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“ firing

6. Yes,

“Is he yours?I asked, to prolong the “nothing but a girl,'' had attached herconversation.

self to their company. But that would She gave me a quizzical look.

Why, not do at all, and the boys — perhaps it I'm sixty years old! I'm his grand

was only the brother were giving her mother,-that's his mother," nodding at a hint that her society was not welcome a woman sitting by, whose evident delight by pelting her with stones. in our praise would have caused much The Potentate's chivalrous instincts less than a Solomon to give instant judg- were at once aroused.

“ Stop that! you ment in her favor.

might hit her." “Where's your baby?" said the This, however, was precisely the object Potentate to a third member of this group of the young man that was of sitters in the sun. Whereat the other rocks." He but redoubled his zeal, and two gave a shrill reply. “Huh! she the only way in which we could make ain't got any.

She ain't married yet!” him stop was by placing ourselves diThe conversation had to be turned, so rectly between him and his poor little I said, “ Fine place you have up here.' target. She departed down the hill, per

indeed," this the elder haps lamenting that she belonged to the woman,-“the best air and finest view weaker sex, perhaps scheming that some in the city. It's the healthiest part of day she would make them sue for her the town.

company, now rejected. Probably We recognized that this was a hobby, neither of those conjectures is within and had to break in on the flow of lan- gunshot of the truth. I don't claim to guage.

understand the mental processes of even “ Lots of children up here."

a nine year old woman. “Well, there ought to be. They don't It is a pity that the traction road up raise much else on the hill.”

Telegraph Hill has been abandoned. The Again a turn was necessary.

view from the top is superb. As we saw “Any lots for sale up this way?” it on that pleasant afternoon of early

But this was the worst of all. Instantly. November it justified all the Potentate's there came such a burst of eloquence that ready enthusiasm. The sky was almost we beat a hasty retreat and turned the a deep violet overhead and shaded down nearest corner.

to a turquoise near the horizon. The We made our way up the slopes of rains of a week before had left the air Telegraph Hill by many a devious path, delightfully clear and we could see far avoiding the steep streets that they call out the Gate where the sails of ships in “chicken coop alleys” because of the the offing showed dark in the west, excleats nailed across the sidewalks, as in cept where they caught the sun aslant stairways for fowls, to give foothold. At with a gleam like that on a gull's wing. last, however, we were at the top, in the Tamalpais and the Marin hills were wonvery presence of Duncan Ross's deserted derful shades of blue each more intense castle and the old semaphore.

than the other, and the glimpses of SausaOur last bit of climbing was enlivened lito, Belvedere, and the upper Bay, were by an incident, - small enough in itself, like looking into fairy and. Diablo loomed but all incidents seemed great to us that over the Contra Costa hills, whose lower day. There were three schoolboys, bent slopes were dotted with the houses of on some prank, and the sister of one of Berkeley and Oakland, reflecting the them, unmindful of the fact that she was westering sun.

Before us was spread the Bay with beauty of the place by hailing the three other and different shades of blue, bor- schoolboys, who were still hovering near, dering on the indigo. It was Thursday and inciting them to an act of daring. afternoon and the Bay was dotted with “ Here, I'll take your books, and we'll the homecoming feluccas of the fisher- go down to that path there. When I men bringing the Friday's supply. Their raise my hand you fellows start in to tanned triangular sails contrasted finely roll and the one that gets to us first I'll with the water. There were many ships give five cents.” in the harbor. One of them, a great The Potentate did not approve of this iron ship that lay out in the stream dry- scheme, which he considered far too risky. ing her sails, was painted pink, almost a Indeed, he afterwards confessed that the coral color, and the Potentate yearned thought before his mind was how it for this or that great artist to see it and would look to have it appear in the put it on canvas.

morning papers that of the Truly," he said, "you don't realize magazine was called on to testify before what a wonderful pictorial field you have the coroner's jury in regard to the death here. There are beautiful things in the of one of those boys. East and abroad, but they have been But the Artist had been there before. done to death, while the half of this has When the signal was given the boys never been shown.”

came whirling down the steep grassy But we could not stay longer even slope so fast that it made us dizzy to here, and the Artist broke in on the ex- watch them. One of them knew how to alted mood caused by the wonderful do the pinwheel act, and came touching

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only his hands and feet, far outstripping sembleo," and the name was no better the others. The Artist was so pleased Italian than the announcement. with his performance that he doubled the Having reached work-a-day levels, we reward, whereat the trio departed with a sought, as our last and perhaps most great hurrah, to seek the nearest shop foreign “bit,” Fishermen's Wharf. Here where candy could be had.

we are treading on more familiar ground; It was some moments before the Po OVERLAND readers know it well. But tentate recovered from his scare.

seldom has it shown to better advantage On the seaward slope of the Hill we and to more appreciative eyes. I wonder paused at a little grocery, kept by a if it is the old artistic spirit of these broad-gauge, rufous-hued matron.

Mediterranean peoples that makes them “How do they get these beer kegs to choose for their flannel shirts and sashes you, since there is no road ?”

such beautifully harmonizing tints, or “O, that's easy. They roll them whether it is that salt spray is a toner of down from above, and the empties we harsh colors, and creates of itself the harroll down from here the rest of the way monies, which certainly are there. to the bottom."

