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KIEN-LONG. Eloge de la ville de Moukden et de ses environs, poeme composé par Kien-Long, Empereur de la Chine. Traduit en françois par le P. Amiot. Paris, 1770, 8vo.

KILBURNE, RICHARD, of Hawkerst. A Topographie or survey of the county of Kent, with some chronological, historical, and other matters touching the same. London, 1659, 4to. With Kilburne's portrait by T. Cross. KILDARE, Marquis of. s. FITZ-GERALD (CH. W.)

KINDERSLEY, Mrs. Teneriffe, Brazile, the Cape Indies. London, 1777, 8vo.

Letters from the island of of Good Hope, and the East

KINDERSLEY, N. E. Specimens of Hindoo literature, consisting of translation from the Tamoul language. With explanatory notes and introductory remarks on the mythology and literature of the Hindoos. London, 1794, 8vo.

KING, Rev. C. W. Antique Gems: their origin, uses, and value as interpreters of ancient history, and as illustrative of ancient art. With hints to gem collectors. London, 1860, 8vo. bl. mor. g. e.

Natural history ancient and modern of precious stones and gems and of precious metals. London, 1865, 8vo. KING, DANIEL. Monasticon Anglicanum. The cathedrall and conventuall churches of England and Wales orthographically delineated. 1656, fol.

A description, historical and geographical, of the County palatine of Chester. London, 1656, fol.

KING, WILLIAM, Lord King, afterwards Earl of Lovelace. The Life of John Locke, with extracts from his correspondence, journals and common-place books. London, 1829, 4to. With Locke's portrait.

KING, Captain PHILLIP P. Narrative of a survey of the intertropical and western coasts of Australia performed

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between the years 1818 and 1822. With an appendix containing various subjects relating to hydrography and natural history. Illustrated by plates, charts, and woodcuts. London, 1827, 2 vols. 8vo.

KING, WILLIAM, LL.D. A Journey to London in the year 1698. Written originally in french by Mr. Sorbiere. London, 1699.

Dialogues of the Dead. Relating to the present controversy concerning the Epistles of Phalaris. London, 1699. Two vols. bound in 1, 8vo.

— Miscellanies in prose and verse. London, B. Lintott, 8vo.

KING'S EVIL. The Ceremonies us'd in the time of king Henry VII. for the healing of them that be diseas'd with the King's Evil. London, 1686, 4to.

KINNEIR, JOHN MACDONALD. Map of the countries lying between the Euphrates and Indus on the east and west, and the Oxus and Terek and Indian Ocean on the north and south. London, fol.

A geographical memoir of the Persian Empire accompanied by a map. London, 1813, 4to. russia.

Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia and Koordistan in the years 1813 and 1814. London, 1818, 8vo.

KIP, J. Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne : ou description exacte des palais du Roy, et des maisons les plus considerables des seigneurs et des gentilshommes de la Grande Bretagne. Londres, David Mortier, 1716, 2 vols. imp. fol. o. cambr. (145 plates.)

KIRBY, JOSHUA. Dr. Brook Taylor's method of Perspective made easy, both in theory and practice. Illustrated with copper plates. London, 1765, 4to.

KIRBY, WILLIAM. On the power, wisdom, and goodness of God as manifested in the creation of animals and in



their history, habits, and instincts. London, Pickering, 1835, 2 vols. 8vo. BRIDGEWATER TREATISES, VII.

KIRBY, WILLIAM. Monographia Apum Angliæ. Ipswich, 1802. 2 vols. bound in 1, 8vo. With plates.

KIRBY, WILLIAM, and SPENCE, WILLIAM. An introduction to Entomology; or elements of the natural history of Insects, with plates. Fourth edition. 4 vols. 8vo.

KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS. Prodromus Coptus sive Ægyptiacus in quo cum linguæ Coptæ, sive Ægyptiacæ, quondam Pharaonica, origo, ætas, vicissitudo, inclinatio: tum hieroglyphicæ literaturæ instauratio, exhibentur. Roma, 1636, 4to.

Lingua Egyptiaca restituta, opus tripartitum. Cui adnectitur supplementum earum rerum, quæ in Prodromo Copto, et opere hoc tripartito vel omissa, vel obscurius tradita sunt. Roma, 1643, 4to.

Ars magna lucis et umbræ in decem libros digesta. Roma, 1646, fol.

Ars magna lucis et umbræ. Editio altera. Amstelodami, 1671, fol.

