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lace, having a sense of the need of a Look out, scabs. One more warning, the last reliable military protection, and realizing

Before this month is over 1500 lbs, of that when Federal troops were with

Giant powder will be exploded and all in this

mine will be sent to Hell. It is in the mine, the drawn, they would be forced to rely on

fuse attached, now ready for action. If we their own resources, applied to the Gov- can't work the mine no one else shall. ernor, through General Curtis, for per

Bloody Jack mission to organize an efficient company,

On the same day there was deposited to replace that disbanded.

in the Gem Post Office a letter addressed Early in August, their application was

to Mrs. John Monahan, wife of the forefavorably considered and on the 7th of

man of the Gem Mine; the letter was September, the company designated as

written upon a fly leaf evidently torn as Company A, Second Regiment, I. N.

from the same note book and read as G., was mustered into the service, with

follows:the following officers: Captain, William S. Sims; First Lieutenant, William C.

Dear Madam: Fuman; Second Lieutenant, William E.

I have a wife and daughters Mann. The rank and file were composed

myself. Therefore am sorry for you. The day

of reckoning is close upon all Scabs. Your of the most prominent and influential

husband will be blown into fragments inside of a young men of the county.

A regular month and the next fight will not be a milk and army officer drilled them, and the great- water one like the last. The men will be killed, est interest was evinced in mastering the

and the women raped. Young and old. details of the drill regulations. They

Get out!!! and leave Monahan to the fate he

deserves. quickly became a credit to the State. The Populist Legislature of 1893 prac

These anonymous communications tically abolished the Idaho National threw Cañon Creek into a state of great Guard by withholding all appropriations excitement. The notes were empty for it. Representative Neil, who had threats. No clew was obtained of the been a prisoner in Shoshone County in prepetrators. Nevertheless the float from 1892, moved that the militia item be the hidden vein of Anarchism had a most stricken out of the Appropriation Bill disturbing effect. for 1895, on the ground that the militia The November elections passed off was worse than useless, powerless to

without bloodshed. One source of conquell riots, and only a burden to the gratulation to the law and order element State. He said there had never been an of Idaho, thank God, was a majority in instance when the militia was called out the State, if not in Shoshone County, that United States troops did not assist, for General James F. Curtis for Secrebeing generally first on the scene of tary of State, .Republican nominee, and action. The motion carried without di- this in spite of the venomous attacks vision.

made upon him for his fearless discharge As the fall advanced, the political cam

of the arduouis and trying duties of the paign was the engrossing feature of the position which he had been so unexpectsituation, wild rumors gained currency, edly called upon to fill. and the undercurrent of lawlessness The 19th þf November, martial law cropped out from time to time. On Oc- was suspended by proclamation in which tober 19, a notice written on a fly leaf of a occurred the following order :pocket note book was found fastened at

II. The commanding officer desires to express the upper tunnel of the Gem Mine :

his great appreciation of the moral support which the law abiding citizens of Shoshone County the transportation charges of the Union have given him in restoring the peaceable and

Pacific Railroad Company, and the mainprosperous state of affairs now existing.

tenance of the State troops and of the He wishes also to acknowledge the cordial

prisoners for that portion of the time beand efficient support rendered by the officers and enlisted men of 4th, 14th, 22d, and 25th U. S. fore they were turned over to the custody Infantry, and especially to Gen. W. P. Carlin, of the United States Marshal. The Chief Col. 4th Infantry, who since July last has been

Quartermaster of the Department of the in command of the U. S. troops in the “Coeur

Columbia reported that $34,110.25 was d'Alénes,” and whose prudent and wise dis

expended in that Department in connecposition of the troops prevented a conflict, which on July 13th, seemed impossible to avoid.

tion with the movement of troops in the By order Colonel James F. Curtis. district. These are the only figures | T. J. Cable, Lieut. I. N. G., A. A. A. G. have been able to obtain, and represent The four remaining companies of the but a small portion of the total expendFourth Infantry were withdrawn to their itures. respective stations, and the military gave The cost to the community immeway to civil rule.

