Classical Studies: Essays on Ancient Literature and Art

Gould, Kendall and Lincoln, 1843 - 413 páginas
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Página 408 - ... perfectly what we could wish, yet, in the most important respects, it supplies a want which has been extensively felt. It is, we think, substantially sound in its fundamental principles; and, being comprehensive and elementary in its plan, and adapted to the purposes of instruction, it will be gladly adopted by those who have for a long time been dissatisfied with existing text-books, particularly the work of Paley.
Página 409 - THE GREAT COMMISSION ; Or, the Christian Church constituted and charged to convey the Gospel to the World.
Página 408 - It is a radical mistake, in the education of youth, to permit any book to be used by students as a text-book, which contains erroneous doctrines, especially when these are fundamental, and tend to vitiate the whole •ystem of morals.
Página 407 - We can say, with safety, that the topics are well selected and arranged; that the author's name is a guarantee for more than usual excellence. We wish it an extensive circulation.
Página 408 - Dr. Wayland has published an abridgment of his work for the use of schools. Of this step we can hardly speak too highly. It is more than time that the study of Moral Philosophy should be introduced into all our institutions of education. We are happy to see the way so auspiciously opened for such an introduction. It has been " not merely abridged, but also re-written.
Página 407 - ... it deserves to be introduced into every private family, and to be studied by every man who has an interest in the wealth and prosperity of his country. It is a subject little understood, even practically, by thousands, and still less understood theoreticallv.
Página 410 - She was an honor to our country —one of the most noblespirited of her sex. It cannot, therefore, be surprising, that so many editions, and so many thousand copies of her life and adventures have been sold. The name — the long career of suffering — the self-sacrificing...
Página 412 - Here is a volume which will make a greater stir than any didactic work that has been issued for many a day. It is a hook of close and consecutive thought, and treats of subjects which are of the deepest interest, at the present time, to the churches of this country. The author is favorably known to the religious public, as an original thinker, and a forcible writer. His style is lucid and vigorous. The Introduction, by Mr. Stow, adds much to the value and attractions of the volume.
Página 409 - ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF MISSIONS. A Record of the Voyages, Travels, Labours, and Successes of the various Missionaries who have been sent forth by Protestant Societies to Evangelize the Heathen. Compiled from authentic Documents, by the Rev.
Página 407 - ... and discussion in the family circle. It is fitted to enlarge the mind, to purify the judgment. to correct erroneous popular impressions, and assist every man in forming opinions of public measures, which will abide the test of lime and experience.

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