Musurgia universalis, sive ars magna consoni et dissoni in X libros digesta: qua universa sonorum doctrina, et philosophia, musicæque tam theoricæ quam practicæ scientia, summa varietate traditur. Roma, 1650, 2 vols. fol.

Obeliscus Pamphilus, hoc est, interpretatio nova et hucusque intentata Obelisci hieroglyphici, etc. Roma, 1650, fol.

Edipus Ægyptiacus. Hoc est: universalis hieroglyphicæ veterum doctrinæ temporum injuria abolitæ instauratio. Theatrum hieroglyphicum, hoc est, nova et hucusque intentata Obeliscorum cæterorumque hieroglyphicorum monumentorum interpretatio. Romæ, 16521654. 3 vols. in 4 parts, fol.

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KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS. Magnes, sive de arte magnetica opus tripartitum. Editio tertia. Roma, 1654, fol. Iter extaticum cœleste. Hac secunda editione prælusionibus et scholiis illustratum ipso auctore annuente, a Gaspare Schotto. Accessit ejusdem auctoris Iter exstaticum terrestre et synopsis Mundi subterranei. Herbipoli, 1660, 4to.

Arithmologia, sive de abditis numerorum mysterijs. Roma, 1665, 4to.

Obelisci Ægyptiaci nuper inter Isæi Romani rudera effossi interpretatio hieroglyphica. Romæ, 1666, fol. Joco-Seriorum naturæ et artis, sive magiæ naturalis centuriæ tres. Accessit diatribe de crucibus. Apud Joannem Arnoldum Cholinum, 1667, 4to.

China monumentis qua sacris qua profanis, nec non variis naturæ et artis spectaculis, illustrata. Amstelodami, 1667, fol.

Ars magna sciendi, in XII. libros digesta. Amstelodami, 1669, fol.

Latium; id est, nova et parallela Latii tum veteris tum novi descriptio. Amstelodami, 1671, fol.

Principis christiani Archetypon politicum, sive sapientia regnatrix. Amstelodami, 1672, 4to.

-Arca Noë, in tres libros digesta. Amstelodami, 1675, fol.

Sphinx Mystagoga, sive diatribe hieroglyphica, qua mumiæ, ex Memphiticis Pyramidum adytis erutæ, exhibetur interpretatio. Amstelodami, 1676, fol.

Romani Collegii Societatis Jesu Musæum celeberrimum, ex legato Alphonsi Donini munifica liberalitate relictum. Athanasius Kircherus, novis et variis inventis locupletatum instruxit. Publicæ luci votisque exponit Georgius de Sepibus. Amstelodami, 1678, fol.



KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS. Mundus subterraneus in XII. libros digestus. Editio tertia, prioribus emendatior novisque figuris auctior. Amstelodami, 1678. 2 parts in I vol. fol. Turris Babel, sive Archontologia. Amstelodami,

1679, fol.

Physiologia Kircheriana.


Pantometrum Kircherianum. s. SCHOTT (G.) KIRCHMANN, JOHAN. De Funeribus Romanorum libri quatuor, cum appendice, nitidissimis figuris illustrati. Accessit et Funus Parasiticum Nicolai Rigaltii. Oratio in funere Pauli Merulæ historiarum professoris in Academia Batavorum. Lugduni Batavorum, 1672. 2 parts in I vol. 24mo.

KIRK. Outlines from the figures and compositions upon the greek, roman and etruscan vases of the late Sir William Hamilton, with engraved borders. London, 1804,4to.

KIRKPATRICK, Col. WILLIAM. An account of the kingdom of Nepaul, being the substance of observations made during a mission to that country in the year 1793. Illustrated with a map and other engravings. London, 1811, 4to.

KIRWAN, RICHARD. Elements of Mineralogy. London, 1784, 8vo.

Elements of Mineralogy. Second edition, with additions. London, 1794, 2 vols. 8vo.

Essai sur le Phlogistique, et sur la constitution des acides. Traduit de l'anglais avec des notes de Morveau, Lavoisier, de la Place, etc. Paris, 1788, 8vo.

KIT-CAT CLUB. Done from the original paintings of Sir Godfrey Kneller by Mr. Faber. London, 1735, fol. KITTO, JOHN. A Cyclopædia of Biblical literature. Illustrated by numerous engravings. Edinburgh, 1845, 2 vols. royal 8vo.

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