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Marcos de Niza, sent out from Culiacan To me, no amount of quoting can ever in 1539, and walking " as the Holy Ghost make this commonplace. did lead him " through Sonora and Ari- The return of the Franciscans to Calizona, called the country through which fornia, as one of the historic facts of the he went San Francisco.

end of the century, is in a Spanish measA tradition succeeded this, that the ure the return of the twenty-one great great River of Saint Francis was an arm patrones and patronas to whom the or tributary of the Rio Colorado.

cordon of Missions was once dedicated The actual route of Captain Anza from and whose real presence was ceremoniSonora to San Francisco may have arisen ally invoked. Barbara has never left from that of 1539, — within which they us. Louis, King of France, once more found, “A bay almost round, about ten moves among us in cord and cowl. leagues in width, where the great river could do us no possible harm even to go of our Father Saint Francis empties." out from our portals, to welcome the Palou in 1774 or 1775.

whole "goodly companie" of twenty-one. The creek called even to this day Las The Gray Friars, from San Diego to San Llagas de San Francisco, is the dividing Rafael and San Francisco Solano, knew line between the Archdiocese of San but one hospitality, accorded alike to Francisco and the Diocese of Monterey. citizen and estrangero, North Americans,

With a sense of relief we assist, in the a few Moors,” or the couriers of the year 1776,-- a year memorable for other King. More. The Seraphic Order acevents in the records of the world,- at cords a certain friendliness and recogthe formal baptism of the Presidio, Mis- nition to visions, distasteful as one sion, and Puerto,-- which enthrones for- imagines them to be to Father Joseph ever the great Padre Serafico, and pre- O'Keef,- and I hereby make auricular vents his assignment to any position confession to the following as a favorite destined to comparative obscurity upon

one of mine. the King's Highway. There is still before In the charming opera libretto of Saint Francis possible absorption into "A king for a Day," there is an aria for the Yerba Buena nomenclature ; there is the tenor, famous under the French name the brief suggestion that Saint Francis of of “Si j'étais roi.” This aria is quite Solano may rival or eclipse him of Assisi; capable of transposition into “Si j étais but we realize pleasantly that both these reine," and under the privilege of such dangers are passed forever and that every transposition, improvising for myself a visitor who looks out from the Presidio throne, I can evolve the processional upon the Bay, is fairly entitled to the order of the Cordon of Saint Francis, and emotions awakened by it in Padre Juni- watch it move with incense and banners, pero Serra, Apostle of Upper California, costume, music, and cross, from the South provided he knows what those emotions steadily upward into the North. were.

This processional order is the follow

ing: “And for our Founder, St. Francis, there is

I. San Diego de Alcalá ; only a friar, no Mission?”-Padre Junipero.

but the chef de cuisine of his Order and “If St. Francis desires a Mission, let him show us his harbor and he shall have one.”

entitled to representation in a tunic of -Then Señor Don José de Galvez.

roses while angels boil for hin the Interview at the Camp of Galvez, San Blas,

Spanish guisada or pot-au-feui. 1767.

2. San Luis, Rey de Francia ; member

of the Third Order of Penitence, who associated with the youth of Saint died, according to tradition, in the cord Antony, and walking in local contradisand cowl of Saint Francis, in which he tinction from San Luis, the King. was brought back to Saint Denis from II. Saint Antony of Padua; young the Holy Land.

and glorious as Apollo or Antinous, but 3. San Juan Capistrano; the militant prizing neither youth nor its attributes priest, who may have inspired Hidalgo except as he could bend them into slavery and who fought under John Corvinus at to his will. Belgrade, holding the Latin cross in the 12. San Miguel, Arcangel; who is as dying eyes of the infidel Turks.

God," and with drawn sword flames yet 4. Gabriel, Arcángel ; speaking the from every window of the Cathedral of seventy languages of Babel and uttering Strasburg. the same truth in every one, dictator of 13. Soledad ; upon whose altar fell the Koran to Mohammed himself, he who dead of starvation that Padre Sarria found no condonation for Eve but expul- whose sermon to his last Spanish consion at the point of a sword, which only gregation upon the curse of American matched his flaming eyes as he disdain- gold still ranks among Spanish Califully drew it across the Lost Terrestrial fornians as an utterance inspired. Paradise.

