, with historical and descriptive notices of the parishes of Ecclesfield, Hansworth, Treeton and Whiston, and of the chapelry of Bradfield. London, 1819, fol. pig-skin, g. e.

Dawson Turner's copy, with his autograph and an original letter of Hunter introducing Sir Francis Palgrave and Mr. Hallam to Mrs. Fairfax.

Hallamshire. A new and enlarged edition by the rev. Alfred Gatty. London, 1869, fol.

South Yorkshire. The history and topography of the Deanery of Doncaster in the Diocese and County of York. London, 1828, 2 vols. imp. fol. r. mor. g. e. and L. P.


The Hallamshire Glossary. London, 1829, 8vo. gr. c. HUNTER, WILLIAM. A concise account of the kingdom of Pegu, its climate, produce, trade, and governe




ment, the manners and customs of its inhabitants, etc. Calcutta, 1785, royal 8vo.


HUON DE BORDEAUX. Histoire de Huon de Bordeaux, pair de France et Duc de Guyenne. Lyon, 1626, 8vo.

HURAULT, JACQUES. Politicke, moral, and martial discourses written in french and translated into english by Arthur Golding. London, Adam Islip, 1595, 4to. o. v.

HURTADO DE MENDOZA, DIEGO. La Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes: y de sus fortunas y adversidades. Burgos, en casa de Juan de Junta, 1554, 8vo. citr. mor.

Guerra de Granada, hecha por el Rei de España don Philippe II. nuestro señor contra les Moriscos de aquel reino suo rebeldes. Lisboa, 1627, 4to.

HURTER, FRIEDRICH. Geschichte Papst Innocenz des Dritten und seiner Zeitgenossen. Zweite vermehrte und verbesserte Auflage. Hamburg, 1836-1842, 4 vols. 8vo.

HUS, JOHANN. Epistolæ quædam piissimæ, quæ solæ satis declarant Papistarum pietates esse Satanæ furias. Addita est D. Martini Lutheri præfatio. Vitembergæ, ex officina Foannis Lufft, 1537, 12mo.

Another copy. Bound with MEDICINA ANIME. HUSSEY, ROBERT. ROBERT. Sermons, mostly academical: with a preface containing a refutation of the theory founded upon the Syriac fragments of the epistles of St. Ignatius. Oxford, 1849, 8vo.

HUTCHESON, FRANCIS. A short Introduction to moral philosophy, in three books, containing the elements of ethics, and the laws of nature. Translated from the latin. Second edition. Glasgow, Foulis, 1753, 12mo.

Philosophia moralis institutio compendiaria lib. 3, ethices et jurisprudentiæ naturalis elementa continens. Editio tertia. Glasgua, Foulis, 1755, 12mo.



HUTCHESON, FRANCIS. A system of moral philosophy, in three books, written by the late Francis Hutcheson. Published from the original ms. by his son, Francis Hutcheson, to which is prefixed some account of the life, writings, and character of the author by William Leechman. Glasgow, Foulis, 1755, 2 vols. 4to.

De naturali hominum socialitate. Glasguæ, Foulis, 1756, 12m0. o. r. mor.

HUTCHINS, JOHN. The History and antiquities of the county of Dorset, compiled from the best and most ancient historians, inquisitiones post mortem, etc. With a copy of Domesday Book and the Inquisitio Gheldi for the county; interspersed with some remarkable particulars of natural history. London, 1774, 2 vols. fol.

The History and antiquities of the county of Dorset. The second edition, corrected, augmented and improved by Richard Gough and John Bowyer Nichols. London, 1796-1815, 4 vols. imp. fol. russ. g. e. L. P.

HUTCHINSON, FRANCIS, Bishop of Down and Connor. An historical Essay concerning Witchcraft, and also two sermons. Second edition, with additions. London, 1720, 8vo.

HUTCHINSON, JOHN. An abstract from his works, being a summary of his discoveries in philosophy and divinity. London, 1755, 8vo.

HUTCHINSON, LUCY. Memoirs of the life of Colonel Hutchinson, Governor of Nottingham castle and town. With original anecdotes of many of the most distinguished of his contemporaries, and a summary review of public affairs: written by his widow. Now first published from the original ms. by the rev. Julius Hutchinson, to which is prefixed the life of Mrs. Hutchinson written by herself. Second edition. London, 1808, 4to. russ. g. e. Hutchinson's portrait by Neagle.




The Image of God, or laiemans boke, in which the right knowledge of God is disclosed. London, John Day, 1560 (misprinted 1160), 18mo. Bl. letter.

HUTCHINSON, THOMAS. The History of the Colony of Massachusets Bay, from the first settlement thereof in 1628 until its incorporation with the Colony of Plimouth. The second edition. London, 1760, 2 vols. 8vo.

HUTTON, CHARLES. A Treatise on mensuration, both in theory and practice. Newcastle upon Tyne, 1770, 4to. The Diarian Miscellany, consisting of all the useful and entertaining parts, both mathematical and poetical, extracted from the Ladies' Diary, 1704 to 1773. With many additional solutions and improvements. London, 1775, 6 vols. 12mo.

Tables of the products and powers of numbers. London, 1781, fol.

Mathematical Tables containing common hyperbolic and logistic logarithms. London, 1785, royal 8vo. A mathematical and philosophical Dictionary. London, 1796, 2 vols. 4to.

HUTTON, JAMES. Dissertations on different subjects in natural philosophy. Edinburgh, 1792, 4to.

A dissertation upon the philosophy of light, heat, and fire. Edinburgh, 1794, 8vo.

HUTTON, WILLIAM. A Journey from Birmingham to London. Birmingham, 1785, 12m0.

The Battle of Bosworth-Field, between Richard III. and Henry Earl of Richmond, Aug. 22, 1485. Birmingham, 1788, 8vo.

The History of the Roman Wall. London, 1802, 8vo. Map and plans.



HUTTON, WILLIAM. Courts of Requests: their nature, utility, and powers described. Birmingham, 1806, 8vo. An History of Birmingham. The fourth edition. Birmingham, 1809, 8vo. Map and plates.

A trip to Coatham, a watering place in the north extremity of Yorkshire. London, 1810, 8vo.

His life, including an account of the riots at Birmingham in 1791. Written by himself, and published by his daughter. London, 1816, 8vo. With portrait.

A tour to Scarborough in 1803; including a particular survey of the city of York. London, 1817, 8vo.

The History of Derby; from the remotest ages to the year 1791. The second edition. London, 1817, 8vo. A journey to London. Second edition. London, 1818, 8vo.

HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY. Evidence as to man's place in nature. London, 1863, 8vo.

Critiques and Addresses. London, 1873, 8vo.

HUYGENS, CHRISTIAN. Opera varia. Batavorum, 1724, 2 vols. 4to. With portrait.


Opera reliqua. Amstelodami, 1728, 2 vols. 4to.

Horologium oscillatorium, sive de motu pendulorum ad Horologia aptato demonstrationes geometricæ. Parisiis, 1673, fol.

Traité de la lumière, avec un discours de la cause de la pesanteur. Leide, 1690, 4to.

Opuscula posthuma quæ continent dioptricam, etc. Lugduni Batavorum, 1703, 4to.

Cosmotheoros: or conjectures concerning the planetary Worlds, and their inhabitants. Translated from the latin. Glasgow, Foulis, 1757, 12mo. With plates.

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