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129. Moneys Paid Into Court.
131. Rules of Courts.
133. Review-Miscellaneous Provisions.

PART VI–PARTICULAR PROCEEDINGS 151. Declaratory Judgments. 153. Habeas Corpus. 155. Injunctions; Three-Judge Courts. 157. Interstate Commerce Commission Orders;

Enforcement and Review. 158. Orders of Federal Agencies; Review. 159. Interpleader. 161. United States as Party Generally. 163. Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures. 165. United States Court of Federal Claims

Procedure. 167. (Repealed). 169. Court of International Trade Procedure. 171. Tort Claims Procedure. 173. Attachment in Postal Suits. 175. Civil Commitment and Rehabilitation of

Narcotic Addicts. 176. Federal Debt Collection Procedure. 178. Professional and Amateur Sports Protec





PART II-DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 31. The Attorney General. 33. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 35. United States Attorneys. 37. United States Marshals Service. 39. United States Trustees. 40. Independent Counsel.

PART III-COURT OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES 41. Administrative Office of United States

Courts. 42. Federal Judicial Center. 43. United States Magistrates. 44. Arbitration. 45. Supreme Court.

Courts of Appeals. 49. District Courts. 50. [Omitted). 51. United States Court of Federal Claims. 53. [Repealed). 55. Court of International Trade. 57. General Provisions Applicable to Court

Officers and Employees. 58. United States Sentencing Commission.

PART IV-JURISDICTION AND VENUE 81. Supreme Court. 83. Courts of Appeals. 85. District Courts; Jurisdiction.

District Courts; Venue. 89. District Courts; Removal of Cases From

State Courts. 90. [Omitted). 91. United States Court of Federal Claims. 93. (Repealed). 95. Court of International Trade. 97. Jurisdictional Immunities of Foreign

States. 99. General Provisions.

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1. Labor Statistics. 2. Women's Bureau. 2A. Children's Bureau (Transferred). 3. National Trade Unions (Repealed). 4. Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons In

jured in Industry (Repealed or Omit

ted). 4A. Employment Stabilization (Omitted or

Repealed). 4B. Federal Employment Service. 40. Apprentice Labor. 5. Labor Disputes; Mediation and Injunctive

Relief. 6. Jurisdiction of Courts in Matters Affect

ing Employer and Employee. 7. Labor-Management Relations. 8. Fair Labor Standards. 9. Portal-to-Portal Pay. 10. Disclosure of Welfare and Pension Plans

[Repealed). 11.

Labor-Management Reporting and Disclo

sure Procedure. 12. Department of Labor. 13. Exemplary Rehabilitation Certificates

(Repealed). 14. Age Discrimination in Employment. 15. Occupational Safety and Health. 16. Vocational Rehabilitation and Other Re

habilitation Services. 17. Comprehensive Employment and Train

ing Programs (Repealed). 18. Employee Retirement Income Security

Program. 19. Job Training Partnership.

PART V-PROCEDURE 111. General Provisions. 113. Process. 115. Evidence; Documentary. 117. Evidence; Depositions. 119. Evidence; Witnesses. 121. Juries; Trial by Jury. 123. Fees and Costs. 125. Pending Actions and Judgments. 127. Executions and Judicial Sales.

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Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural

Worker Protection. Helen Keller National Center for Youths

and Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind. Employee Polygraph Protection. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Noti

fication. Technology Related Assistance for Indi

viduals With Disabilities. Displaced Homemakers Self-Sufficiency

Assistance. National Center for the Workplace. Women in Apprenticeship and Nontradi

tional Occupations. Family and Medical Leave.


29. 30.



26. 27.


1. 3. 5. 7.

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13. 15.

31. 33. 35.




Department of the Treasury.
Office of Management and Bu
General Accounting Office.
Agency Chief Financial Office

The Budget and Fiscal, Budg-

gram Information. Appropriations. Appropriation Accounting. SUBTITLE III-FINANCIAL MANAPublic Debt. Depositing, Keeping, and Payiz Accounting and Collection. Claims. Administrative Remedies for F

and Statements. Prompt Payment.

SUBTITLE IV-MONEY Coins and Currency. Monetary Transactions. SUBTITLE V-GENERAL Assist.

ADMINISTRATION Program Information. Consolidated Federal Funds Re Using Procurement Contracts

and Cooperative Agreements. Intergovernmental Cooperatior [Repealed). Payment for Entitlement Land. Joint Funding Simplification. Administering Block Grants. Requirements for Single Audits

SUBTITLE VI–MISCELLANEOU Government Corporations. Sureties and Surety Bonds. Government Pension Plan Proto Miscellaneous.

