Letters Written During a Short Residence in Spain and Portugal

Bulgin and Rosser, 1797 - 551 páginas

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Página 176 - Siempre de nueva leche en el verano y en el invierno abundo; en mi majada la manteca y el queso está sobrado...
Página 341 - He was imprisoned till the following market day ; then, in the presence of all the people, he was conducted to the place of execution by an officer of justice, who read to him his sentence — " Inhuman young man, because you did not assist...
Página 261 - ¡Ay, triste! ¿Y aun te tiene El mal dulce regazo? ¿Ni llamado Al mal que sobreviene No acorres? ¿Ocupado No ves ya el puerto á Hércules sagrado?
Página 340 - The following circumstance, it is said, occurred at Abo in Finland. A dog, who had been run over by a carriage, crawled to the door of a tanner in that town: the man's son, a boy of fifteen years of age, first stoned, and then poured a vessel of boiling; water upon the miserable animal. This act of diabolical cruelty was witnessed by one of the magistrates, who thought such barbarity deserved to be publicly noticed. He therefore informed the other magistrates, who...
Página 174 - Filis un tiempo mi dolor lloraba ; quísome un tiempo ; mas agora temo, temo sus iras. Así los dioses con amor paterno, así los cielos con amor benigno, nieguen al tiempo que feliz volares nieve a la tierra. Jamás el peso de la nube parda cuando amanece en la elevada cumbre, toque tus hombros ni su mal granizo hiera tus alas.
Página 485 - The fellow-creatures to the punished. It will be as honorable to them, as to have one of their family hanged ! If they have pleasure in it, they must have a diabolical heart, and by the just searcher of hearts be committed to the place prepared for the devil and his angels. Benefit, they can have none, except safety ; and that is fully answered by the great gulf, by confinement till the reformation. " As, then, unceasing torments can answer no possible good to any one in the universe, I conclude...
Página 180 - ... lie dead along the road, and though they do not cry aloud in our ears against the barbarity of thus destroying them by excessive fatigue, yet they address themselves strongly to another sense. The King is fond of inscriptions. Not a ditch along the road has been bridged without an inscription beginning
Página 341 - A savage and inhuman young man ;" and, after inflicting upon him twenty-five stripes, he proceeded, " Inhuman young man, you have now felt a very small degree of the pain with which you tortured a helpless animal in its hour of death. As you wish for mercy from that God who created all that live, learn humanity for the future*" He then executed the remainder of the sentence.
Página 81 - Over this is another as disproportionally thin, and this is my bed. The seat of my chair is as high as the table I write upon. A lamp hangs upon the door. Above us are bare timbers, and the floor is tiled. I am used to vermin:' to be flea'd is become the order of the night, and I submit to it with all due resignation.
Página 231 - ... to that degree that they could make no use of it, nor scarce bear the house when it was brought in ; and imagining that...

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