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Title 7–Agriculture

(This book contains Parts 0 to 26)




CROSS REFERENCES: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Department of Agricul.

ture, see 7 CFR Chapter III; 9 CFR Chapter
Commodity Futures Trading Commission, see 17 CFR Chapter I.
Commodity Credit Corporation, Department of Agriculture, see 7 CFR Chapter XIV.
Customs Service, Department of the Treasury, see 19 CFR Chapter I.
Farm Credit Administration, see 12 CFR Chapter VI.
Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture, see 7 CFR Chapter XVIII.
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, Department of Agriculture, see 7 CFR Chapter IV.
Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, see 50 CFR Chapters I and IV.
Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, see 21 CFR

Chapter I.
Food Safety and Inspection Service, Meat and Poultry Inspection, Department of Agricul-

ture, see 9 CFR Chapter III.
Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, see 36 CFR Chapter II.
Rural Electrification Administration, Department of Agriculture, see 7 CFR Chapter XVII.
Soil Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture, see 7 CFR Chapter VI.
United States International Trade Commission, see 19 CFR Chapter II.

Note: Other regulations issued by the Department of Agriculture appear in Chapters I to XXXII of Title 7, and Chapter 4 of Title 48.


Subtitle A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture

EDITORIAL Note: For nomenclature changes affecting this Subtitle, see 37 FR 6327, Mar. 28, 1972.



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Employee responsibilities and conduct
Administrative regulations .....
Law enforcement authorities.
National Environmental Policy Act.
Cultural resources (Reserved]
Rural labor-Immigration Reform and Control

Act of 1986-definitions
Delegations of authority by the Secretary of Agri-

culture and general officers of the Department ..
Debt management....
Determination of parity prices
Import quotas and fees........
Selection and functions of agricultural stabiliza-

tion and conservation state, county and commu

nity committees ............
4-H Club name and emblem
Award of fellowships to applicants from other

American republics ......
Classification, declassification, and safeguarding

of classified information
Sales of agricultural commodities for foreign cur-

rencies ..............
Highly erodible land and wetland conservation ......
Setoffs and withholdings .........
Determining the primary purpose of certain pay-

ments for Federal tax purposes......
Education programs or activities receiving or ben-

efitting from Federal financial assistance
Nondiscrimination on the basis of handicap in

programs and activities receiving or benefiting
from Federal financial assistance ......

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Page Limitation on imports of meat...

358 Sales of agricultural commodities made available

under Title 1 of the Agricultural Trade Develop

ment and Assistance Act of 1954, as amended...... 360 Equal employment opportunity in the State Cooperative Extension Services...........

419 Licensing Department inventions ....

422 Export sales reporting requirements

427 Uniform relocation assistance and real property

acquisition for Federal and federally assisted

436 Rural development coordination .............

467 State and regional annual plans of work .....

472 Board of Contract Appeals, Department of Agriculture ............

477 Determination of world market price for certain commodities


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Office of the Secretary, USDA


Subpart D-Administrative Enforcement of Restriction on Post-Employment Activities

Subpart A-General Provisions

Sec. 0.735-1 Purpose. 0.735-2 Definitions. 0.735-3 Counseling and advisory service. 0.735-4 Agency supplementation. 0.735-5 Remedial action. 0.735-6 Responsibilities of supervisors.

Subpart B-Conduct and Responsibilities of

Employees 0.735-11 Prohibited conduct-general. 0.735-12 Gifts, gratuities, entertainment,

and favors. 0.735-13 Outside employment and activi.

ties. 0.735-14 Conflict of interest. 0.735-15 Attendance and leave. 0.735-16 Use of Government property, fa

cilities, and services. 0.735-17 Use of vehicles. 0.735-18 Indebtedness. 0.735-19 Political activity. 0.735-20 Use, protection, and release of in

formation. 0.735-21 Activities with regard to farm or

ganizations. 0.735-22 Prohibitions upon employees serv

ing abroad. 0.735-23 Miscellaneous provisions. 0.735-24 Miscellaneous statutory provi


0.735-51 Purpose. 0.735-52 Notice of violation. 0.735-53 Initiation of administrative

action. 0.735-54 Hearing officer. 0.735-55 Department representative. 0.735-56 Time, date and place of hearing. 0.735-57 Representation. 0.735-58 Rights of parties at hearing. 0.735-59 Oaths and rules of evidence. 0.735-60 Transcript. 0.735-61 Briefs and discovery. 0.735-62 Open hearing. 0.735-63 Ex-parte communications. 0.735-64 Administrative record. 0.735-65 Burden of proof. 0.735-66 Initial decision. 0.735-67 Appeal. 0.735-68 Final decision. 0.735-69 Sanctions. 0.735-70 Finality.

AUTHORITY: Executive Order 11222 of May 8, 1965, 30 FR 6469, 3 CFR, 1965 Supp.; 5 CFR 735.104; 18 U.S.C 207(j), unless otherwise noted.

SOURCE: 43 FR 43431, Sept. 26, 1978, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-General Provisions

Subpart C—Statements of Employment and

Financial Interests 0.735-31 Employees required to submit

statements under the Executive order. 0.735-32 Exceptions. 0.735-33 Identification of employees re

quired to submit statements. 0.735-34 Time and place for submission of

employees' statements. 0.735-35 Supplementary statements. 0.735-36 Types of interests to be reported. 0.735-37 Information prohibited. 0.735-38 Interests of employee's relatives. 0.735-39 Information not known by em

ployee. 0.735-40 Effect of employee's statement. 0.735-41 Specific provisions for special

Government employees. 0.735-42 Review of statements and deter

mination of conflicting interests. 0.735-43 Protection of employees' state

ments. 0.735-44 Financial disclosure under the

Ethics in Government Act.

$ 0.735-1 Purpose.

The maintenance of unusually high standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality, and conduct by Government employees and special Government employees is essential to assure the proper performance of the Government business and the maintenance of confidence by citizens in their Government. The confidence of citizens in their Government is influenced not only by the manner in which employees serve the public but in the way they conduct themselves in the eyes of the public. The avoidance of misconduct and conflicts-of-interests on the part of Government employees through informed judgment is indispensable to the maintenance of these standards. To accord with these concepts, this part sets forth the regulations for employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, prescribing standards of conduct and responsibilities and governing the reporting of employment and financial interests.

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