diately concerned, although enormous, A most formidable insurrection had cannot be estimated in mere dollars and been suppressed without the shedding of cents. It was far reaching in its consea drop of blood by the military author

quences and involved financial ruin to ities, and although both State and general many engaged in mercantile pursuits government had been forced to great and the alternative of starvation expense to maintain law and order, they emigration to hundreds of the laboring had effectually demonstrated their ability classes. to do so. In the opinion of the thinking The action of the mine owners in men familiar with the details of the again giving employment to the rioters trouble adequate punishment was never and members of the Miners' Union has inflicted upon the great body of the male- practically condoned their offenses. The factors. Was this due to a faulty sys- low price of silver and lead has had less tem of trial by jury, or to mistaken effect in paralyzing the industries of the ciemency on the part of the courts? section than has the continued unfortunThe cost to the State of Idaho was paid ate and impudent demands of the Miners' by appropriations of the Legislatures of Union. In many of our States rioting is a 1893, $ 16,000; and 1895, $7,650; total, misdemeanor. It should be made so in all, $23,650. This amount included a per and the District Attorney that did not diem of one dollar to the enlisted enforce this law should be considered a men of the militia who were on service, more dangerous enemy than the rioter.

George Edgar French, ist. Lieut. 4th U.S. Infantry.



WE STRUGGLE and strive for a wonderful place

In the wonderful world about us,
And then we die, and the wonderful world
Goes merrily on without us.

Carrie Blake Morgan.

VOL. xxvi. -4.



No daintie floure or herbe th grows on grownd,
No arborett with painted blossoms drest
And smelling sweete, but there it might be fownd
To bud out faire, and throwe her sweete smels al arownd.

Faerie Q ueen.


HAVE traveled all over faculties and God-given health, re-
the world,-- one cannot marking with the gleefulness of a school-
be accused of obtrusive boy, -“We are off for a tramp — my
boastfulness in making daughter and I. I have earned my va-
the statement publicly cation and my pension is guaranteed by
in this last decade of Her Majesty."
the 19th century,- but They were going direct via Japan to
I never saw Southern the country which my great predecessor
California until last and Helen Hunt Jackson have pictured

April. I remember a so delightfully that even an Englishman
Justice of the Supreme Court in Sing- forgives it for not belonging to the “Em-
apore, who was retiring at the ripe age pire." Boom circulars, expensive sou-
of sixty-four, in full possession of his venirs, railroad and steamship literature,
I See Frontispiece.

and enthusiastic tourists, have all done

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From a photo by Newtons.


something towards making California of Siam said, “Tell me of California,” known to men like Mr. Justice Woods and I could not, except in a general way. and the world, but the record of the I had not then traveled over Spanish early Franciscan Fathers, illuminated and Mexican California with one who ever, in spite of the iconoclast, with the not only knew its romance but better its rich, mellow tint of virgin gold, and the statistics and possibilities. I absorbed romance and story of the struggle be a great deal of information during this tween Gringo and Spaniard and the itinerary in April; possibly I did not coming of the Argonauts as painted in grasp sensibly everything that the glorious chronicles of this man, Bret pointed out, but I can now answer many Harte, and this woman, Helen Hunt of the questions which foreigners have Jackson, have done a thousand, yes, ten repeatedly asked me regarding this great thousand times more.

domain of the Mission Fathers.


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The idealized halo that they have San Francisco is no longer all of Caliplaced alike above and about the soft fornia. Spanish names of California and the I thought of many things I would like harsh, unpoetic Anglo-Saxon mining to have said to this Siamese prince who camp appellations of the California of had read Bret Harte, as I stood one '49 has been accepted by two hemis sunny afternoon the balcony of pheres. For once in history the Castilian the old Mission of Santa Barbara and the Englishman have united their with my back pressed close to its civilizations and both have been gainers. gray sandstone walls, The sunshine

I dined with the Czarewitch, the pres was not hot but seemed rather to have ent Czar, on board the great “Admiral been softened and the intensity taken Nackamoff,” and little Prince Damrong out of it by the air that came from the

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