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34 California Street


Banks and Banking on the Pacific Coast.

.John Finlay..

Illustrated from Sketches by Tebbs, Peixotto, and Boeringer.

Book Reviews:-

American Congress, The (Moore,) 572.

Balfour's The Foundations of Belief, 339.- Balzac's The Two Brothers, 571.-Biochemic System of Medicine, The,

312.- Building, The, of the City Beautiful, (Joaquin Miller,) 218.

Calendar of the Channing Auxiliary, 676.-Captain Horn, (Stockton,) 677.---Chiffon's Marriage, (Gyp,1572.-Clarence,

(Bret Harte,) 675.-Cleopatra, (Ebers,) 111.-Coming, the, of Theodora, 676.-Congress, The American, (Moore,) 572.
Daudet's Fromont Junior and Risler Senior, 158.-Degeneration, (Nordau,) 568.-Doctor Gray's Quest, (Underwood,

458.-Dumas's The Two Dianas, 458.–The Page of the Duke of Savoy, 675.
Errant Wooing, an, (Mrs. Burton Harrison,) 674.
Father Stafford, (Anthony Hope,) 571.- First Napoleon, The, (Ropes, 1 340.-Foundations, The, of Belief, (Balfour,)
339.-Fromont Junior and Risier Senior, (Daud et,! 458.-- From the Memoirs of a Minister of France, (štanley J.

Weyman,) 457.-Funk & Wagnalls' Standard Dictionary, 110.

Golf in America, 111.-Grania, (Lawless.) 572.-Griffis's Townsend Harris, 677.

Hand-book of Cone-Bearers, (Lemmon,) 674.-Harte's (Bret) Clarence, 676.--Harvard College, by an Oxonian, 221.-

Heart of the World, (H. Rider Haggard,) 340.-Hope's (Anthony) Father Stafford, 571.

In the Saddle, 676.-Introduction to English Literature, (Painter,) 341.– Is the Inventive Faculty a Myth ? 456.

Jacob Faithful, (Marryatt.) 677.-Japhet in Search of A Father, (Marryatt), 221.

Lectures Faciles pour l'Étude du Français, 223. – Letters of Celia Thaxter, 571.-Life of Morelli, The, (Millard,) 572.

Life, The, of the Spirit in the Modern English Poets, (Vida D. Scudder,) 220.- Literary shrines, 675,- Little

Daughter, 677.--Little Huguenot, The, (Max Pemberton,! 459.–Little Sister to the Wilderness, A, 221.

Manon Lescaut, (Abbé Prevost,) 572.- Manual of Psychometry, (Dr. Buchanan,) 570.- Marcella, 223.-Mary and

Other Poems, 341.-Meditations in Motley, (Walter Blackburn Harte) 219.- Meredith's Tale of Chloe, 342.--

Mountains of California, The, (John Muir,) 457. – Mystery, The, of Evelyn Delorme, 223.

Napoleon III. and Lady Stuart 340.--Naval Cadet Carlyle's Glove, 223-Nordau's Degeneration, 568.

Out of the East, (Lafcadio Hearn), 218.

Page of the Duke of Savoy, (Dumas,) 675.- Papacy, The, (Hittell,) 110.- Partir á Tirmpo, 223.-Patriot's Day, 222.--

Paul Saint Paul, 342.-Philistine, The, 222. -Poe, Edgar állan, Works of, 457.--Prisoner of Zenda, The, (Anthony

Hope,) 341.

Rending of the Solid South, The, 342.- Report on the Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology, 218.

Santa Barbara at a Glance, 111.-Sant'Ilario, 223.–Senator Intrigue and Inspector Noseby, 222. -Short Life of

Napoleon, 220 Sonya Kovalevsky, 455.-Standard Dictionary of the English Language, 110.-Stockton's Captain

Horn, 677.--Story, A, from Pullmantown, 223.-Story of Bessie Costrell, The, (Mrs. Humphry Ward,) 341.

Tale of Chloe, A, (George Meredith,) 342.-Tan Pile Jim, 111.-Thaxter's (Celia) Letters, 571.-Therapeutic

Sarcogpomy, (Dr. Buchanan,) 570.-Tom Cringle's Log, 220.-To the Golden Goal, 341.-Townsend Harris,

(Griffis,) 677.—Two Brothers, The, (Balzac,) 571.-Two Diapas, The, (Dumas,) 458.

Uncle Remus, (Harris,) 675.—Under the Man-Fig, 218.-Under the Red Flag, (Edward King.) 571.-Unlessoned Girl

An, (Elizabeth Knight Tompkins,) 456.

Watchfires, The, of '76, (Drake,) 220.- Wayne and His Friends, 676. - Works of Edgar Allan Poe, 457.

By Kibesillah..
.......... Victor Shanet .........

Sketches by Tebbs.

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