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Henry Clerke, bursar, and afterwards president in 1675; a man of research and curiosity, who has collected and inserted in them many valuable memoranda concerning its revenue, its officers, history and antiquities.

He was favoured with an opportunity of examining the Episcopal Register of Waynflete, belonging to the cathedral of Winchester, at the house of a friend, to whom it was sent by permission of the late bishop, Dr. Thomas. It is to be remarked, that this noble memorial of our bishop escaped the researches made by Dr. Budden at Winchester. He was also indulged by the chapter of the said cathedral, through the application of Dr. Balguy, with the use of a Ledger-book from 1365 to 1496.

Mr. Blackstone, one of the fellows of Winchester college, who has compiled a very judicious and respectable MS. from its ar


chives, obligingly furnished him with various extracts from the Register.

That noble repository the British Museum, supplied rolls of parliament, acts of council, collections from ancient registers by Dr. Matthew Hutton, and other MSS. containing curious and valuable information.

For some extracts from the Episcopal Register of Lincoln he was indebted to the friendship of Bishop Thurlow, at whose request they were procured by Dr. Gordon. The discovery of Dr. Hutton's collection rendered further application unnecessary.

The late Dr. Wilson, prebendary of Westminster, was at one period engaged in writing the life of Waynflete. The materials which he collected were sent by him to Dr. Wheeler, and on his decease came into the possession of his sister. Through the friend

ship of Dr. Routh, he was favoured by that lady with the use of the papers, but her kindness and liberality on this occasion did not tend to furnish him with much additional light.

His acknowledgements are due to the Rev. Thomas Warton of Trinity college, Oxford, for various communications; but, above all other individuals, to Mr. Loveday of Caversham.


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