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Assam, History of the Province of, during the last Fifty Years, Atlantic Weather Charts, 469

Atlantic, Purity of the Air of, 595
Association's "Geometry," the, Prof. Geo. Bruce Halsted, 557 Atlantica, Spolia, 603
Asteroids, Comets and, Prof. Daniel Kirkwood, 474

Atom, Electric Charge on the, A. P. Laurie, 131
Astigmatism in the Eye, Influence of, on Astronomical Observa- Atomic Weights of Elements, 612
tions, Prof. Seeliger, 59

Atmosphäre, Grundzüge einer Theorie der kosmischen Atmo-
Astronomy : Astronomical Theory of the Great Ice Age, W. sphären mit Berücksichtigung der irdischen, 389

H. S. Monck, 7 ; Sir Robert S. Ball, F.R.S., 53; Rev. E. Atmosphere, New Method for Quantitative Estimation of
Hill, 101; Astronomical Refractions, Herr Oppolzer's, 17; Micro-organisms in, Dr. P. F. Frankland, 188
Binary Star y Corona Australis, H. C. Wilson, 17 ; Binary Atmosphere, on the Direct Fixation of the Gaseous Nitrogen of
Star 8 Equulei, 401 ; Temple Observatory, 401 ; Brightness the, by Vegetable Soils, M. Berthelot, 335
and Mass of Binary Stars, W. H. S. Monck, 402; Astro- Atmosphere, Direct Fixation of the Gaseous Nitrogen of the,
nomical Column, 17, 37, 59, 85, 113, 134, 159, 181, 206, 231, 479
257, 282, 307, 329, 352, 377, 401, 424, 445, 474, 496, 546, Atmosphere of B Lyrx, 0. T. Sherman, 451
569, 595, 614; Astronomical Phenomena for the Week, 18, Atmosphere, Movements of the, 479 ; M. Faye, 455
37, 59, 86, 113, 135, 160, 181, 207, 232, 258, 283, 308, 330, Atmospheric Movements in Connection with Colladon and
353, 378, 402, 425, 446, 474, 497, 520, 546, 595, 614 ; Lasne's Cyclonic Theories, 527
Habenicht on the Morphology of the Kosmos, 35; the Atmospheric Oxidation, Note on the Development of Voltaic
Leander McCormick Observatory, 35; New Map of the Electricity by, C. R. Alder Wright, F.R.S., 598
Moon, 58 ; Influence of Astigmatism in the Eye on Astro- Atmospheric Temperature in Germany, 504
nomical Observations, Prof. Seeliger, 59; Gould's Astro- Auk, the, 204
nomical Journal, 59; Ten Years' Progress in Astronomy, Aurora, Prof. F. Hahn, 8; Dr. M. A. Veeder, 54, 126, 272
Prof. C. A. Young, 67, 86, 117; Spectroscopic Method of Aurora Borealis : Display of, at Throndhjem in Norway, 112;
Determining the Distance of a Double Star, A. A. Rambaut, M. S. Lemström, A. M. Clerke, 433; in Northern Sweden,
206; Comet Barnard (1886 f), 207 ; T. W. Backhouse, 443
224 ; Prof. A. Riccò, 296; Discovery of a New Comet Australia : Australian Earthworms, J. J. Fletcher, 95 ; on some
(Barnard 2), 102 ; Comet Barnard (1887 c), Prof. S. Weiss, Further Evidence of Glaciation in the Australian Alps, James
352; Dr. H. Oppenheim, 424; Comet 1887 d (Barnard, Stirling, 182; the Gould Collection of Australian Birds at
February 15), Prof. Boss, 424, 446 ; Names of Minor Planets, Philadelphia, 204; Native Plants of Australia, 205; Baron
207, 402 ; New Minor Planet, Prof. C. H. F. Peters, 282; von Mueller, on the Acacias (Wattles) of, 282 ; Sociology of
Observations of the Minor Planets, 312 ; Minor Planet No. the Australian Races, 357 ; Manual of Physical Geography of
264, 353 ; Minor Planet No. 265, M. Bigourdan, 474 ; New Australia, H. Beresford de la Poer Wall, 389 ; Bee-hives dis-
Minor Planet, Herr Palisa, 425 ; Comet Finlay (1886 e), Dr. covered in a Gigantic Eucalyptus-Tree in, 423; Relief of the
J. Holetschek, 207 ; Meteor, 224 ; Meteor of December 28, Australian Mediterranean, Dr. Otto Kriimmel, 447; Tele-
1886, W. F. Denning, 248 ; the Andromedes, November 27, graphic Determinations of Australian Longitudes, 474; Cata-
1886, P. F. Denza, 231 ; Reduction of the Positions of Close logue of Minerals in the Australian Museum, 485; Australian
Polar Stars from one Epoch to another, Prof. W. A. Rogers Rabbit, 569
