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on sea and land and in factories. Dur riums for the concentration and distribuing the three centuries preceding this tion of foreign and domestic productions marvelous innovation the whole world locally desirable and in demand, and had been explored, and all parts of it had have been brought into vogue by the been brought into commercial intercourse. vast scope of modern commerce.

The extension of commerce during the The most prominent of these institupresent century is unparaleled in history, tions are the Bon Marché and Louvre of At every great progressive stride made Paris, Whiteley's of London, Wanaby commerce new features in her opera maker's of Philadelphia, Marshall Field tions have displayed themselves not only & Co. of Chicago, and Hilton, Hughes & in a general but also in a detail point of Denning of New York. These are soon view. The most conspicuous of the lat to be more than equaled in San Francisco. ter in the present age is the institution Only he that has wandered hour after of department establishments for the hour through the corridors, up and down local distribution of commodities of every the grand stairways, along the almost kind and description. These great es

endless aisles, of such wonderful expotablishments occupy relatively the same sitions as the Louvre and the Bon Marché position in a nation which the greater in Paris can form any adequate conception emporiums of commerce do in the world of what this Emporium of San Francisco, at large; they are, in fact, retail empo a greater exposition, will be.

The eye

must really see to believe, the mind can not grasp it aided simply by photograph and printed letter.

Convenience and the reduction of retail prices are the mainsprings of the success which attends these great department emporiums. The concentration of the productions of all industries at a single point in a flourishing seat of population affords the consumer facilities for purchase without waste of time which individual stores scattered over a large area cannot present; while the fact that most of the goods with which these establishments are stocked are supplied directly from the manufacturer, without the intervention of the wholesale dealer and middle-men, points conclusively to low prices.

These may be regarded as the chief factors of success, but there are others, far from unimportant, which may be catalogued under the general term attractions. Such great institutions as those mentioned afford veritable spectacles, which invite the attention of the resident and transient public alike. The magnificence and gorgeousness of the displays, the immense variety of goods, the grandeur of the building, the marble stairways and wide passage-ways, and the great concourse of people, purchasers, idlers, and sightseers, promenading through the numerous departments, excite the wonder of the visitor and arouse in him feelings of pleasure and satisfaction second only to those experienced on a visit to a world's fair.

Establishments of this character exist in all of the large cities of the world. San Francisco has been, perhaps, dilatory in producing an institution of the kind befitting her rank as Queen of the Pacific, but she is now about to make amends, and will soon



have an emporium greater in area, more Kearny, and Market streets fine stores magnificent in architecture, and more offered the purchaser almost every vacomplete in all its arrangements than riety of articles manufactured in all any of the great establishments men- quarters of the globe; theaters had tioned or existing elsewhere. This vast been built, great churches had been enterprise, which when completed will erected, and the visitor marveled at the represent a capital of five million dollars tremendous energy and activity disand give employment to from two thous- played by the city builders of the West. and to two thousand five hundred people, Commerce was the cause of this wonhas been created and carried out by the derful transformation ; for it was Calibrains and capital of San Francisco's own fornia's wealth in gold, the commercial citizens, and is one of the most potent medium of exchange, that started her in indications of the dawn of the new era her career of prosperity. of prosperity which is opening for our But the contrast between the aspect State.

of the city at the time alluded to and Five and twenty years ago the stranger that which it now wears is immense. visiting San Francisco was struck with The foundation stones of the Palace wonder at beholding a city that had Hotel and the New City Hall had not sprung up in two decades on

been laid, California Street the site of an insignificant

Hill and Van Ness Avenue trading post. The Cosmopoli

were almost without buildtan, Occidental, Lick House,

ings; the railroad ran down and the Grand Hotel, had

Valencia Street, and steam been built; on Montgomery,

paddies were leveling sand

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hills south of Market Street; none of is immense, the span of the arch alone the notably great and fine business being 25 feet and its height 40 feet. It structures and private mansions that is the largest single bond arch as yet now adorn San Francisco then existed. constructed in any mercantile building or Today they proclaim the rapidity and business block, and some of the stones permanency of her progress, and the used in it weigh twelve and even fournew building will be a worthy addition teen tons apiece. to them, both architectural and commer- The building is provided with two cial.

