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likely to do so. It is the same with means of locomotion for pleasure and comfort. The horse cannot be surpassed as the prime factor in the case.

It was but a few weeks ago that Doctor Talmage, the eminent preacher, was reported in Eastern journals to have delivered a forcible and interesting discourse, extolling the virtues of the horse and setting forth the claims of the noble animal to be styled “ The King of Beasts." The recording scribe expressed no suspicion that the worthy divine had been put up to “boom” the then approaching New York horse show, but whatever may have been the predisposing cause for his thus sermonizing, the subject was at all events seasonably chosen. Possibly the preacher had become infected with the contagion which attacks all Gothamites at this period of the year and prom

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ises to become reflected annually in the metropolis of the Pacific Coast.

The remarkably successful exhibition held at the Mechanics' Pavilion in San Francisco last fall gave ample proof that in California there is not only the material, but also the will and resources, to support a yearly show of horseflesh that will take high place amongst such events. The initial venture, in every way a success, led to the incorporation of the Horse Show Association of the Pacific Coast, with a capital of $100,000. The personnel of the new association remains to a large extent the same as in the case of the original society, the governing body being constituted follows : Henry J. Crocker, President; John Parrott, Vice-President; J. L. Rathbone, Vice-President; Geo. A. Newhall, Secretary ; Obed Horr, Assistant Secretary ;




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Directors, Henry J. Crocker, John Par- Worden, W. F. Banning, Peter J. Dona-
rott, J. L. Rathbone, Geo. A. Newhall, hue, J. M. Cunningham, C. A. Spreckels,
Jos. D. Grant, J. B. Crockett, Frank P. E. Bowles, Fred. R. Webster, C. P.
Hicks, Maurice Casey, M. Theo. Kear- Huntington, John F. Boyd, C. H. Hast-
ney, Geo. A. Pope, J. A. Donohoe; ings.
Honorary Vice-Presidents, W. Mayo Under the auspices of the Association
Newhall, W. S. Hobart, A. B. Spreckels, the second annual show will be held from
C. De Guigne, Wm. S. Tevis, C. E. the 3d to the 7th of December, both days

inclusive, at the Mechanics' Pavilion as
previously, the list of prizes, ordinary and
special, aggregating some $20,000, or
nearly three times the amount awarded
altogether in 1894. Strong encourage-
ment has been given for horse owners to
enter liberally in the 120 classes into
which the exhibition is divided. A year
ago such a thing as a horse show on an
extensive scale, in accordance with the
modern practise which obtains in older
communities, was admittedly an experi-
ment, and one that many people were
disposed to consider almost foolhardy,
but we have now at least got beyond the

stage of doubt and have a foundation of


experience on which to base an estimate tends the scope of racing opportunities of the position and progress in matters within reach of owners of thoroughbreds horsey at the end of another twelve- and trotters, and helps to offset the protmonths. In common with other parts of able closing down of the time-honored the country, breeding, importation of Bay District Track in the early spring o: fresh blood, and trading generally, have 1896. The steady development of runbeen on an exceedingly limited scale, but ning races on the State Agricultural Suon the other hand there have appeared ciety's track at Sacramento, is a further signs on the horizon that lead men to feature of strength in the California rahope for a future productive of fair profits cing situation, and it is interesting to note for those who will stay with the game. that the Directors of the State Fair hare

As regards racing, the newly organ- recently issued a circular to breeders of ized Pacific Coast Jockey Club, which thoroughbreds, inviting them to subscribe will operate the track at Ingleside, five to a stake to be called the California miles to the southwest of San Francisco, Futurity; open to two-year-olds of 1896, now completed for the fall, winter, and and estimated to be of the value of from spring meetings, promises to be a vai- $3,000 to $5,000 to the winner. uable addition to the turf undertakings of At Los Angeles the sporting instinct the country, while the rehabilitation of seems to keep on spreading its roots, the Oakland track, under the auspices of while, notwithstanding the withdrawal the California Jockey Club, further ex- of the State appropriation from the dis

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will prove but temporary, and in the end doubtless beneficial, for the indiscriminate production of immense numbers

trict fairs, the past season's meetings have on the whole, so far as racing was concerned, maintained their position. In the trotting branch of sport there has perhaps been some want of life, as the inore valuable prizes to be picked up on Eastern courses necessarily continue to attract Western champions across the Rockies, and the public cannot be expected to display the enthusiasm in witnessing moderate performers that they would show if horses of the first flight were brought out for their edification.

As for breeding, the falling off in every direction, save in thoroughbreds, has been serious, owing to the want of proper remuneration for the cost, trouble, and risk, of raising stock, and beyond the importation of a few thoroughbred stallions and mares from England and Australia little or no new blood has come into the State. The check, however,

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