and Miss Anna Winlock, 231 ; Six Inner Satellites of Saturn, Aus ralasian Association for the Advancement of Science, 228
Prof. Asaph Hall, 257 ; Stellar Parallax, Prof. Asaph Hall, Austria, Ice Cavern in, Discovery of, 17
258; Bright Lines in Stellar Spectra, O. T. Sherman, 378 ; | Autographometer, Floran de Villepigne, 444
Astronomical Prizes of the Paris Academy of Sciences, 258 ; Autumnal Flowering, Dr. Maxwell T. Masters, u
Madras Observatory, Mr. Pogson, 282 ; New Method for the Avifauna of the Western Spur of the Pamir Plateau, V. Bianchi,
Determination of the Constant of Aberration, M. Lowy, 282, 328
424, 431 ; M. Houzeau, 377; New Variables in Cygnus, Dr. Awaruite, Oktibehite or, Dr. Jas. Hector, F.R.S., 513
Gould, 282 ; New Variables, S. C. Chandler, 307 ; the New Axolotl, the, in sicco, 16
Algol-Type Variable, Mr. Chandler, 329; Gore's Variable near Ayrton (Prof. W. E.) and Prof. John Perry, Experiment to show
x' Orionis, Dr. G. Miller, 329 ; Probable New Variable, 402; that Capacity varies inversely as a Thickness of the Dielectric,
Three New Comets, 307 ; Washington Observatory, 308; 526 ; Note on Magnetic Resistance, 526 ; Practical Electricity,
Revue Mensuelle d'Astronomie populaire de Météorologie, et 601
de Physique du Globe, 310 ; Photography the Servant of Astro- Azines, New Method of producing, 384
nomy, Edward S. Holden, 317 ; Progress of Astronomical
Photography, 321 ; the Southern Comet, 329, 438 ; a Short
Method for Computing Refractions, M. Schaeberle, 329 ; Babington (Dr. Churchill), Birds of Suffolk, 193
Celestial Motions, W. T. Lynn, 350 ; Comet Brooks (18876), Bacillus, Luminous, 383
Dr. Rud. Spitaler, 352, 424, 496 ; Minor Planet No. 262, 497 ; Bacillus, Swamp Fever and, 405
Harvard College Observatory, 497; Mr. Peek's Report on Backhouse (T. W.), Barnard's Comet, 54, 224
Rousdon Observatory, 353 : Application of Photography to Backlund (Herr), Mass of Mercury, 85
the Determination of Stellar Parallax, Prof. Pritchard, 377; Bacteria, on Staining, 404
Alleged Ancient Red Colour of Sirius, Mr. Lynn, 378; Baert (Lieut.), Journey up the Mongalla, 446
Observations of Variable Stars in 1885, Edward Sawyer, Baginski (Dr. A.), Acetonuria in Children, 551
378 ; Note on the Origin of Comets, 381 ; Harvard College Bagshot Beds of the London Basin, Physical History of, Rev.
Observatory, Prof. Pickering, 424 ; Solar Activity in 1886, A. Irving, 382
Prof. Tacchini, 445; Warner Observatory, Lewis Swift, 446; Bahamas, a Balanoglossus Larva from the, W. F. R. Weldon,
Tails of the Comets of 1886, Prof. Th. Bredichin, 474 ; 477
Comets and Asteroids, Prof. Daniel Kirkwood, 474 ; Paris Bailey (E. H. S.), and Edward L. Nichols, the Sense of Smell,
Astronomical Congress, 584; Homeric Astronomy, A. M. 74
Clerke, 585, 607; U.S. Naval Observatory, 595 ; Researches Bailey-Denton (T.), Ten Years' Experience in Works of Inter-
on the Sun's Diameter, Prof. Di Legge, 595 ; Liverpool mittent Downward Filtration, 195
Astronomical Society, 402 ; Telegraphic Determination of Baird's (Prof.) Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution,
Australian Longitudes, 474 ; Researches on the Diameter of 372
the Sun, Herr Auwers, 496 ; the Parallax of 3 1516, M. (. Baker (J. G.), Flora of Leicestershire including the Crypłogams,
Struve, 546 ; Baron D'Engelhardt's Observatory, 546 ; New 411
Red Star, 546 ; Orbit of the Binary Star 14 (1) Orionis, J. E. Baku, Outburst of Natural Naphtha Fountain at, 352
Gore, 569; Washington Observatory, Capt. R. L. Phythian, Balanoglossus Larva from the Bahamas, a, W. F. R. Weldon,
569 ; Names of Minor Planets, 569; Barnard's First and 477
Second Comets 1887, 614; Probable; Re-discovery of Hesperia, Baldness in the United States, 595
614 ; Ellipticity of Uranus, 614; Washington' Observatory, Balfour (Prof. Bayley): Botanical Lecture Experiment, 126;
614 ; Paris Conference, 614

