Investigation of Concentration of Economic Power: Temporary National Economic Committee. Final Report of the Executive Secretary to the Temporary National Economic Committee on the Concentration of Economic Power in the United States Pursuant to Public Resolution No. 113 (Seventy-fifth Congress) Authorizing and Directing a Select Committee to Make a Full and Complete Study and Investigation with Respect to the Concentration of Economic Power In, and Financial Control Over, Production and Distribution of Goods and Services ...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1941 - 435 páginas

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Página 93 - An act to protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies," approved July second, eighteen hundred and ninety, shall be construed as declaring to be illegal an association entered into for the sole purpose of engaging in export trade and actually engaged solely in such export trade, or an agreement made or act done in the course of export trade by such association, provided such association, agreement, or act is not in restraint of trade within the United States, and is not...
Página 143 - Neither the power to tax nor the police power may be used by the state of destination with the aim and effect of establishing an economic barrier against competition with the products of another state or the labor of its residents.
Página 200 - Harold G. Moulton, and Clark Warburton, America's Capacity to Consume (Washington: Brookings Institution, 1934).
Página ii - Commissioner Representing the Securities and Exchange Commission GARLAND S. FERGUSON, Commissioner •EWIN L. DAVIS, Chairman Representing the Federal Trade Commission ISADOR LUBIN, Commissioner of Labor Statistics •A. FORD HINRICHS, Chief Economist, Bureau of Labor Statistics Representing the Department of Labor JOSEPH J. O'CONNELL, Jr., Special Assistant to the General Counsel •CHARLES L. KADES, Special Assistant to the General Counsel Representing the Department of the Treasury WAYNE С TAYLOR,...
Página 241 - The tremendous investment funds controlled by our great insurance companies have a certain kinship to investment trusts, in that these companies invest as trustees the savings of millions of our people. The Securities and Exchange Commission should be authorized to make an investigation of the facts relating to these investments, with particular relation to their use as an instrument of economic power.
Página 85 - Private enterprise is ceasing to be free enterprise and is becoming a cluster of private collectivisms; masking itself as a system of free enterprise after the American model, it is in fact becoming a concealed cartel system after the European model.
Página 69 - One of the primary causes of our present difficulties lies in the disappearance of price competition in many industrial fields, particularly in basic manufacture where concentrated economic power is most evident — and where rigid prices and fluctuating pay rolls are general.
Página 115 - ... the National Industrial Recovery Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the National Labor Relations Act, together with the marked growth in union organization.
Página i - To make a full and complete study and investigation with respect to the matters referred to in the President's message of April 29, 1938, on monopoly and the concentration of economic power in and financial control over production and distribution of goods and services...
Página 143 - In view of these and other decisions of this court, it must be regarded as settled that no State can, consistently with the Federal Constitution, impose upon the products of other States, brought therein for sale or use, or upon citizens because engaged in the sale therein, or the transportation thereto, of the products of other States, more onerous public burdens or taxes than it imposes upon the like products of its own territory.

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