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Definitions and instructions.
Applications for certificates of public convenience and necessity.
Terms, conditions and limitations of certificates of public convenience and

necessity; interstate and overseas route air transportation.
Terms, conditions and limitations of certificates of public convenience and

necessity; foreign air transportation.
Inauguration and temporary suspension of scheduled route service author-

ized by certificates of public convenience and necessity.
Certificates of public convenience and necessity: special authorizations.
Charter trips and special services.
Terms, conditions and limitations of certificates to engage in supplemental

air transportation.
Applications for permits to foreign air carriers.
Charter trips by foreign air carriers.
Terms, conditions and limitations of foreign air carrier permits.
Terms, conditions, and limitations of foreign air carrier permits authorizing

charter transportation only.
Names of air carriers and foreign air carriers.
Commingling of blind sector traffic by foreign air carriers.
Reporting data pertaining to civil aircraft charters performed by foreign air

Construction, publication, filing and posting of tariffs of air carriers and

foreign air carriers. Air cargo pickup and delivery zones; filing of tariffs; application for

authority to file. Tariffs of air carriers: free and reduced-rate transportation. Access to aircraft for safety purposes; free transportation for security guards

and for certain Federal Aviation Administration, National Transporta

tion Safety Board, and Weather Bureau employees.
Tariffs of certain certificated airlines; trade agreements.
Tariffs of air carriers and foreign air carriers: reduced rates for furloughed

military personnel and immediate families of military personnel.
Embargoes on property.
Transportation of mail; mail schedules.



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Transportation of mail; review of orders of Postmaster General.

Transportation of mail: free travel for postal employees.

Flight schedules of certificated air carriers; realistic scheduling required.

Reinvestment of gains derived from the sale or other disposition of flight


Inspection of accounts and property.

Uniform system of accounts and reports for certificated air carriers.

Reporting results of scheduled all-cargo services.

Report of charter services performed for the military airlift command.

Filing of reports by air freight forwarders, international air freight for-

warders, and cooperative shippers associations.

Reports of ownership of stock and other interests.

Reports of stock ownership of affiliates of air carriers.

Direct airport-to-airport mileage records.

Submission of audit and reconciliation reports.

Preservation of air carrier accounts, records and memoranda.

Priority rules, denied boarding compensation tariffs and reports of unac-

commodated passengers.

Prohibited interests; interlocking relationships.

Filing of agreements.

Agreements between air carriers and foreign countries.

Participation of air carrier associations in Board proceedings.

Exemption and approval of certain interlocking relationships.

Exemption of air carriers for military transportation.

Exemption of air carriers from agreement filing requirements of section

412 of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958.

Transfer of airlift among air carriers in certain emergencies.

Classification and exemption of Alaskan air carriers.

Transatlantic supplemental air transportation.

Classification and exemption of indirect air carriers.

Classification and exemption of international air freight forwarders.

Classification and exemption of air taxi operators.

Exemption of air carriers from certain requirements of section 408 of the

Federal Aviation Act.


SUBCHAPTER D-SPECIAL REGULATIONS Part 370 Employee responsibilities and conduct. 374 Implementation of the Truth in Lending Act with respect to air carriers

and foreign air carriers. 375 Navigation of foreign civil aircraft within the United States. 376 Amendment of flight patterns of helicopter operators. 377 Continuance of expired authorizations by operation of law pending final

determination of applications for renewal thereof. 378 Inclusive tours by supplemental air carriers, certain foreign air carriers, and

tour operators. 378a Bulk inclusive tours by tour operators. 379 Nondiscrimination in Federally assisted programs of the Board-effectuation

of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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Statement of organization, delegation of authority, and availability of rec-

ords and information.
Delegations and review of action under delegation; nonhearing matters.
Organization and operation during emergency conditions.
Fees and charges for special services.

Statements of general policy



PART 200-DEFINITIONS AND under its authority and referring to the

Federal Aviation Act of 1958, or to cerSec.

tain provisions thereof, shall be deemed 200.1 Board.

to refer also to the Civil Aeronautics Act 200.2 Act.

of 1938, as amended, or to the corre200.3 Section.

sponding provisions thereof, to the ex200.4 Rule, regulation, and order.

tent the latter Act, or corresponding pro200.5 Other terins. 200.6 Terms defined by act.

visions thereof, may be applicable, 200.7 Instructions.

