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served or not at his discretion, if further clothes, and gone down stairs to the evidence was found, which, in his judg. dance. After it was over, he had gone ment, warranted it. Then we all went with Susie, in company with others, to a into the county auditor's office, and sure restaurant and got supper, had seen her enough, there was a deed recorded, con home, then got his team and started off veying the ranch to Walters. The again about half past two in the morning auditor said a friend of Charlie's had on the road over which he had come a few come in as soon as the office opened in hours previously. the morning and said Walters had given We took a rockaway, and the sheriff, it to him over night and asked him to Simpson, Bryant, and myself, started on have it recorded the first thing in the his track, - literally; for either of the men morning. Bryant and I then constituted I was with could have followed the track ourselves a committee of two to make of those particular buggy-wheels to Hades some quiet investigations about town, over a better traveled highway than the but we could hear of no one that had one that we were on. seen Robins, or any means other than The thing we were puzzling over as we the stage by which he could have got went was, where was Walters that Simpaway.

son did not meet him as he was coming Having found occasion to make casual in that morning. A couple of hours over inquiries of Susie, she said, “Paw had the level road brought us to the place got in so late the night before and had so where the buggy had behaved itself so much to see to that he had n't time to queerly the night before ; and strange to hunt her up at the dance to say goodby, say, the wheel-tracks left the road at but had sent his love to her by Charlie nearly the same spot, going back, though and said he would be back in three or Simpson was too busy with the up-tracks four months.''

to have noticed it. She seemed a little hurt by his neglect We all got out and proceeded to invesbut not to think it strange. Then turning tigate. It was Bryant who made the our attention to Walters, we found his first discovery - Robins's hat; and the movements very open to inspection. He next one also, the place under a clump had driven into the livery stable about of greasewood where some heavy body half past ten without the horses having had evidently lain ; and beside it wheelany appearance of being worried or

tracks and plunging hoof-marks. The heated with their sixty mile drive, had scent was now very hot, and we followed given particular directions about their it back to the road and on toward the feed and care, and told the hostler not to Ferry. As we climbed into the rockmind about washing off the buggy as he away Bryant scratched his head thoughtmust be off again by two o'clock, having fully. to get back to Silver City that afternoon. The man is an idiot,” said he; " and Then he had gone to a store next door, yet, how did he manage those horses where one of the proprietors was making through all this thing?" up his books after business was over, On we went another hour or more. and bought a dollar's worth of green “Do you suppose," said Bryant, "the coffee for Mrs. Simpson and put it under rascal had that corpse crammed into the the buggy-seat. Then he had gone to

buggy box under his feet all this time? his room at the hotel and freshened up Whatever he did to him he could not his toilet a bit without changing his have shot him sitting beside him, for he

would have been spattered all over, and “He was taking a little walk down to the body would have fallen out between see if the river were keeping its secret," the wheels or over the dashboard on the said Bryant, who acted the part of horses. Ha! what's this?

chorus for this tragedy. Again the accusing wheel-tracks left In this part of the Snake are a number the road and made off into the waste, of low islands, below the level of the striking towards the river below the precipitous banks on either side, covered Ferry, now about five miles away.

with water in the winter and with a " This is where he was,” said Simp- bountiful crop of natural hay in the sumson, “when I was on the road, that I mer. Some of them are two or three did not meet him.”

acres in extent and on the largest of We none of us had much to say as we them some men were cutting the wild crunched over the sandy earth and grass at the lower end. Opposite these bumped through the sagebrush under the men Walters had stopped, and inquiry blazing midday sun. I don't know what from them elicited the fact that Walters we thought we were going to find, but had hailed them and asked one of them we found nothing at all except wheel- to bring over their boat, saying he tracks, only part of the way a trail of thought he had seen a deer in the brushgreen coffee betwixt them. They went wood on the upper end of the island and on down to the river, made a turn there, he wanted to go over and get it. Thought and came back to the road again, a mile he could fetch it down with his pistol, he below where they had left it.

It was

said. The men declined to leave their plain to be seen, however, that the horses work for any such foolishness, and he had made objections again as they stood

had gone away. above the river while something was “ The body had evidently lodged on pushed over the high bank into its cur- the island,” said Bryant. “ You will rent; for the over hanging sandy brink observe,” he added, “that on all this was broken away at the edges, and the desert plain, he could not pick up a handhoof-marks showed more protesting ful of rocks to weight its pockets with, or plunges.

a bowlder to tie around its neck." “ The fellow must have had the Devil That fact had not struck the rest of us along to hold that team for him," said before, but so it was. Bryant.

