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sistency. To oppose indiscriminately cvery admini- . stration, is faction; to censure what is pernicious to the public, and to applaud what is good and constitutional, is patriotism. The screaming bird that rails alike at every passenger, is a senseless chatterer; that praise or censure which is justly appropriated, is alone deserving of regard.

As the war has been limited in its operations, in the course of the last year, the Foreign department of our history is less copious than it has been on some former occasions. Such circumstances, however, as required minuteness of detail, have not been neglected: and in one instance we trust we may fairly challenge the approbation of our readers--viz. the care and accuracy with which the proceedings of the Imperial Parlämėnt-ayć nported,

Much attention hasaloo been given to the other departments of our Register, in order to render them as interesting and entertaining as possible.


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