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This book is one of an eight-volume revision containing the marketing agreements and orders issued by the Department of Agriculture for fruits, vegetables, specialty crops, and for milk in five specified geographical areas of the United States revised as of January 1, 1963. This revision replaces the revision of January 1, 1962.

This volume contains the marketing agreements and orders together with import regulations, pertaining to vegetables (Parts 945–980), issued by the Agricultural Marketing Administration, duly published in the Federal Register prior to December 31, 1962, and effective as to facts arising on and after January 1, 1963. Part 900, the general regulations applicable to all marketing agreements and orders, appears in the first volume of this series in its regular codification sequence, and as a convenience to users, the full text of Part 900 is repeated as a note at the beginning of this book.

Current regulatory material appearing in the daily issues of the Federal Register follows the numbering system used herein and serves as a daily supplement hereto. This book contains the following finding aids: a list of CFR volumes as of January 1, 1963; a list of CFR volumes superseded during the period January 1, 1949—December 31, 1962; a table of CFR titles and chapter headings; an alphabetical list of CFR subtitle and chapter headings; redesignation tables indicating former part numbers of orders codified herein; and a list of sections affected which furnishes Federal Register citations to all changes in Parts 945–980 of Title 7 since January 1, 1949, including changes which are no longer in effect. This list of sections affected should be used in conjunction with the redesignation tables.

This volume is published pursuant to Part 30 of the regulations of the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register approved March 20, 1959 (24 F.R. 2352; 1 CFR Part 30), under the authority contained in section 11 of the Federal Register Act, as amended (67 Stat. 388; 44 U.S.C. 311). The contents of the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations are by law prima facie evidence of the text of the original documents and are required to be judicially noticed (49 Stat. 502, 67 Stat. 388; 44 U.S.C. 307, 311). The approved citation of the Code is "CFR”. Thus the citation "7 CFR 945.1” refers to section 945.1 of this Title.

D. C. EBERHART January 2, 1963.

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Title 7–Agriculture




CHAPTER IX-Agricultural Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders), Department of Agriculture—(Continued)


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