14. San Carlos Borromeo de Monterey ; 5. San Fernando, Rey de España; sep side by side in the cardinal's red with arated from his royal brother of France San Buenaventura, but entitled to the by

two days' journey, as the friars ruff of the Medici, to whom he belonged. walked : each day closing still in such 15. San Juan Bautista; of the Holy local vespers as may yet be sung in the Family grouped near San José, but heart of the dividing Pyrenees.

strangely separated from our Lady of 6. Buenaventura of Tuscany; the re Angels, enthroned forever in the South. splendent Cardinal and historian of the 16. Santa Cruz; processional crosslife of Saint Francis himself, his cardinal's bearer, meeting us in the Archdiocese of hat, as an attribute, hung on a tree. Saint Francis himself.

7. Barbara of Phrygia; holding her 17. San José de Guadalupe ; Patron mission and tower steadily through its of the expedition into California by sea inception and foundation, and as steadily and by land, and Patron as well of the through secularization and the American Señor Don José de Galvez, whose name occupation itself.

will always rank with that of Padre 8. Ines, Virgen y Martir ; presenting Junipero himself. the traditions of her strange neophyte 18. Santa Clara; the “Gray Sister, students of divinity and the ritual of the sedate and sweet," whose first California Apostolic College, which represented the follower was Concepcion, associated literature of the Propaganda Fide.

with all the Arguellos buried in the 9. La Purisima Concepcion ; defended Campo Santo of Dolores. by Padre Blas Ordaz and Corporal

Saint Francis of Assisi; Padre Tiburcio Tapia in a way which Church

Serafico and Founder of one of the three and State make into a kind of patriotism great Mendicant Orders. which only a republican can properly 20. San Rafael Arcangel ; the "affable

archangel ” of John Milton ; he who outSan Luis, Obispo; His Grace of witted Asmodeus in the heart of Media. Toulouse ; the boy-bishop, alternately

21. San Francisco de Solano; “the

thrill over.

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great apostle to the Indies," under whose his Reverence, the Franciscan, gray or jurisdiction California, as part of the old brown, instead of the secular black; for Columbian dream, legitimately falls. his Grace, the Bishop, purple; for His

Eminence, cardinal red; for his absent Only an intimate and familiar knowl- Holiness, the papal white. edge of ecclesiastical precedence and its “And for our Father, Saint Francis?" etiquette, can enable one to thread a way Recognition,

Recognition, - supremacy. For his rethrough this glorious and moving com- vealed port, its accorded rank as capitana pany. Only the sonorous gradations of of the ports of the Pacific Sea ; for his the Roman Catholic hierarchy can sup- city, recognition as the cabeza, or head, ply the correct address : while even the of the twenty-one Establishments still color-scheme is fraught with a meaning marked upon the land. For himself? long ago canonized in sacred art. For The knotted cord and the Apotheosis.

Auguste Wey.



N the side of the mountains back Before the Spanish forces had made the of San Bernardino, California, conquest of the Pacific Coast, this peaceis a clearly defined image of ful valley was inhabited by a race of an Indian arrowhead, covering Indians who were very devout in their several acres, and pointing worship of the Great Spirit. One day downward into the valley.

the valley. the Evil One, straying away from his Just below the point of thís own domain, stumbled over the mountain arrow are located some hot and through the gap which is still known

springs, known as the Arrow- as Devil's Cañon. He was so pleased head Springs. This place has become a with the valley that he determined to favorite resort both for the residents of

possess it.

It was not considered by the valley who seek the cool mountain side Indians at all improper for the Great in the summer, and the Eastern tourist Spirit to indulge in an innocent game of who is ever on the lookout for the strange cards. The Evil One proposed that they and beautiful in nature.

play seven-up for the possession of the The origin of this peculiar mark has valley. The game began. Hearts were been the basis of speculation on the part trumps, out of compliment to the Great of scientific men and others. It has been Spirit. The Evil One dealt. Each won burnt off several times but the vegetation two tricks and the Evil One had the lead. which grew up again was the same color The Great Spirit was confident, for he had as the old, several shades lighter than the the ace of spades in his hand, put the rest of the mountain, and the Arrowhead Evil One held a little trump. Th Great reappeared unchanged.

