Cary L. Cooper, Lawrence A. Pervin
Psychology Press, 1 oct. 1998 - 1786 páginas
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Almost everything we do as humans is influenced by our personalities. The study of personalities has been a topic of great interest and debate from the earliest psychologists to present day researchers who specialize in applications of personality theory in the education and business worlds. This set of critical readings in personality theory brings together all the major contributions in the field. All the classical papers on the critical theories of personality are included, as well as more contemporary work on cross-cultural and social approaches. With an emphasis throughout on looking at the major issues in personality work, key topics covered include: how personality is defined; how personality can be measured; how different personalities interact; how personality work should be conducted; and how personality is applied in education, business and clinical settings. Central issues associated with personality, such as assessment, and topics allied to personality, such as motivation, nature versus nurture, expectancies and attributions, and the self are also addressed.

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