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of unserviceable animals, which resulted tion of horse, save perhaps really good from the craze for speedy light-harness thoroughbred stock, is likely to leave a horses, needed to be stopped. Breeders profit on raising. who have been looking for steady profits For some time to come breeders in to be derived from raising such animals California will be called upon to exercise have now pretty generally reached the the utmost possible care and judgment in conclusion that there is too much of a the conduct of their business ; for unless lottery in that branch of horse breeding, they succeed in raising animals of real and are either abandoning the prac- merit, they will not be able to market tise altogether or turning their attention them at all. The capabilities of the State to producing a good average animal, cal as a horse-breeding country are practically culated to meet the requirements of bus without limit, but owing to its distance iness and family life. Of this class of from the large markets, profitable shiphorse, especially of the better types that ments can only be made where the goods used to exist on this Coast, there is are certain to command high prices, for nowadays a great dearth, and in the otherwise the cost of transportation would light of the present day no other descrip- absorb too large a proportion of the re

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turns. It has been amply demonstrated pions of the year have been Mr. E. J. in most parts of the country of late that Baldwin's three-year-old Rey del Carthe common scrub horse is worth some- reres, by Emperor of Norfolk out of thing less than nothing, and it is sin- Clara D., and Mr. Naglee Burk's twocerely to be hoped that the lesson has year-old Crescendo, by Flambeau out of now been learnt so thoroughly that it will imported Janet N., by Macgregor. On not need to be repeated. In the mean- the trotting track Mr. Monroe Salisbury's time, the country is being purged of much big gelding, Azote, by Whips-Josie, by useless rubbish, and men who had no Whipple's Hambletonian, has upheld the right to be in the breeding business are honor of the State. With these exceprapidly getting out of it.

tions California-bred horses have not The present year has not proved as greatly distinguished themselves in 1895. auspicious as the one preceding it for The sales of thoroughbred yearlings in California horses in the East, whether in this city are steadily growing in magnirunning or trotting events. On the run- tude and importance, and it has been ning turf the only horses that have held definitely announced that several breeders high place amongst the younger cham- of reputation in Kentucky and elsewhere


have decided to ship their produce to this market for sale next spring. In the meantime, nothing will have been lost by the recent shipment by Mr. Richard Croker, who has leased the animals, of Mr. E. J. Baldwin's renowned California-bred horses, Rey El Santa Anita, four years, and Rey del Carreres, three years, to England, where they are to be matched against the horses of that country, subsequently returning to this State, it is said, to do service at Mr. Baldwin's famous breeding stud, where they first saw the light

Both animals have shown themselves capable of good perforinances in their native land, and it is to be hoped they will be able to attract favorable

of day.

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