The Unemotional Investor: Simple Systems for Beating the Market

Simon & Schuster, 1998 - 239 páginas
One of the top stock experts on The Motley Fool's wildly popular AOL and World Wide Web investing sites explains his astonishingly simple and effective systems for raking in big profits in the stock market -- and they can do tha same for everyone from beginners to Wall Street hotshots.

Robert Sheard has invented an intriguingly simple formula for emotion-free stock investing -- an absolutely extraordinary strategy that tells you not only which stocks to buy and when to buy them, but -- uniquely -- when to sell.

The first book in the Motley Fool imprint, "The Unemotional Investor" grew out of an acclaimed investing primer sold by Motley Fool's on-line store, and shows readers in step-by-step detail two proven Sheard models, The first requires no prior experience, no math, little money, and only 15 minutes of work per year. The second model requires slightly more knowledge, work, and money, and calls for monthly adjustments -- but has produced truly staggering gains over the last decade. And both models are blissfully simple to research, requiring no more than opening a newspaper or making a few mouse clicks on-line. To fully comprehend the effectiveness of Sheard's amazing methods, consider this spectacular statistic: using his plan, a $10,000 investment in 1971 would have yielded a sum of $2.35 million by 1997 -- and it would still be growing.

At last, a painless way for everyone from an absolute beginner to the most experienced investor to reap remarkable stock profits -- without the time-consuming headaches or emotional trappings.

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