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Consulting Editors, nine Associate Editors, and an Advertising Manager.

3. These shall hold office for five years, except the Associate Editors, who shall be appointed as follows: The first year the President shall appoint three Associate Editors for a term of one year, three for two years, and three for three years. Thereafter, the President shall appoint annually three Associate Editors for a term of three years.

Article X. Annual Meeting.

The Association shall meet annually at such time and place as the Executive Council may select, and those present shall constitute a quorum.

Article XI. By-Laws.

By-Laws may be adopted at any annual meeting of the Association.

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1. The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting at any annual meeting; provided that written notice of any proposed amendment shall be sent to the SecretaryTreasurer by at least five members of the Association in time to be published in the last issue of Hispania prior to the meeting at which it is to be voted upon.

2. It shall be the duty of the Secretary-Treasurer to cause to be published in Hispania all amendments thus proposed.


I. Nominations for Office. At each annual meeting the President shall appoint a committee of five, not officers of the Association, to present nominations for the offices to be filled at the next annual meeting. The nominations shall be printed in the form of a ballot in the last issue of Hispania previous to the annual meeting; and a blank space shall be provided for each office, under the name of the candidate nominated by the committee, upon which additional nominations may be made. Members who do not intend to be present at the annual meeting may then use these ballots to send their votes by mail to the Secretary-Treasurer, who shall, at the meeting, count these mail votes with those cast at the meeting.



Nominations of the first officers of the Association shall be made for a term of two years, and the first officers elected will, accordingly, hold office for two years.

2. Meetings of the Executive Council. A special meeting of the Executive Council shall be called by the President on the written request of at least four members of the Council, and notice of such meeting shall be sent to every member two weeks in advance.

3. Local Branches. Local branches may be organized by fifteen or more members of the Association in regional groups of institutions, for such purposes not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws of the National Association as such branches may determine. The Constitutions of such branches must be approved by: the Executive Council of the National Association, and the members must all be in good standing in the parent organization. No dues shall be required in the local branches unless the members so desire, and the expenses of a local branch shall be met by the National Association up to an amount not to exceed fifty cents per member per year; provided the expense account of said branch. has been approved by the Executive Council of the National Association.


Dear Colleagues :

The circular of May 21, 1917, sent to 2800 teachers of Spanish in the United States was received with an enthusiasm such as can only be expected from those who are interested in the Spanish language. Within a month nearly five hundred persons had enrolled in the American Association of Teachers of Spanish, many of whom paid dues either annual or life at the time of enrollment. This afán gave confidence and the resources to prepare the number of Hispania now in your hands. The periodical should be the means of turning many hesitant teachers into active members of the Association so that the present roll of six hundred will become a thousand.

To our life members has been mailed a certificate in the follow

ing form:

The American Association of Teachers of Spanish

Se certifica por medio del presente que



esta Sociedad

habiendo pagado las cuotas correspondientes.

Dado el-de-de 1917.

The Treasurer will be pleased to mail others upon request, accompanied by the dues, $25.

Certain matters of business now lie before the Association. The most important is to complete our organization by the adoption of a constitution and the election of officers. On another page you will find a blank ballot on which to record your will and opinion. Please do your duty and return it by December 10th.

Concerning the payment of dues, the Secretary-Treasurer wishes to say that the members of the Association can save it a considerable sum of money if they will be willing to do the following things. First, send the money for your dues at once without the necessity of mailing you a special request for payment. Second, forego a receipt for the dues; as a list of paid-up members will be printed in the February number of Hispania, let that suffice. Third, if you live in the south or west, send your dues by postal money order unless your bank is affiliated with the Federal Reserve Bank. Checks on other banks and trust companies are charged a collection fee in New York, some from the more distant localities as much as ten cents.

The Committee on Nominations, of which Professor Fitz-Gerald is chairman, submits the following list of nominations as officers for the years 1918-1920. The Committee wishes it understood that any member may substitute on his or her ballot any desired name for any given post. Please vote by placing a cross in the square to the left of the nominee or the substitute.



Lawrence A. Wilkins, Board of Education, New York City.


First Vice-President.

Rudolph Schevill, University of California.


Second Vice-President.

E. W. Olmsted, University of Minnesota.

Third Vice-President.

Charles P. Wagner, University of Michigan.


Alfred Coester, Commercial H. S., Brooklyn, New York.

Executive Council.

In addition to the foregoing officers:

Clifford G. Allen, Leland Stanford Junior University.

Capt. C. P. Harrington, Culver Military Academy, Ind.

Josephine W. Holt, John Marshall H. S.,Richmond, Va.

J. Warshaw, University of Missouri.


Vote on Constitution:

Do you approve the Constitution herewith submitted?

If you do not approve of it as submitted, what suggestions do you wish to make?.

First Annual Meeting:

Do you expect to be present at the First Annual Meeting to be held in New York on the 29th of December?

The Secretary-Treasurer requests that members who have not already paid their membership dues, and all new members, send in with their vote the following blank properly filled out:


To the Secretary-Treasurer:

Please accept my application for annual membership in THE



I enclose

twenty-five dollars for dues.


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