Spirit was so disappointed that he threw Among two classes of the old settlers, the ace of spades down on the sid of the however, there seems to be no doubt as mountain, and there it remains t day as to the cause of this gigantic figure, albeit a warning of the evils of seven-up The their stories are very different. I will Evil One at once sealed his claim to the give the more ancient legend first. valley by taking a bath in a sprins near

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where they had played the terrible game, peared that night in a vision and comand the waters of the spring have not yet forted them by telling them that their cooled off.

perseverance had won its reward ; that The other legend not only accounts for their journey and hardships had ended the arrowhead, but also for the original and that on the morrow they might return settlement of the valley by the whites. to the land whence they came and guide

When the enthusiastic followers of their elders to this new Promised Land. Brigham Young wished to extend their They were to make the same journey territory, a party was sent out from Salt again, only from their present camping Lake towards the southwest, to find a place they were to march on until they suitable place for another oasis. They came to a pass in the mountains, which journeyed through the wilds of what is the Indians called Cajon (box), leading now Nevada, then into the mountains of down into a valley. They should follow Nothern Arizona, finally on to the scorch- the foot of the mountain until they came ing sands of the Mojave desert. Here,

Here, to a place where the Lord had placed an suffering for water and almost dead from arrowhead on its side, there they should the terrible heat, they gave up, and de- settle and build the new branch of Zion. termined to return to their homes by the Thus was founded the beautiful little city Great Salt Lake. The angel Moroni ap- of San Bernardino.

Will C. Bailey.


HE doors and windows of the ranch- and which will eventually draw him back,

house were thrown open, allow- when he will rehabilitate himself in ing the soft summer air to riot civilized garb and manners.

through the rooms. Ordinarily, Clifton watched the cat for a few c) the house duties and chores in minutes and then walked to the edge of

summer commenced at early the porch, and shading his eyes from the

sunrise, were finished by noon, too fierce light, he carefully scanned the and when the dinner was cleared and the neighboring fields. There was no one men had gone back to their work, the house

in sight. He made of his two hands a was quiet until the lengthening shadows trumpet and called : “ Joe, where are proclaimed that supper time had come. you? Joe !" But this day a volume of smoke rising “ Here!” a voice answered, and Jim from the back chimney long after dinner Clifton started leisurely towards the barn. denoted something unusual. The kitchen Stopping at the door, he leaned against porch, generally given up to the cats, the casement, and taking his pipe from dogs, and chickens, had been newly his pocket, filled it with slow care, givscrubbed and brushed, and its only occu- ing the act the appearance and importpant was a cat, whose curiosity had ance of a solemn ceremony. He smoked triumphed over her awe at the extra- in silence a moment, watching critically ordinary change in the daily routine, and the half-hearted movements of his brother, who stood near the door, purring wist- who was harnessing a little gray mare fully to the worker in the kitchen. into a dilapidated spring wagon.

From the kitchen could be heard a “Why did n't you make Blake hitch man's voice, and a minute later its owner up ?” he queried finally. “Where is appeared in the doorway, where he stood he?" looking down with some amusement at The other shrugged his shoulders. the cat, who in confident recognition of a At it again," he answered. friend, rubbed her head softly against his You've got to go for her ?coarse leather boots.

The man nodded moodily. No one for a moment could mistake “Why do you go? It is none of your Jim Clifton for an American. A straight, business." broad-shouldered, blue-eyed, and bonny- “ Who will if I don't ?" retorted his haired Briton, he belonged to a type famil- brother. “You, perhaps ? Sohe one iar enough to Californians, who are able has got to; the Lord only know where to recognize at a glance the Englishman old man Blake is. Besides, Mr Blake that has come to their country, with great has asked me to: she does n't ant to expectation and an overweeng pride send one of the ranch hands after Mandy, and affection for his own land, which and I can't hurt the old lady's feelings." makes it impossible for him to be drawn " You're a f-f-fool, Joe," her torted, into entanglements, political or domestic, betraying, in his haste to eject the words, See Frontispiece.


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