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rotice in their new sphere and so reflect credit upon California. These are the first thoroughbreds to go to England

from this State, and their progress is sure to be watched with much interest.

It will probably be some little time before the best stamp of horse for park and pleasure driving, namely, the hackney, is bred in California to any extent ;. for breeders are backward in following the good example set by Mr. John Parrott, who owns the imported four-year-old stallion, Green's Rufus, There seems every prospect of this horse doing well and thereby attracting attention to the breed, and if California does follow the fashion, it will be easier in a few years' time to get a desirable harness horse than it is at present, for it is only what might be called the chance shots among the trotting-bred horses that answer the requirements of carriage people, namely, stylish form and action, with substance

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breeding for true perfection, as far as that is attainable in an imperfect world, has been carried to the highest pitch possible for an immense length of time. Again, in horse-breeding, as in most other things, it is not wise to neglect the imperative demands of fashion. This hard mistress has pronounced in favor of the hackney, and that fact, coupled with his own individual merits, makes him of importance. When the time comes for hackneys to be seen in quantity in the show ring here, then the lovers of a good horse with style and action will have real enjoyment.

The breeding of trotters has dwindled considerably, and the dispersion of the Palo Alto stock,- which is stili going on -has a very depressing effect on the mar

ket. Most of the large breeders have to a proper extent. A success here and been limiting their operations; new men there in the prize ring with trotting-bred rarely come into that branch of the busihorses, where conformation and fine ac- ness, and those who are in it generally tion, added to quality, have been the tests, has caused a good deal of discussion of late in the horse papers in the East, and an unreasonable degree of jealousy has been evidenced in the minds of those who have written as advocates of the trotting horse on every count. Few experienced horsemen are not admirers of the American trotting horse in his best form, but where his kind can take a prize for those attributes which count in the show ring once, the hackney will land the ribbon fifty times. And yet all hackneys are not good,-- there are good and bad in that breed, just as there are in every other. We have to contend with a majority of bad ones, even a mongst thoroughbreds, where



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express themselves as anxious to see their horses. City teamsters complain that way out. There are too many blanks they cannot get big enough horses for in proportion to prizes, and a restricted their loads, and while there is no doubt and declining market has made it next to

they are paying less for ordinary horses impossible to work off those animals than they were a few years ago, they will which fail to show speed when tried.

pay full value for really good heavy horses In the draft horse branch of breeding that suit their work. The position seems work there is less going on than has been to be much the same in other parts of the the case for many years by all accounts, country, so that those breeders who have In fact, many men who are able to guage good stallions and mares and have had the position accurately state that in a

the good judgment not to let their stock of very few years from now the farmers

youngsters run down, may expect better themselves, who have hitherto been rais

things in the future. The Horse Show ing horses to provide for their agricultural Association has so far done its best to requirements, will be forced into the

encourage exhibits of heavy stock, but market as purchasers of animals to re

unless breeders generally patronize the place their worn-out wagon and plow undertaking better than they did at the

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first show, they cannot expect the Asso- A noticeable feature of the horse quesciation to consider them with the same tion in America at the present time is the favor as if the draft horse classes were increasing export trade to Europe in all well filled. The show should be an ex- descriptions of useful animals. Buyers cellent opportunity for selling, if things from England, France, Germany, and were properly worked by the breeders Austria, are constantly in the market, themselves with that view.

their chief point of rendezvous being VOL. xxvi. -50.

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