The Universal Accountant and Complete Merchant: In Two Volumes, Volumen2

A. Donaldson, 1770
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Página 387 - Action upon such Note against the Person who first drew and signed the same: Therefore, to the Intent to encourage Trade and Commerce, which will be much advanced, if such Notes shall have the same Effect as Inland Bills of Exchange, and shall be negotiated in like manner; Be it enacted...
Página 365 - King, as reported by Strange, "was clearly of opinion that this cause was to be determined according to the local laws of the place where the bill was negotiated, and the plaintiff's acceptance of the bill having been vacated and declared void by a court of competent jurisdiction, he thought that sentence was conclusive and bound the Court of Chancery here ;" as reported in Viner, that "the court at Leghorn had jurisdiction of the thing, and of the persons...
Página 360 - A proteft does not raife any debt, but only ferves to give formal notice that the bill is not accepted, or accepted and not paid; and this by the common law was and is ftill neceflary, on every foreign bill before the drawer can be charged ; but it was not required on any inland-bill before the ftatute 9 & 10 W.
Página 388 - ... and also every such note payable to any person or persons, body politic and corporate, his, her, or their order, shall be assignable or indorsable over, in the same manner as inland bills of exchange are or may be, according to the custom of merchants...
Página 387 - That notes in writing, ßgned by the party who makes the fame, whereby fuch party promifes to pay unto any other perfon, or his order...
Página 368 - Enacted that the Sums contained in all Bills of Exchange bear annualrent in case of not acceptance from the date thereof And in case of Acceptance and not payment from the day of their falling due ay and while the payment thereof...
Página 332 - EF merchant there, or to his assigns, he or they paying for the said goods per piece freight, with primage and average accustomed. IN WITNESS whereof, the master or purser of the said ship hath affirmed to three bills of lading of this tenor and date, one of which bills being accomplished, the other two to stand void.
Página 364 - ... would meddle with them. Suppose it was the case of several indorsements, must the last indorsee travel round the world, before he can fix his action upon the man from whom he received the bill? In common experience, every body knows that the more indorsements a bill has, the greater credit it bears : whereas if those demands are all necessary to be made, it must naturally diminish the value, by how much the more difficult it renders the calling in the money.
Página 388 - ... such manner as he, she or they might do upon an inland bill of exchange made or drawn according to the custom of merchants against the person or persons, body politic and corporate, who, or whose servant or agent, as aforesaid, signed the same; and that any person or persons, body politic and corporate, to whom such note that is payable to any person or persons, body politic and corporate...
Página 364 - ... manner as if they were specie. Now, to require a demand upon the drawer, will be laying such a clog upon these bills, as will deter every body from taking them. The drawer lives abroad perhaps in the Indies, where the indorsee has no correspondent to whom he can send the bill for a demand ; or if he could, yet the delay would be so great that no body would meddle with them.

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