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Bede's birthplace and the monastery in which he spent most of his

life situated near the Firth of Forth-First chapter of the His.

tory relating to the emigration of Scots from Ireland fabricated

-Twelfth chapter, mentioning Scots, genuine-Its Contents---

Only one Roman wall, that of Antonine, known to Bede-Ac-

count of Ethelfrid's battle with Æ lan, king of the Scots, an in-

terpolation-Laurentius' Letters to the Scots also an interpola-

tion-Notice of Honorius' dealings with the Scots another—The

Scots, among whom Oswald and his brothers spent their youth,

the people to the north of the Firth of Forth-Passage about

Scots in Ireland an interpolation-Columba, his connection with

Ireland an interpolation-Notices of several priests living in

Ireland also interpolations-Hermits in Iceland --The Scottish

bishops and the Easter controversy-Bede's Scotia the country

north of the Firth of Forth-Fursey's life an interpolation -

Not known to the Irish annalists-Probably an Icelandic saint

-Account of Beort's expedition an interpolation-An Irish

Scotsman of the name of Adamuan unknown to the other

annalists—Several pages of the Ecclesiastical History copied by

Roger of Wendover only with the exception of a paragraph

containing the word Hibernia-Adamnan the abbot of Hii-

Work on the Holy Places mentioned only in the Ecclesiastical

History and by Wendover-No mention made of his Life of

Columba by any early writer-Unreliable character of notices of

his visit to Ireland contained in Irish records-Not mentioned

by Clyn, an Irish annalist of the fourteenth century-Egbert's

life in Ireland and his whole biography, including the conversion

of the monks of Hii, interpolations-Notice of a pestilence in Ire-

land another interpolation-Letter to Naitan, king of the Picts,

also an interpolation

pages 1-57

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