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Father Stafford, (Anthony Hope,) 571.-First Napoleon, The, (Ropes,) 340.-Foundations, The, of Belief, (Balfour,)

339.-Fromont Junior and Risier Senior, (Daudet,) 458.-From the Memoirs of a Minister of France, (Stanley J.

Weyman,) 457.-Funk & Wagnalls' Standard Dictionary, 110.

Golf in America, 111.-Grania, (Lawless,) 572.-Griffis's Townsend Harris, 677.

Hand-book of Cone-Bearers, (Lemmon,) 674.-Harte's (Bret) Clarence, 676.-Harvard College, by an Oxonian, 221.-

Heart of the World, (H. Rider Haggard,) 340.-Hope's (Anthony) Father Stafford, 571.

In the Saddle, 676.-Introduction to English Literature, (Painter,) 341.-Is the Inventive Faculty a Myth? 456.

Jacob Faithful, (Marryatt,) 677.-Japhet in Search of A Father, (Marryatt), 221.

Lectures Faciles pour l'Étude du Français, 223.-Letters of Celia Thaxter, 571.-Life of Morelli, The, (Millard,) 572.

Life, The, of the Spirit in the Modern English Poets, (Vida D. Scudder,) 220.- Literary Shrines, 675.-Little

Daughter, 677.-Little Huguenot, The, (Max Pemberton,) 459.-Little Sister to the Wilderness, A, 221.

Manon Lescaut, (Abbé Prevost,) 572.-Manual of Psychometry, (Dr. Buchanan,) 570.-Marcella, 223.-Mary and
Other Poems, 341.-Meditations in Motley, (Walter Blackburn Harte,) 219.-Meredith's Tale of Chloe, 342.--
Mountains of California, The, (John Muir,) 457.-Mystery, The, of Evelyn Delorme, 223.

Napoleon III. and Lady Stuart 340.-Naval Cadet Carlyle's Glove, 223-Nordau's Degeneration, 568.

Out of the East, (Lafcadio Hearn), 218.

Page of the Duke of Savoy, (Dumas,) 675.-Papacy, The, (Hittell,) 110.-Partir á Tiempo, 223.-Patriot's Day, 222.--

Paul Saint Paul, 342.-Philistine, The, 222.-Poe, Edgar Allan, Works of, 457.-Prisoner of Zenda, The, (Anthony

Hope,) 341.

Rending of the Solid South, The, 342.-Report on the Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology, 218.

Santa Barbara at a Glance, 111.-Sant' Ilario, 223.-Senator Intrigue and Inspector Noseby, 222.-Short Life of

Napoleon, 220 -Sonya Kovalevsky, 455.-Standard Dictionary of the English Language, 110.-Stockton's Captain

Horn, 677.-Story, A, from Pullmantown, 223.-Story of Bessie Costrell, The, (Mrs. Humphry Ward, ) 341.

Tale of Chloe, A, (George Meredith,) 342.-Tan Pile Jim, 111.-Thaxter's (Celia) Letters, 571.-Therapeutic
Sarcognomy, (Dr. Buchanan,) 570.-Tom Cringle's Log, 220.-To the Golden Goal, 341.-Townsend Harris,
(Griffis,) 677.-Two Brothers, The, (Balzac,) 571.-Two Dianas, The, (Dumas,) 458.

Uncle Remus, (Harris,) 675.-Under the Man-Fig, 218.-Under the Red Flag, (Edward King,) 571.-Unlessoned Girl

An, (Elizabeth Knight Tompkins,) 456.

Watchfires, The, of '76, (Drake,) 220.-Wayne and His Friends, 676.-Works of Edgar Allan Poe, 457.

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...George Edgar French, 1st Lieut. 4th U. S. Infantry........ 32

Chronicles of San Lorenzo. VI. His Next of Kin..................Horace Annesley Vachell.......
Pen Sketches by Boeringer.

Coeur D'Aléne Riots of 1892, The.......
Illustrated from Photos.

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