(ER-248, 24 F.R. 417, Jan. 17, 1959) 200.8 Supplemental air carrier.

& 200.3 Section, AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 200 Issued under sec. 204, 72 Stat. 748, as

The term "section" refers to a section amended; 49 U.S.C. 1324, unless otherwise

of the act or a section of the regulations noted.

in this chapter, as indicated by the

context. SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 200 contained in ER-146, 14 F.R. 8524, June 29, $ 200.4 Rule, regulation, and order. 1949, unless otherwise noted.

The terms "rule", "regulation", and & 200.1 Board.

"order" refer to the rules, regulations, The term “Board” means the Civil and orders prescribed by the Board purAeronautics Board.

suant to the act. & 200.2 Act.

& 200.5 Other terms. The term “Act" means the Federal The terms “this section”, “pursuant to Aviation Act of 1958. All orders, cer this section", "in accordance with the tificates, rules, regulations, notices, and provisions of this section", and words of other documents issued by the Board or similar import when used in this chapter

refer to the section of this subchapter in Sec,
which such terms appear.

201.4 General provisions concerning con.


$ 200.6 Terms defined by act.

201.5 Operations other than between fixed

Unless otherwise specifically stated,


other words and phrases have the mean AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 201

ing defined in the act.

issued under secs. 204, 401, 72 Stat. 743, 754;

49 U.S.C. 1324, 1371, unless otherwise noted.

$ 200.7 Instructions.

SOURCE: The provisions of this part 201

The regulations of the Board may be contained in ER-146, 14 F.R. 3524, June 29,

cited by section numbers. For example, 1949, unless otherwise noted.

this regulation may be cited as $ 200.7 of

201.1 Formal requirements.

the "Economic Regulations." The sec-

tions contained in the Rules of Practice Applications for certificates of pub-

under title IV and sections 1002 (d) to

lic convenience and necessity, or amend-

(1) of the act, may also be cited by ap ments thereof, shall meet the require-

propriate rule numbers. For example,

ments set forth in Part 302 of this chap-

section 10 may be cited as "rule 10 of the ter as to execution, number of copies,

Rules of Practice." In each case in

service, and formal specifications of pa-

which a rule, regulation, order, or other pers. All pages of an application shall be

document of the Board refers to a regu-

consecutively numbered, and the appli-

lation or a rule of practice of the Board

cation shall clearly describe and iden-

by means of the numbering system used

tify each exhibit by a separate number

prior to the adoption of section num-

or symbol. All exhibits shall be deemed

bers, such reference shall be deemed to

to constitute a part of the application to

relate to the appropriate new section

which they are attached.

number of this subchapter.

NOTE: Special requirements for application

for extension of a fixed-term route author-

& 200.8 Supplemental air carrier.

ization granted by exemption pending dis-

Unless the context otherwise requires, position of an application for a certificato
the term "supplemental air carrier" as

incorporating such authorization, are set

forth in $ 302.909 of this chapter (Procedural
used in existing or future regulations

Regulations). See also $ 377.10(c) of this
and orders of the Board includes per-

chapter (Special Regulations).
sons holding operating authority con-

(Secs. 416(b), 72 Stat. 771; 49 U.S.C. 1386;
ferred upon them by section 8(a) of Pub-

sec. 9(b), 60 Stat. 242; 5 U.S.C. 1008) (ER-
lic Law 87-528 of July 10, 1962; persons

378, 28 F.R. 3585, Apr. 12, 1963; ER-550, 33
holding operating authority conferred

F.R. 18434, Dec. 12, 1968]

upon them by the Board pursuant to

section 7 (a), (b), or (c), of said Public

$ 201.2 Amendments.

Law 87-528; and persons holding certifi If. after receipt of any application,

cate authority conferred upon them by the Board shall request the applicant to

the Board pursuant to section 401(d) (3) supply it with additional information,

of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, as

such information shall be furnished in

amended. These persons shall also be

the form of an amendment to the orig-
deemed included in the term "air car-

inal application. All amendments to ap-
rier" where that term, in the context,

plications shall be consecutively num-

includes supplemental air carriers.

bered and shall comply with the require-

(Secs. 401, 403, 404, 407, 408, 409, 411, 412,

ments of this part as to form, number

413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 1002(1), 72 Stat. 754,

758, 760, 766, 767, 768, 769, 770, 771, 788; of copies, and other essential respects.