" What will he do now, I wonder," We tried to look as if nothing had hap- muttered Simpson, who was scenting pened as we drove up to the Ferry, but along like a bloodhound after its prey. the object of our suspicion was not there; With him, the quest was inspired by his team was standing quietly in the desire of vengeance on his old pard's stable, munching a feed of barley, but he murderer, with perhaps some added secret had gone out for a stroll till dinner was spite of his own. With the sheriff, it was ready. We gave that buggy and harness his duty. As for myself, I am afraid I had a thorough going over, but found no trace no more worthy motive than curiosity, of anything to confirm our ideas but a tempered by unbelief, because of a liking few coffee berries in the bottom of the I had always for the graceless boy we buggy. Then we went out for a stroll were hunting down. But with Bryant it too. We soon found Walters's tracks was an inborn passion for solving probgoing down the edge of the bluff on the lems of whatever character,--for putting opposite side of the river, and followed “two and two together " and deducthem a couple of miles.

ing x.

Going back over our track with more open-hearted manner. All but Simpson. careful scrutiny, we discovered a spot op- There is not much more to tell. Walposite the upper end of the island where ters was held to await the action of the Walters had gone down through a little next grand jury. Opinion as to his innogully to the water's edge. There, in the cence or guilt was about equally divided. damp marge were footprints, both shod Susie Robins believed first in his innoand naked ; and there lay a clerical col- cence and would have clung to him lar - of paper — mute witness against through all; but the first time she went the man who had heedlessly left it there. to see him, he looked at her strangely,

"Aha!” said Bryant, “he undressed and said: “Susie, little girl, there is blood and swam across and pushed off the on the moon and spots on the sun when body from where it had lodged. The they shine on you and me now. You chain of evidence is complete Mr. Sheriff." stay home like the good girl you are, and

The sheriff scratched his head thought say your prayers, till this thing blows fully. “The cadaver is all we want over.” And then he kissed her gently now," he said. “But I guess I'll have

and sent her away. to take him in,-provided we catch him.” Several parties had been out searching

We hastened back in a sudden panic, for Robins's body, but had not found lest the bird were flown ; but no, there any trace of it. No one believed Walhe was, sitting on the front stoop, and ters would be indicted so long as not even hailed us cheerfully with the information the deed had been proven conclusively. that dinner was waiting, and, adjured us And so the rainless summer and the to hurry up, because “ he was so hungry dusty fall wore on; the infrequent springs his stomach thought his throat was cut.” dried up, and the rivers shrunk in their

We went in to dinner and our hostess beds, unable longer to meet the glaring apologized for serving tea, but she said eye of day. The grand jury met, late in she had forgotten to get coffee the day, October. Chat body, as individuals before up in Silver City, and that Mr. pretty well convinced of his guilt, put off Walters had forgotten it too the night the consideration of Walters's case until before in Boise. A sudden flash of in

the last possible moment, and if truth telligence passed from eye to eye at that, were told, dallied over other business as for each one thought of the trail of green long as their consciences would permit, coffee. We ail had less appetite and hoping against the impossible that some worse spirits than Walters, though I am new evidence would turn up. sure he knew full well what we were Ard so their term came to within two after.

days of its expiration, and Walters was When the sheriff arrested him he looking forward with confidence to his showed great surprise, but no resentment. fret dom within forty-eight hours; when “Well boys,” he said, “this is a great in the chilly autumnal twilight two suninare's nest you have hatched out browned young surveyors drove into amongst you, and you 'll all feel mighty Boise town. That they drove a wondercheap when old Dick Robins comes back fully fine span of mules and had a from Kansas with a band of cattle in two sy baritic camping putfit, would perhaps or three months. But in the meantime,- have excited little comment; but it caused go on with your pig-sticking.”

a great deal that they had come through We all did feel mighty cheap even the Bad Lands, up the upper Columbia, then, so overborne were we by his gay and the Snake from its junction

desolate and weary land, where no man the Thing and examine it. At the base went, or came, save prowling, hostile of the skull behind the left ear was the Indians. What in the name of all that is clean-cut hole where the leaden messenunblessed they were surveying or look- ger from a six-shooter had crashed in, ing for in that country, all Boise, inside and in the right temple the larger one of an hour, was wild to know. Of where it had sped out, carrying with it course they did not tell ; that is not the an unshriven soul. way of those fellows when they are on “The scoundrel certainly managed to their masters' business. But what they get on the blind side of his old pard in did mention was, that a day's jour- more ways than one," said Bryant ney down the Snake, where it left its grimly. high banks and spread and shallowed, When we got the horrid Thing into the naked skeleton of a man lay beached Boise next evening, Susie Robins came and bleaching under the unwinking sun. to look at it, a pale specter of her