other handsome entrances, one at each Its site was formerly owned by the end, leading to the office floors of the Society of Jesus and for many years building, and the spaces between them was occupied by the Jesuit College. and the main entrance are occupied by After the Society moved to their new quar- great show windows, twelve in number, ters, the lot was purchased by the Parrott which will present an almost unbroken Estate, but owing to its great size the surface of plate glass and furnish a Estate could determine upon no advantageous improvement until the Emporium Company was formed, and it was decided to erect a structure exceptionally ornamental to the city and to be devoted to an enterprise in step with the commercial progress of the age. A lease of the entire building for twenty years has been made with this Company.

No more favorable position could have been chosen for the establishment. Situated at a point on the main artery of the city most easy of access from all parts; placed in the very center of public movement; within short distance of the New City Hall and the future Post Office, the building will be a focus of congregation and a lodestone of attraction.

As you stand on Market Street and gaze at the magnificent façade, 275 feet in length and seven stories high, you can hardly realize the great size of its component parts. This is due to the symmetry and harmony of the architecture, the style of which is Modern Renaissance. Whether you look at the grand main entrance, with its flanking Doric pilasters and massive entablature, or at that striking feature of the façade, the long row of Corinthian columns, you are hardly conscious of their real size. The superficial area of the main entrance

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gorgeous spectacle with their brilliant displays of rich goods. The second story will also be similarly glazed on the Market Street front.

Above the third story rises the imposing colonnade of Corinthian columns, eighteen in number, flanked to half their height by pilasters. These columns reach to the top of the sixth story, thus covering with bases and capitals included, a height of three stories. Their entablature is simple and elegant, and above it rises the facade of the seventh story, which is surmounted by a rich cornice and stone balustrade.

This beautiful front is built entirely of
Oregon gray sandstone, taken from the
Pioneer Quarry, Lincoln County, and

great establishment. It is without doubt Yaquina Bay, Oregon. About 5500 tons

the grandest entrance to any mercantile of this handsome building material, which

establishment. From this vestibule the resembles granite, was used in the con

visitor passes through the doors and bestruction.

holds a spectacle unequaled in the world. But even the great length and height This is a single room 275 feet wide, 350 of the façade do not fully convey a real

feet long, and from 45 to 100 feet high. ization of the actual magnitude of the There is seen a forest of magnificent piledifice; for it has a depth of no less than

lars, but nowhere is there a single par350 feet, and therefore, an area of

tition to divide this vast room. The 96,250 square feet, while that of the

fixtures and shelving for the merchandise basement is still larger by 8,250 square alone serve the purpose of dividing the feet, owing to extensions of twenty feet different departments from one another. under Market Street and ten feet under

The visitor now stands upon the main Jessie Street. This immense basement

aisle of the store,-a veritable highway. will be complete and perfect in all its

It is paved with beautiful marble and is numerous arrangements, and it will be forty feet wide. Along its sides begin devoted mainly to departments of this the rows of massive pillars which uphold great store; but in it will also be located

the second story, built as balconies in the heating and ventilating apparatus, this vast room. This grand aisle extends an electric plant, supplying motive power in a straight line for one hundred and for the elevators and light for innumer- twenty-five feet from both ends, and able incandescent and arc burners, and

then with the same width of forty feet all the most modern contrivances for the

extends in semi-circular form to the right comfort and convenience of the numerous

and left, forming a rotunda one hundred occupants of the building.

and forty feet in diameter, in the center A grand and lofty vestibule, embel- of the store. lished with magnificent carvings in stone,

This grand aisle is remarkable by and having show windows upon either

reason of the fact that over the straight side, forms a fitting entrance to this portion its ceiling is 45 feet from its floor,

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