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term of the glorious tribunal over which I dropped. Not far, to be sure, but far have the honor to preside. As pene enough for all practical purposes. If the trators of bottom facts, as pryers into fall did n't kill him he just hung there till the future and delvers into the past, our Providence came to his relief. equals don't exist. And so certain am I “ The day came for Jack's hanging. that our body cannot be hoodwinked, I was sorry things had gone as they had, cannot be deceived by interested wit- but with all my influence I was powerless. nesses, cannot be fooled nor bribed to an The law compelled me and the judge and erroneous conclusion that in the name of the jurors to be present at all swingings, the court I offer one hundred pounds of so we were on hand. Jack mounted the gold dust to the man who shall succeed

barrel, the hobbles were buckled to him in perpetrating a sell upon this hawk- and to the wagon tongue. Lwalked up eyed, foxed-nosed body.'

to Jack and shook hands with him and “ The judge had scarcely taken his asked him if he would n't take some seat when Jack turned to me and said, brandy as a nervine. He said that he • Dick, I will go you fifty that I fool that would n't, that brandy produced gout; but court in thirty days.'

he'd take about five fingers of whisky. " Jack and his wife were living in a So I fired about a tin full into him, and dug out in Coyote Gulch. His wife was the judge said, “Mr. Austin, have you kind of left hand cousin to the Widow any remarks to make prior to confronting Curley who lived in Color Cañon. The

your Manufacturer ?' two women were very thick ; if one

"Thain't any remarks exactly, Judge; was n't down to the Cañon, the other was but I should like to have Dick Tompkins' up to the Gulch. Just two days after the (that's me) 'to read you this when I'm a. judge had made his offer, the widow stiff.' With that, from his bootleg he drew Curley was found dead on the floor of

a long envelope and held it up. Your her cabin. There was a bullet hole in request is granted,' answered the judge. her forehead and a pistol with Jack “I was on my bronco at the time and Austin'cut in the gripstock laying against I rode forward to get the paper. Just as the wall. Of course Jack was arrested. I was taking it from Jack's hand, the I felt sure he was innocent though he ornery beast began to buck and kick. I pleaded straight out Guilty.' He was always thought it was just his way of sentenced to be hanged. He asked the showing his dis'proval of the proceeding. court to delay the swinging until he could However that may be, he kicked the get his wife started off to the States. barrel over, and when I looked around This was granted.

poor Jack was waltzing on empty air. “ The tongue of a prairie schooner set the barrel up, mounted it, and read answered the purpose of a gallows in the paper aloud. It ran this way :those days and none of us ever listened for the 'dull thuds' we now read about. To that Asinine Assembly known as the Judge We raised the tongue to the proper ele

and Jurors, vation and then chinked it to keep in 'Dear suckers ;-| claim the reward of the position. Then the victim was stood one hundred pounds of gold dust offered by you upon a barrel and a pair of hobbles buckled to the person who should succeed in fooling you. around his neck and around the tongue.

My wife, Nance, did the killing for which I

swing. Tenclose her affidavit, and she is now beWhen everything was ready, the judge yond your reach. Please hand the dust to Dick kicked the barrel away and the cuss Tompkins, and don't blow so much in the future.

If I can, I will let you know if I strike color of law kept me out of it. You see the where I go. Fraternally yours,

law says that the judge must kick the JACK AUSTIN.'

barrel over at all swingings. The fact A madder, more crestfallen set than

of my bronco kicking it over made it an that court I never saw before nor since, illegal swinging. So that hawk-eyed, and as poor Jack's spirit was wafted out

foxed-nosed body argued that a legal the Golden Gate a rakish, 'Sold by

offer could not be recovered through an Gosh!' was borne back on

on a gentle illegal transaction! Do you see? Fine zephyr. Jack always was a lucky dog.” point! Great body of legal lore we “I fail to see where his luck came in,”

was. Dan," I ventured. “I think, you were the

But fearing I might have to take more lucky one; you got the dust."

liquor with my law, I from the long “Not a d

fellow, grain," was the em

Silently stole away. phatic reply. “And a very fine point

Edward Livingston Keyes.




ELL me, O Ancient Sage,

Tell me, doth hoary Age
Contemplate nought of morrow,

And scorn the thought of sorrow ?
Tell me, if Hope unfilled

Is vain Ambition stilled ?-
If Faith in twain is rent,

Will Age be still content ?
Tell me, or let me die,

If Love be crushed and fly,
And Hope be lost, - and Faith, —

Will Age dispell the wraith?
Tell me the secret, Age,

Of thy long pilgrimage ;
If by experience, sad,

The heart may yet be glad ?
If thou, decrepit seer,

Sorrow hast ceased to fear,
And from thy vale of years

Can laugh at Love's young tears
I'd trade my love, my youth,

My buoyant faith in truth -
My youthful heritage -
For happiness — and Age.

Edwi Wildman.