We watched the boats quite a while. We continued our way down many a The Padre e Figliorubbed gunwales sharp declivity and rickety stair, where contentedly with “Uncle Sam,” which often two or three treads together had last rejoiced in a red, white, and blue yielded to the elements.

striping, but in other respects was no The Artist discoursed about the inhab whit the less Dago than the other. One itants.

of the boats had on its deck some beauti“ These people make good citizens. fully mottled dogfish,-if' they were dogThey never give the police any trouble, fish. The ground tint was nearly white, and at the election they will cast their with large irregular patches of rich brown votes much more intelligently than the and black. • South of Market' section, where the The afternoon was far spent, and lower orders of Germans and Irish live."

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we turned reluctantly homeward. This That the people were considered worth article is the first fruits of that prowl, but cultivating by the politicians was shown if the pages of this magazine do not show by placards, announcing that So-and-so the benefit of it in other ways, it will not was, “ Candidato Democratico por il As be the Potentate's fault.

Charles S. Greene.


THE lily's lips are pure and white without a touch of fire ;

The rose's heart is warm and red and sweetened with desire.
In earth's broad field of deathless bloom the gladdest lives are those
Whose thoughts are as the lily and whose love is like the rose.

Nixon Waterman.


HE American species of wood- they are driven point first until the other peckers are very numerous. end of the acorn is flush with the surface So widely distributed are or just a little deeper, and so tight that no they, and so distinguished other bird or squirrel can draw the nut everywhere for their indus- from its socket. To take them out even trious, sober, and provident with the point of a penknife requires ex

habits that it has occurred perience, unless the bark be cut entirely to me that if Uncle Sam does ever really away. The birds themselves when they beat his swords and spears into plough- require a meal drive their bills straight shares and pruning hooks, it will be ap- into the larger end of an acorn and a propriate to transfer the honor of being sharp twitch in a direct line backward the emblem of the Republic from the brings it out. eagle to the wood-pecker! Its facility of The holes are drilled in straight horiadapting itself to any portion of the zontal lines generally around half the country, from the Canadian boundaries tree, the southern side, or, if it be a leanto the frontier of Mexico, and its disposi- ing tree, the under side sheltered from tion to make the best of whatever locality the rain. The lines run parallel to each it inhabits, are prominent among its many other, and beginning three or four feet virtuous traits.

above the ground, extend upward as far But the species here to be described is as the thickness of the bark will admit, that termed the Ivory-billed Wood-pecker, unless operations are intercepted by too having for his habitat the Southern States, numerous branches. The space occupied northern Mexico, and California, (Cam- is for the most part four or five feet in pelophilus principalis). It is probably far length by half the circumference of the more numerous in Southern California liveoak, other trees rarely being used. than in any other portion of the Americas. The birds feed in part on fruits and It is called by Spanish-Americans El seeds, besides acorns, as well as on insects. Carpintero, from the quantity of chips They may be heard at a considerable and the carpenter-like hammering it distance tapping the wood of trees with makes. Thus it was that the prosperous

their bills, to discover the place where town of La Carpinteria, in the Santa an insect is lodged, and to get at it when Barbara valley, received its name.

discovered. The common notion that Where Carpinteria stands now there they are very injurious to trees is erronwas a large live oak grove at the period eous, as they do more good by preventof Spanish occupation, and during the ing the ravages of insects than harm by season of maturing acorns the whole their pecking. Besides, it is only upon southern end of the valley was resonant the decayed portions of trees that they with the hammering of the Carpinteros, operate, except in the case of stowing stowing away their supplies. This they away the acorns in the live bark of the do by perforating the bark of the liveoak oak, the most vigorous of these indicatto the proper depth with holes exactlying that from time immemorial their proportioned to the size and shape of the coverings have been perforated without acorn to be deposited in each, into which apparent harm.


The birds strike out chips of wood occupied by the wood-peckers, to their with their strong bills and in this way consternation. But the return of day enlarge holes in decayed parts of trees brought courage to the rightful owners, for a roosting place or for a nest, carrying and they resolutely set about finding away the chips to a long distance, espe- means to eject the invader. They tried cially in the case of a nest. that it may not bluffing awhile, about the only aperture be discovered. The nest consists of a to the hollow tree, but to little purpose mere hole, running horizontally until the hollow has been reached, if it is a hollow tree, perhaps with a few chips in the bottom of it but with no other lining for the nest.

Although the wood-pecker is industrious, provident, and peaceful, he is not to be trifled with or tyrannized over with impunity, as the following incident will show.

A companion and I on an August day not long since pitched our camp at a spring on the table-lands of the ridge dividing Ojai from Santa Clara Valley. About the spring stands a large grove of liveoaks. In one of these not far from the tent door a pair of wood-peckers had, for years, no doubt, made their dwelling place. Somewhat shy of us at first, the birds in a few days paid little attention to our presence.

It had frequently amused us of a sultry afternoon as we lounged upon the buffalo robes laid on the shaded grass, to observe the birds with whose labors the warmth appeared to have little to do.

We had camped there a week or ten days when before daybreak one morning we heard a commotion about the home of our staid neighbors. Our attention was attracted by their shrill outcries and the whir of their wings among the branches overhead. It had no sooner grown light enough to see, than we other than to cause th tecolote to peck pushed back the flap of the tent door and at them when they appeared to be about peered out to ascertain the cause of dis- to thrust themselves in upon him. disturbance.

At last, finding tha neither threats It soon became apparent that a little nor entreaties were likely to be effective, tecolote, or ground owl, at the approach and resolved that if they were to be deof day had taken lodging in the hollow prived of their home it hould be the last

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