Interpolations in Bede's Ecclesiastical History and Other Ancient Annals Affecting the Early History of Scotland and Ireland

J. Menzies & Company, 1883 - 84 páginas

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Página 78 - AND KACHH, being the result of the Second Season's Operations of the Archaeological Survey of Western India, 1874-75. By James Burgess, FRGS Royal 4to, pp. x. and 242, with 74 Plates; half bound. 1876. £3, 3s. REPORT ON THE ANTIQUITIES IN THE BIDAR AND AURANGARAD DISTRICTS, in the Territories of His Highness the Nizam of
Página 4 - X.—THE COLOUR-SENSE ; its Origin and Development; an Essay in Comparative Psychology. By Grant Allen, BA, author of "Physiological ^Esthetics.'' Pp. xii. and 282. 1879. 10s. 6d. XI.—THE PHILOSOPHY OF Music ; being the substance of a Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in February and March 1877. By William Pole, FRS, FRSE, Mus. Doc., Oxon. Pp.336. 1879. 10s.
Página 80 - ROCKS OF AMERICA, with their Influence on the Oceanic, Atmospheric, and Land Currents, and the Distribution of Races. By George Catlin. With 2 Maps. Cr. 8vo, pp. xii. and 238, cloth. 1870. 6s. 6d. CATLIN.—SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND SAVE YOUR LIFE. By George Catlin, Author of " Notes of Travels amongst the North American Indians,
Página 75 - OUTLINE VOCARULARY for the use of Students of the Chinese, Japanese, and other Languages. Arranged by John Bellows. With Notes on the Writing of Chinese with Roman Letters, by Professor Summers, King's College, London. Crown 8vo, pp. vi. and 368, cloth. 1867. 6s. BELLOWS.—OUTLINE DICTIONARY FOR THE USE OF MISSIONARIES, EXPLORERS, AND STUDENTS OF LANGUAGE. By Max
Página 76 - or, the Joy of the Snake World. A Buddhist Drama in Five Acts. Translated into English Prose, with Explanatory Notes, from the Sanskrit of Sa-Harsha-Deva. By Palmer Boyd, BA, Sanskrit Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. With an Introduction by Professor Cowell. Crown 8vo, pp. xvi. and 100, cloth. 1872. 4s. 6d. Published by
Página 25 - MADDEN.—COINS OF THE JEWS. Being a History of the Jewish Coinage and Money in the Old and New Testaments. By Frederick W. Madden, MRAS Member of the Numismatic Society of London, Secretary of the Brighton College, &c., &c. With 279 Woodcuts and a Plate of Alphabets. Royal 4to, pp. xii. and 330, cloth.
Página 79 - Medical Magic and Witchcraft. 8vo, pp. 40, sewed, Is. 6d. Part III.—Izinyanga Zokubula ; or, Divination, as existing among the Amazulu, in their own words, with a Translation into English, and Notes. By the Rev. Canon Callaway, MD 8vo, pp. 150, sewed. 1870. 4s.
Página 77 - OF THE TRUSTEES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM, on application. BROWN.—THE DERVISHES ; OR, ORIENTAL SPIRITUALISM. By John P. Brown, Secretary and Dragoman of the Legation of the United States of America at Constantinople. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 416, cloth, with 24 Illustrations. 1868. 14s. BROWN.—SANSKRIT PROSODY AND NUMERICAL SYMROLS EXPLAINED. By Charles Philip Brown, MRAS. Author of
Página 14 - 536. cloth. 1873. 18s. HERNISZ.—A GUIDE TO CONVERSATION IN THE ENGLISH AND CHINESE LANGUAGES, for the Use of Americans and Chinese in California and elsewhere. By Stanislas Hernisz. Square 8vo, pp. 274, sewed. 1855. 10s. 6d. HERSHON.—TALMUDIC MISCELLANY. See Triibner's Oriental Series. HERZEN.—DU DEVELOPPEMENT DES

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