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E HAD expected the Poten- tions always are. One day there came

tate, the Art Superinten- into the office a smiling man of middle dent of a great Eastern age, who entered with nothing more of magazine some time.

ceremony than

is accorded him who There were multitudes of brings us "a bit of verse that perhaps questions we wanted to ask him. The Edi

we may like to put in a corner of our tor had his doubts as to the value of —'s magazine,” — and before we realized it, and —'s art work, and wished for the the Potentate was no longer only a opinion of authority on the matter. The Potentate to us, but a kindly and genial Artist was full of subtle points of tech- friend as well. nique that he desired to have settled, He wanted to see the picturesque parts and the Manager had his budget of of the town, he said, did not care for the quiries as to prices and comparative brownstone districts. Saw enough of merits of engravers and processes East those at home. Yes, indeed, he would and West. We all wanted light as to like to take a prowl up into the Latin how tailpieces were to be worn this win- Quarter. ter, and whether initials were in style. Now the Artist is a past master of that

We did not know how the Potentate sort of thing. He knows the queer would take all this pumping. Perhaps places of the city as thoroughly as a he would be so wrapped in dignity or so fixed penchant for prowling and an scornful of the humble attempts of the apprenticeship of three weeks with the Farthest West, that no responses at all Chinatown squad, as reporter for a daily would be forthcoming.

on special commission to hunt up the But all our expectations as to how he dreadful, could teach him. would look, and act, and talk, were wild The Editor wanted to go, but there of the mark, as indeed, such preconcep- was an important bit of copy to be prepared and the Potentate was to dine at just the right proportion. Then a quail his house that evening, so he noticed the on toast,--the Potentate's first introducevident desire I had to go and generously tion to that Californian dainty, - and offered to stay with the stuff and let us we were ready for the “small black" three sally forth.

that ended the repast. It does not sound We started soon after twelve o'clock very sumptuous, but the quality of the and our first question to the Potentate food and the art of the cook were far betwas as to his preferences about luncheon. ter than at many places where the check No, he did not want to go to the hotel or is four times as much: The Potentate to any rotisserie in the civilized parts of waxed enthusiastic over it. town, but would vastly prefer to cut While we were eating, there was an loose from all such bases of supply, and Italian or Spanish funeral going on before forage on the country into which we the window, and there was a large gathwere to go. So we went along Mont- ering of the dark-eyed population in the gomery Street to the Avenue and up by carriages and on the sidewalk. A mar

velous combination of flowers and stuffed pigeons made a mortuary emblem that roused the respectful admiration of the Quarter, -- which evidentiy enjoyed a funeral for all it was worth.

After a friendly squabble over the possession of the check, (these Eastern people are queer about that, I once nearly came to fisticuffs with a charming Boston woman who visited San Francisco, over the payment of her carfare,) we sallied forth again and struck up into the tortuous alleys that cover the south slopes of Telegraph Hill. Here there was no lack of the picturesque, vistas of houses, no

two on the same level or plan, curious Hell's Half Acre and other delectable balconies, twisting stairways, odd winneighborhoods to a little Italian restaurant dows; little dashes of color, where Pepita near the Jail.

played at the window with her bright Here we were as far away from Saxon green polly, her own head covered with surroundings, seemingly, as if broad seas a gay kerchief, where little Manuelito rolled between. At the right of us they squatted on the sidewalk, taking advanwere talking French and at the left they tage of the small level place for his game volleyed and thundered in Italian, while of marbles with small Luigi, or even we could hear the children in the street where Dinah's head topped with its playing in Spanish.

scarlet bandana, could be caught sight of The soup was not unusual, nor yet the as she busied herself over some dish that silver-smelt, - except that these Dagos the Creoles of New Orleans had taught are so close to the fishermen's caste her how to make. that they know what good fish is. The The houses were universally of a tagliarini was excellent and the grated neutral gray. The Patentate noticed it. Parmesan and tête de mort was mixed in " If you would only persuade your



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San Francisco people to paint in brighter there was a delicate bluish haze, that the colors and introduce some variety, it Potentate said was like a pleasant day in would be such an improvement.'

London. Indeed he said he found reWe could

semblances in San Francisco to every only assure

city he had ever seen. Florence, Lonhim that

don, New Orleans, and half a dozen what he saw

more, were menwas the ef

tioned in the course fect of hard

of the afternoon. times, that

We were not unany color sub

social voyagers in jected to the

this region, but bright sunlight, the

made friends everybeating winds, the

where, — with the soaking fog, and the heavy rains, of an exposed part of San Francisco would in a short time forswear vain gaudiness and assume the dustbrown tint he saw. No new houses are now building on Telegraph Hill, and nobody has spirit enough even paint an old one. But the little dashes of color that there were shone out grandly in such


keeper of the little Italian winesurroundings. I

shop, whose belongings and cuscan recall clearly

tomers did not seem to be a part the vivid emer

of any nearer spot than Genoa, ald green of

with the children on their way some strips

home from school, and with the of moss that

groups of women that sat on the grew along

doorsteps with their infants. the battens

"A fine boy that!" said the of an old

Artist to one of these women,

pinching the chubby cheek of ning.

the baby she held. There were wonderful vistas, too, to « Indeed he is ! Four months old and be had at the ends of the streets. As weighs twenty-five pounds," was the we looked across toward Russian Hill, pleased reply.


We only

wooden aw.

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