The History of the Province of Moray

J. Grant, 1827 - 498 páginas
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Página 42 - And if he were not the greatest king, if he were without some parts and qualities which have made some kings great and happy, no other prince was ever unhappy who was possessed of half his virtues and endowments, and so much without any kind of vice.
Página 447 - Si qua igitur in futurum ecclesiastica secularisve persona, hanc nostre constitutionis paginam sciens, contra eam temere venire temptaverit, secundo tertiove commonita, nisi presumptionem suam congrua satisfactione correxerit, potestatis honorisque sui dignitate careat reamque se divino judicio existere de perpetrata iniquitate cognoscat et a sacratissimo Corpore ac Sanguine Dei et Domini redemptoris nostri Jesu Christi aliena fiat atque, in extremo examine, districte ultioni subjaceat.
Página 349 - I will conclude with this assurance to you, that I will preserve the true reformed Protestant religion and the Church as it is now established in this kingdom, and that no man's property or liberty shall ever be invaded.
Página 463 - We do also resolve to protect and preserve the government of the Church of Scotland, as it is settled by law, without violation ; and to countenance in the due exercise of their functions all such ministers who shall behave themselves dutifully and peaceably as becomes men of their calling.
Página 343 - Tho' wit and art conspire to move your mind; But dulness with obscenity must prove As shameful sure as impotence in love. In the fat age of pleasure, wealth, and ease Sprung the rank weed, and thriv'd with large increase: When love was all an easy monarch's care; Seldom at council, never in a war...
Página 447 - Decernimus ergo ut nulli omnino hominum liceat prefatum monasterium temere perturbare aut ejus possessiones auferre vel ablatas retinere, minuere seu quibuslibet vexationibus fatigare : sed omnia integra conserventur, eorum...
Página 343 - When love was all an easy Monarch's care; Seldom at council, never in a war: Jilts rul'd the state, and statesmen farces writ; Nay, wits had pensions, and young Lords had wit: The Fair sat panting at a Courtier's play, And not a Mask went unimprov'd away: The modest fan was lifted up no more, And Virgins smil'd at what they blush'd before.
Página 468 - ... whose parents are unable to maintain and educate them, and for putting out the said children, when fit to be so, as apprentices to some trade or occupation, or employing them in such a manner as may enable them to earn a livelihood by their lawful industry, and make them useful members of society.
Página 446 - Pneterea, quascumque possessiones, quaecumque bona idem monasterium in presentiarum juste et canonice possidet, aut in futurum concessione pontificum, largitione regum vel principum, oblatione fidelium, seu aliis...
Página 447 - Christi aliena fiat atque, in extremo examine, districte ultioni subjaceat. Cunctis autem eidem loco sua jura servantibus sit pax Domini nostri Jesu Christi, quatinus et hic fructum bone actionis percipiant et apud districtum judicem premia eterne pacis inveniant. Amen.

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