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what I had heard was true. It has been restored, and now-with new buttresses, patched walls and columns, repaired mouldings, the belfry accessible by a spiral stair, and a new-tiled roof which exhibits whitewash inside between the rafters--it only waits interior fittings to be once more available as a place of worship. The ivy has been stripped from the tower, and the jackdaws, driven from their old haunt, keep up a perpetual remonstrance from the tops of the neighbouring trees.

“It all depends on the preacher,” said one of the masons, whom I asked as to the prospect of getting a congregation; "we don't mind going five or six miles o'Sundays to hear a man that can keep us awake. But if 'tis only to sleep, we can do that at home.”

The foreman who told me he was " fro' Aberdeen," thought it a pity that he had not been ordered to "point" the old walls all over, to make them match with the new work, thereby proving himself of the same school as some of our modern architects, who mistake smoothness, and what they call “finish," for architectural effect.

Whither next ?-I had an invitation in my pocket to Wallington, Sir Walter Trevelyan's pleasant seat: once a stronghold of the Jacobites, now famous for hospitality and its museum of natural history; but the thought of walking thither, thirteen miles, by crosscountry roads in such weather, was too formidable even for me.

So I returned to the inn, and taking the highway, tramped the ten miles to the railway station at Morpeth. From the top of the long hill up which the road ascends from the Coquet, I had a view on one hand of old Simonside rising grandly aloft, clad in his wintry robe; on the other, of the sea.

In the village of Long Horsley I saw three boys driving a pig; one holding a string perhaps twenty-five feet long, fastened to the grunter's hind leg; the other two each armed with a whip, making vigorous demonstrations after the manner of boys. Tickled at the sight, I exclaimed, “What! does it take you three to drive one pig? In my country one boy will drive forty pigs."

Hey, but no sic pigs as thot yane,” answered the one who held the string.

Piggy, however, kept well on a-head, as if liking a tight rein, giving no trouble to anybody. As the procession descended the hill from the village, the two boys cracking their whips, a young fellow working on a midden on the farther bank stopped to look down on it. I stopped too, and calling across the road to him asked, “Which o’them four's the cleverest ?”

He went off at once into contortions, and a hoarse hu, hu, hu, haw, haw, haw, ho, ho, ho ! but at last came his reply struggling forth :

“The fawst yane."--The foremost one.

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Abbotsford, 311
Acklington, 466
Allen, river, 390
Allendale, 52, 452
Allenheads, 456
Allentown, 52
Alnmouth, 192
Alnwick, 167

Abbey, 189
Alston, 39
Amble, 156



Bamborough, 238, 247
Beacon Pike, 5
Beadnel, 234
Beal, 281
Beaufront, 68
Beckermont, 432
Bede's Church, 124
Belford, 227
Bellingham, 367
Bellister, 392
Berwick, 243
Birgham, 308
Blink bonny, 302
Blyth, 148
Bonjedward, 326
Border Games, 333
Brampton, 401
Branxton, 306
Braystones, 431
Breamish, river, 208
Bremenium, 352
Brinkburn, 196, 466

Calder, river, 432
Callaly, 205
Camboise, 149
Carlisle, 411
Carraw, 377
Carshield, 51
Carter Fell, 348
Cartsbog, 386
Carvorran, 395
Catton, 55
Cawfields, 446
Cheviots, the, 207, 212
Chevy Chase, 351
Chillingham, 218
Chipchase Castle, 368
Chollerford, 370
Clifton, 2
Coal, produce of, 117
Coalcleugh, 50
Coalfield, the, 143
Cocker, river, 417
Coldstream, 307
Coquet Island, 152, 154
Coquet, river, 196
Corbridge, 68
Corby Castle, 410
Cornhill, 307
Cresswell, 152
Crossfell, 15, 29
Cullercoats, 130

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Maryport, 414
Maybrough, the, 11
Melrose, 308
Mickley, 71
Mite, river, 437
Monkshouse, 236
Morecambe Bay, 2
Morpeth, 149
Muncaster, 438


Naworth, 403
Nent, river, 40
Nenthead, 44
Nethertown, 431
Newbiggin, 150
Newburn, 80
Newcastle, 83
Newton, 233
Newtown, 323
Norham, 294
North Shields, 115
North Sunderland, 235
North Tyne, river, 61, 360
Nunwick, 368

St. Abb’s Head, 231
St. Anthony's, 100
St. Bees, 425
St. Bees' Head, 424
Seascale, 433
Seaton Delaval, 146
Seaton Sluice, 146
Sellafield, 433
Sewingshields, 377
Shap, 2

Wells, 18
Silver, production of, 105
Simonburn, 368
Simonside, 200
Solway, the, 418
South Shields, 118
South Tyne, 39, 59
Spindleston Heugh, 255
Spittal, 244
Stannersburn, 365
Stanwix, 413
Staward-le-Peel, 387

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