1. United States Bureau of Mines. 2. Mineral Lands and Regulations in Gen

eral. 3. Lands Containing Coal, Oil, Gas, Salts,

Asphaltic Materials, Sodium, Sulphur,

and Building Stone. 3A. Leases and Prospecting Permits. 4. Lease of Gold, Silver, or Quicksilver De

posits When Title Confirmed by Court

of Private Land Claims. 5. Lease of Oil and Gas Deposits in or Under

Railroads and Other Rights-of-Way. 6. Synthetic Liquid Fuel Demonstration

Plants (Omitted). 7. Lease of Mineral Deposits Within AC

quired Lands. 8. Development of Lignite Coal Resources. 9. Rare and Precious Metals Experiment

Station. 10. Coal Mine Safety (Repealed). 11. Mining Claims on Lands Subject to Min

eral Leasing Laws. 12. Multiple Mineral Development of the

Same Tracts. 12A. Entry and Location on Coal Lands on Dis

covery of Source Material. 13. Control of Coal-Mine Fires. 14.

Anthracite Mine Drainage and Flood Con

trol. 15. Surface Resources. 16.

Mineral Development of Lands With

drawn for Power Development. 17.

Exploration Program for Discovery of

Minerals. 18. Coal Research and Development. 19. Lead and Zinc Stabilization Program

[Omitted). Conveyances to Occupants of Unpatented

Mining Claims. 21.

Metal and Nonmetallic Mine Safety (Re

pealed). 22. Mine Safety and Health.

51. 53.

61. 62.




69. 71. 73. 75.

91. 93. 95. 97.


TITLE 32-NATIONAL GUARD 1. Organization. 3. Personnel. 5. Training. 7. Service, Supply, and Procureme

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WATERS Chap. 1. Navigable Waters Generally. 2. International Rules for Navigation at Sea

[Repealed). 3. Navigation Rules for Harbors, Rivers, and

Inland Waters Generally. 4. Navigation Rules for Great Lakes and

Their Connecting and Tributary Waters

[Repealed). 5. Navigation Rules for Red River of the

North and Rivers Emptying Into Gulf

of Mexico and Tributaries (Repealed). 5A. Exemption of Navy or Coast Guard Ves

sels From Certain Navigation Rules

(Repealed). 6. General Duties of Ship Officers and

Owners After Collision or Other Acci

dent (Repealed). 7. Regulations for the Suppression of

Piracy. 8. Summary Trials for Certain Offenses

Against Navigation Laws. 9. Protection of Navigable Waters and of

Harbor and River Improvements Gener

ally. 10. Anchorage Grounds and Harbor Regula

tions Generally. 11. Bridges Over Navigable Waters. 12. River and Harbor Improvements Gener

ally. 13. Mississippi River Commission. 14. California Debris Commission. 15. Flood Control. 16. Lighthouses. 17. National Ocean Survey. 18. Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compen

sation. 19. Saint Lawrence Seaway. 20. Pollution of the Sea by Oil. 21. International Regulations for Preventing

Collisions at Sea (Repealed). 22. Sea Grant Colleges and Marine Science

Development. 23. Pollution Control of Navigable Waters

[Omitted or Transferred). 24.

Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Communication. 25. Ports and Waterways Safety Program. 26. Water Pollution Prevention and Control. 27. Ocean Dumping. 28.

Pollution Casualties on the High Seas:

United States Intervention. 29. Deepwater Ports. 30. International Regulations for Preventing

Collisions at Sea. 31. Ocean Pollution Research and Develop

ment and Monitoring Planning (Re

pealed). 32. Inland Waterways Trust Fund. 33. Prevention of Pollution From Ships. 34. Inland Navigational Rules. 35. Artificial Reefs. 36. Water Resources Development. 37. Organotin Antifouling Paint Control.


GRANT OF PATENTS 10. Patentability of Inventions. 11. Application for Patent. 12. Examination of Application. 13.

Review of Patent and Trademark Office

Decisions. 14. Issue of Patent. 15. Plant Patents. 16.

Designs. 17. Secrecy of Certain Inventions and Filing

Applications in Foreign Country. 18. Patent Rights in Inventions Made With


RIGHTS 25. Amendment and Correction of Patents. 26. Ownership and Assignment. 27. Government Interests in Patents. 28. Infringement of Patents. 29. Remedies for Infringement of Patent, and

Other Actions. 30. Prior Art Citations to Office and Reexam

ination of Patents.

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4. Belleau Wood Memorial Association.
4A. AMVETS (American Veterans of World

War II, Korea, and Vietnam).
5. Grand Army of the Republic (Omitted).
5A. Ladies of the Grand Army of the Repub-

lic. 6. United States Blind Veterans of World

War I. 6A. Disabled American Veterans. 7. American War Mothers. 7A. Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United

States. 8. American Battle Monuments Commission. 8A. The National Yeomen F. 8B. Navy Club of the United States of Amer

ica. 9. National Observances. 10. Patriotic Customs. 11. Civil Air Patrol. 12. Reserve Officers Association. 13. National Academy of Sciences. 14. Future Farmers of America. 15. Military Chaplains Association of the

United States of America. 16. American Society of International Law. 17. United States Olympic Committee. 18. National Conference of State Societies,

Washington, District of Columbia. 19. Corregidor Bataan Memorial Commission

[Omitted). 20. National Conference on Citizenship. 21. National Safety Council.