Next day dawn the sheriff and coroner self, “ Take off that boot” she comand several others of us who wanted to manded in hard dry tones. It was done, “ see it out" started down to investigate. not without difficulty, and the mummied We found the skeleton fast enough, shank and foot exposed to view. Shiverstripped by the coyotes and buzzards of ing with fear and repulsion, her teeth every vestige of flesh, and bristling all chattering behind her drawn lips, Susie over with grisly medusa locks of naked came up to it and bent over it. Then sinews and tendons that the coyotes the shriek of a soul in torture went up,” had left still attached to the joints when “Oh, my God! That's my Paw!” they tore off the flesh from the bones in We got her out somehow, and at the long strips with their strong white teeth. inquest she came in with a stony face The cloudless brilliant sky looked down and told us how she had seen her on it cruelly, and nameless nightmares father one day, in a fit of rage at the anwith leering faces seemed lurking in the noyance of an ingrowing nail that had sagebrush clumps around about, and bothered him for long, sit down on the peering wickedly at the horror-fascinated doorstep with a chisel and sledge hamgroup that stood without speaking, at a mer and chisel off his own middle toe. little distance, gazing at the uncanny Walters was indicted and tried, conThing.

victed, and hung, with all the leisureliThe sheriff was the first to recover ness characteristic of American justice speech. “Not a vestige of clothing, not as administered by law. He never ada scrap of paper, to identify it by, unless mitted his guilt, but said there were it can be done by that boot.”

more men than one in the country with We had all been looking at that one glass eyes and missing toes. intact, booted foot, which gave an added The day before he was executed, he touch of grotesque horror to the mur- sent for his lawyer and conveyed the dered, buffeted Thing before us.

ranch to Susie Robins. “ You forget Robins's glass eye,He mounted the scaffold without dissaid Bryant quietly; and stepping for playing either fear or bravado, and turnward, he picked up the skull and shook ing at last to survey the crowd, saw it, when lo! the Glass Eye answered to Simpson standing there. “Hullo Simpthe summons with a ghastly tinkle. son! Are you there?” he said cheer

Then we all took courage to approach fully. “One good turn deserves another, they say, but you see I have n't given you Those were his last words, and before away. So long! old man. I'll try and the drop fell, Simpson had stalked away, pick out a coolish sort of place and stake white and shaking, to live out his allotted out a claim for you alongside of mine." time among men.

Batterman Lindsay.





“How restless you are, Helen," said

her brother. “If you 're not wagging N THREE minutes," said Rufus your tongue you insist on wagging your Barrington, “the boy will be foot.” here."

"I dislike waiting." As he spoke he closed his Her brother laughed. He was inheavy watch with a snap and dolently turning the pages of a magazine.

returned it to his pocket. “ You dislike many things, Helen, and The announcement fell crisply upon a many persons. Dislikes, I should say, silence and Mr. Barrington, raising his are your forte." massive head, gazed genially at his as- The girl frowned but made no reply. sembled family. His glance, patriarchal – Mrs. Barrington sighed. so to speak — in quality, rested first upon “Henry," cried his father, “leave the plump person of his wife, a small your sister alone, sir. You are old woman, delicately featured, who sat enough and smart enough to keep the shading her face from the glare of the fire peace. You will find a bitter tongue an and indulging (as would appear from the expensive luxury.” expression of her mouth) in delightful The young man bowed. His handintrospection. Then it passed quickly some face, pale and slightly haggard, to the charming figure of his daughter, flushed. The president of a bank, even and lingered there. Not quite a beauty, if he be but twenty-six years old, has a Helen Barrington possessed an air of dis- right to resent criticism. He was meditinction, but despite the brilliancy of her tating a retort, but the words died upon personality, there was apparent - to a his lips as the scrunching of carriage close observer - an infusion of melan- wheels upon gravel became audible in choly. She might have posed as Eu- the room. A minute later the door was phrosyne, but her eyes, heavily lidded and burst unceremoniously open and a grayluminous, were the eyes of the daughter ulstered figure stood upon the threshold. of Vesta. She stood upon the hearthrug, Instantly all was ife and animation. leaning gracefully against the carved The stranger picked up Mrs. Barrington pilasters of the mantel, and her slender in his 'strong arms and kissed her refoot tapped impatiently the gleaming peatedly. Eager questions and replies bars of the fender.

were tossed to and fto, but at length, the

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