Becs. 7 and 8. 76 Stat. 146, 147; 49 U.S.C. 1371, (ER-550, 33 F.R. 18434, Dec. 12, 1968]

1373, 1374, 1377, 1378, 1979, 1981, 1382, 1383,

$ 201.3 Incorporation by reference.

1384, 1385, 1387, 1482) (ER-359, 27 F.R.

7983, Aug. 10, 1962)

In general it is desirable that incor-

poration by reference shall be avoided.

PART 201-APPLICATIONS FOR CER However, where two or more applications


are filed by a single carrier, lengthy


exhibits or other documents attached

to one may be incorporated in the others


by reference if that procedure will sub-

201.1 Formal requirements.

201.2 Amendments.

stantially reduce the cost to the appli-

201.3 Incorporation by roforonce.


$201.4 General provisions concerning mate mileages between all adjacent contents.

points, and the principal over-all dis(a) The statements contained in an tances. application shall be restricted to sig (5) A statement as to the type of airnificant and relevant facts. They shall

craft applicant proposes to use in the be free from argumentation or from

new service and whether such aircraft is expressions of opinions, except such as presently owned by the applicant. may be required by this part.

(6) If applicant does not hold a cer(b) Requests for authority to engage

tificate of public convenience and necesin interstate air transportation shall not

sity authorizing air transportation, the be included in the same application with

name and type of business of any affilrequests for authority to engage in for

ate, subsidiary, or principal stockholder eign or overseas air transportation. Sim of applicant engaged in any form of ilarly, requests for authority to engage

transportation as a common carrier or in scheduled air transportation shall not engaged in any phase of aeronautical be included in the same application with

activity. requests for authority to engage in non (ER-146, 14 F.R. 3524, June 29, 1949, as scheduled air transportation.

amended by ER-550, 33 F.R. 18434, Dec. 12, (c) Each application shall give full

1968] and adequate information with respect 8 201.5 Operations other than between to each of the items set forth in this

fixed points. paragraph. In addition, the application

An application for a certificate authormay contain such other information and

izing operations other than between data as the applicant shall deem neces

fixed points, or not having terminal or sary or appropriate in order to acquaint

intermediate points capable of precise the Board fully with the particular cir

description, need comply with the procumstances of its case. Among other

visions of g 201.4(c) (3) and (4) only to things, every such application shall con

the extent that it shall clearly describe tain the following information:

the authorization sought by the (1) The full name and address of the

applicant. applicant, the nature of its organization (individual, partnership, corporation, etc.) and the name of the State under

PART 202-TERMS, CONDITIONS the laws of which it is organized.

AND LIMITATIONS OF CERTIFI(2) A statement that the applicant is CATES OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE a citizen of the United States as defined

AND NECESSITY; INTERSTATE AND by section 101(13) of the Act. It is not

OVERSEAS ROUTE AIR TRANSPORrequired that the application shall contain all the evidence which the applicant

TATION 1 is prepared to present at the hearing or Bec. otherwise in support of such statement, 202.1 Applicability. but the application shall at least indicate

202.2 Nonstop authorization. the nature and result of its investigations

202.3 Airport authorization.

202.4 Service pattern change. in that matter and the character of the

202.5 Filing and service of documents; proevidence it will be prepared to present

cedure thereon; petitions for rein support of citizenship.

consideration. (3) An adequate identification of each 202.8 Provisions as to scheduled stops. route for which a certificate is desired, 302.7 Failure to comply. specifying the type or types of service 202.8 Name of air carrier. (mail, passengers, and property) to be Appendix A. rendered on each such route, and whether

Appendix B. or not such services are to be rendered AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 202

Issued under secs. 204, 401, 72 Stat. 743, 754; on scheduled operations. The identification of each route shall name every ter

49 U.S.C. 1324, 1871, unless otherwise noted. minal and intermediate point to be in & 202.1 Applicability. cluded in the certificate for which ap

Unless a certificate or the order auplication is made.

thorizing the issuance of such certificate (4) A map (which may be attached as

shall otherwise provide, there shall be an exhibit) drawn approximately to scale attached to the exercise of the privileges showing all terminal and intermediate points to be served, giving the approxi 127 P.R. 669, Jan. 12, 1962.

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