Pershing Hall Memorial Fund. 23. Board for Fundamental Education. 24. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. 25. The Foundation of the Federal Bar Asso

ciation, 26. National Fund for Medical Education. 27.

Legion of Valor of the United States of

America, Inc. 28. National Music Council. 29. Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 30. Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies. 31. Civil War Centennial Commission (Omit

ted or Repealed). 32. Veterans of World War I of the United

States of America. 33. The Congressional Medal of Honor Socie

ty of the United States of America. 34.

Military Order of the Purple Heart of the

United States of America.

Blinded Veterans Association. 36.

Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America. 37. Jewish War Veterans, U.S.A., National

Memorial, Inc. 38. Blue Star Mothers of America. 39.

Agricultural Hall of Fame. 40. National Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary

to the Grand Army of the Republic. 41. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

41A. Little League Baseball, Inc.
42. Audits of Federally Chartere

43. Paralyzed Veterans of America

United States Capitol Historica 45. United Service Organizations, I 46. United States Holocaust Mem

cil. 47. National Ski Patrol System, Inc 48. Gold Star Wives of America. 49. Italian American War Vetera

United States. 50. United States Submarine v

World War II. 51. American Council of Learned S 52. National Federation of Music C 53. American Ex-Prisoners of War. 54. Former Members of Congress. 55. National Academy of Public A

tion. 56. American Gold Star Mothers, In 57. Polish Legion of American

U.S.A. 58. Catholic War Veterans of ti

States of America, Inc. 59. Jewish War Veterans of the Un

of America, Inc. 60. Navy Wives Clubs of America. 61. National Society, Daughters of

can Colonists. 62. 369th Veterans' Association. 63. Women's Army Corps Veterans

tion. 64. American Chemical Society. 65. The American National The

Academy. 66. American Symphony Orchestra 67. General Federation of Women's 68. Pearl Harbor Survivors Associati 69. Daughters of Union Veterans of

War 1861-1865. 70. Vietnam Veterans of America, Ir 71. Army and Navy Union of th

States of America. 72. Non Commissioned Officers A

of the United States of America 73. National Mining Hall of F:

Museum. 74. American Academy of Arts and L 75. Aviation Hall of Fame. 76. Frederick Douglass Memorial an

cal Association. 77. National Council on Radiation F

and Measurements. 78. National Tropical Botanical Gard 79.

Theodore Roosevelt Association. 80. 82nd Airborne Division Associatic 81. American Hospital of Paris.

Military Order of the World War 83. Retired Enlisted Association,

rated. 84. National Fallen Firefighters Four




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Chap. 53. Special Provisions Relating to Benefits. 55. Minors, Incompetents, and Other Wards. 57. Records and Investigations. 59. Agents and Attorneys. 61. Penal and Forfeiture Provisions. PART V-BOARDS, ADMINISTRATIONS, AND SERVICES 71. Board of Veterans' Appeals. 72. United States Court of Veterans Appeals. 73. Veterans Health Administration-Organi

zation and Functions. 74. Veterans Health Administration-Person

nel. 76. Health Professionals Educational Assist

ance Program. 77. Veterans Benefits Administration. 78. Veterans' Canteen Service. PART VI-ACQUISITION AND DISPOSITION OF

PROPERTY 81. Acquisition and Operation of Hospital

and Domiciliary Facilities; Procurement and Supply; Enhanced-Use Leases of

Real Property. 82. Assistance in Establishing New State

Medical Schools; Grants to Affiliated
Medical Schools; Assistance to Health

Manpower Training Institutions. 83. Acceptance of Gifts and Bequests, 85.

Disposition of Deceased Veterans' Person

al Property.

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19. 21.

1. 2. 4. 6.

23. 24.

10. 12.

Postal Policy and Definitions.
General Authority.
Private Carriage of Letters.

Employment within the Postal Service.
Employee-Management Agreements.

ADMINISTRATION Finance. Convict Labor. Appropriations and Annual Report. Debts and Collection. Strategic Planning and Performance Man


PART III-READJUSTMENT AND RELATED BENEFITS 30. All-Volunteer Force Educational Assist

ance Program. 31. Training and Rehabilitation for Veterans

with Serivce-Connected Disabilities. 32. Post-Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational

Assistance. 33. (Repealed). 34. Veterans' Educational Assistance. 35. Survivors' and Dependents' Educational

Assistance. 36. Administration of Educational Benefits. 37. Housing and Small Business Loans. 39. Automobiles and Adaptive Equipment for

Certain Disabled Veterans and Members

of the Armed Forces. 41. Job Counseling, Training, and Placement

Service for Veterans. 42. Employment and Training of Veterans. 43. Veterans' Reemployment Rights.

20. 22. 24. 26. 28.

30. 32. 34. 36.

Nonmailable Matter.
Penalty and Franked Mail.
Armed Forces and Free Postage.
Postal Rates, Classes, and Services.

Transportation of Mail by Surface

Transportation of Mail by Air.
Transportation of Mail by Vessel.

50. 52.


PART IV-GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 51. Claims, Effective Dates, and Payments.

54. 56.

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