Bibliotheca indosinica: dictionnaire bibliographique des ouvrages relatifs à la péninsule Indochinoise, Volumen1

Imprimerie nationale, E. Leroux, 1912

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Página 273 - THE LIFE OR LEGEND OF GAUDAMA, THE BUDDHA OF THE BURMESE. With Annotations. The Ways to Neibban, and Notice on the Phongyies or Burmese Monks. BY THE RIGHT REV.
Página 681 - The Mishmee Hills : an Account of a Journey made in an Attempt to Penetrate Thibet from Assam, to open New Routes for Commerce. Second Edition. With Four Illustrations and Map. Post 8vo. Cloth, price IDS. 6d. Cornhill Library of Fiction (The). Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 3$ . 6d. per volume. Half-a-Dozen Daughters.
Página 13 - Smith. — A VOCABULARY OF PROPER NAMES IN CHINESE AND ENGLISH. of Places, Persons, Tribes, and Sects, in China, Japan, Corea, Assam, Siam, Burmah, The Straits, and adjacent Countries. By F. PORTER SMITH, MB, London, Medical Missionary in Central China. 4to. half-bound, pp. vi., 72, and x. 1870. 10«.
Página 913 - Oriental Commerce; or the East India Trader's Complete Guide; containing a Geographical and Nautical Description of the Maritime Parts of India, China, Japan and neighbouring countries, including the Eastern Islands, and the trading Stations on the Passage from Europe; With an Account of their respective commerce, productions, coins, weights, and measures; their port regulations, duties, rates, charges, &c.
Página 225 - By Rev. F. MASON, DD, MRAS, Corresponding Member of the American Oriental Society, of the Boston Society of Natural History, and of the Lyceum of Natural History, New York. 8vo. pp. xviii. and 914, cl.
Página 335 - CJFS) Comparative Grammar of the Languages of Further India. A Fragment; and other Essays, the Literary Remains of Captain CJFS FORBES, of the British Burma Commission. Author of " British Burma and its People : Sketches of Native Manners, Customs, and Religion.
Página 451 - Notes, and an Account of the Burmese War and the Battle of Navarino, by Captain Charnier, RN...
Página 3 - A DESCRIPTION OF THE BURMESE EMPIRE; Compiled chiefly from Native Documents, by the Rev. FATHER SANGERMANO ; and Translated from his MS. by WILLIAM TANDY, DD Rome, Quarto; 16s.
Página 457 - Narrative of the Mission from the GovernorGeneral of India to the Court of Ava in 1855. "With Notices of the Country, Government, and People. By CAPTAIN HENRY YULE, Bengal Engineers. Imperial 8yo, with 24 Plates (12 coloured), 50 Woodcuts, and 4 Maps.

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