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I adopted the three remaining regions, the Oriental, the Holarctic, and the Medicolumbian ; the last name being derived from Blanford, and used as a substitute for Sonoran, which have been previously used for a subdivision. This work is a magazine of information on the subject of which it

treats, and a unique feature is the large amount of reference to the facts of paleontology. This increases the value of the book to the general reader, but cannot be said to be

gernane to its main object. The Plagiaulax minor from the English introduction of the extinct forms of Wealden; much enlarged.

life necessarily changes the aspect of the faunal lists of a country to a marked degree, nowhere more so than in the Arctogæan Realm. Each geological period had in fact its own geographical distribution of forms, and when all are discovered a series of books on geographical distribution in each period might be written, each different from every other one.

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Manis tricuspis West Africa. The well-known familiarity of the author of this book with both Mammalian zoology and paleontology, gives it a value which no similar book possesses; and its compact form and fulness of illustration

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External skeleton of Panochthus tuberculatus from Argentina; much reduced.

make it especially convenient for the traveller who reads as he goes. The author writes clear and direct English, and correct classical orthography. His systematic of the Mammalia given on p. 11 is uncritical, though it includes most of the groups brought to light by paleontology. More detailed classification in later chapters elucidates the subject further.

The accompanying three illustrations give a good idea of their their general character.-E. D. COPE.



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