Ginger-Beer Plant, 358
Atkinson (W. N. and J. B.), Explosions in Coal-Mines, Prof. Ball (John, F.R.S.), Notes of a Naturalist in South America,
T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., I

529, 553

Ball (Sir Robert S., F.R.S.), Astronomical Theory of the Great Berlin : Academy of Sciences, Grants for Zoological Research,
Ice Age, 53

473 ; Proceedings of Anthropological Society, 496 : Chemical
Ballistic Galvanometer and Earth Inductor, Determination of Society of, 552; Opening of Ethnological Society, 180 ;

Coefficients of Mutual Induction by means of the, R. H. M. Geographical Society, 60; Verhandlungen of the, 520 ;
Bosanquet, 478

Meteorological Society of, 24, 71, 360, 455 ; Physical Society
Ballooning, War and, Eric S. Bruce, 259

of, 24, 72, 264, 336, 408, 432, 456, 552, 600 ; Physiological
Banbury, Remarkable Meteor near, 58

Society, 264, 383, 455, 480, 504, 551, 576
Bareggi (Dr.), Experiment on Rabies, 422

Bert (Paul) : Obituary Notice of, 54 ; Proposed Memorial of, 84 ;
Barley, Examination of Specimens of Injured, Miss Ormerod's First Year of Scientific Knowledge, 221; One of his Last
Observations on, 256

Letters, 255
Barnaby (Sir Nathaniel), on the Connexion between the Royal Berthelot (M.): on Ammoniaco-Magnesian Phosphate, 119; on
Navy and the Merchant Service, 538

the Direct Fixation of the Gaseous Nitrogen of the Atmosphere
Barnard, Comets, 59; T. W. Backhouse, 54, 224; Prof. by Vegetable Soils, 335

Cacciatore, 181; Dr. Wentworth Erck, 198 ; at Perihelion, Berthelot and André, the Decomposition of Bicarbonate of Am-
Prof. A. Riccò, 296 ; Comet (1886 f), 207 ; Dr. Oppenheim, monia by Water, and Diffusion of its Components through
85; Dr. Aug. Svedstrup, 134 ; Comet (1887 c), Prof. E. Atmosphere, 23
Weiss, 352; Dr. H. Oppenheim, 424 ; Comet (1887 d), Prof. Bialoveski (A.), Ice-Period on the Altai Range, 513
Boss, 424, 446; (Barnard 2), Discovery of a New Comet, Bianchi (V.), the Avifauna of the Western Spurs of the Pamir
402 ; Second Comet, John I. Plummer on, 583 ; Barnard's Plateau, 328
First and Second Comets 1887, 614

Bicarbonate of Soda, Production of, 624
Barnard and Finlay, Comets, 17

Bichloride of Copper, Combination of Orthotoluidine and, 383
Barograph, Dr. Sprung, 456

Bichromate of Soda Cell, 381
Barometer, on the Determination of the Air in the Vacuum of Bicycles and Tricycles for the Year 1886, H. H. Griffen, 52
the, Dr. Pernet, 72

Bidwell (Shelford): Electrical Resistance of Suspended Copper
Barometer free of Air, New Method of Filling, 432

and Iron Wires, 526; Lecture Experiment in Self-Induction,
Barometers, Comparison of, Dr. Pernet, 600

Barometric Readings, Low, Henry F. Blanford, 344

Bigourdan (M.), Minor Planet No. 265, 474
Barometric Readings, Influence of Wind on, Prof. Cleveland Bilobites, Striated, 407
Abbe, 29; G. J. Symonds, F.R.S., 53

Binary Stars : 9 Coronæ Australis, H. C. Wilson, 17; 8 Equulei,
Barrett (Prof. W. F.), Physical Properties of Manganese Steel, 401 ; Orbit of the Binary Star 14 (1) Orionis, J. E. Gore,

569 ; Brightness and Mass of Binary Stars, W. H. S. Monck,
Batavia, Zoological Station at, 376

Bateson (Anna) and Prof. Francis Darwin, F.R.S., on the Biology : Proposed Biological Societies for London and Liver-
Effect of certain Stimuli on Vegetable Tissues, 429

pool, 180; W. Baldwin Spencer appointed to the Melbourne
Bathy-orographical Chart of the Clyde Sea-Area, 334

University Chair of, 280 ; General Biology, W. T. Sedgwick
Batten (Dr. Rayner W.), Physical Training of Girls, 495

and Edmund B. Wilson, 413; Injurious Fungi in California,
Battery, Water, Henry A. Rowland, 452

521 ; Fertilisation of Cassia marilandica, 521; Variations in
Bauxite Deposits in the South-East of France, on the Age of the Nerve-Supply of the Lumbricales Muscles in the Hand
the, 383; M. L. Collot, 288

and Foot, with some Observations on the Perforating Flexors,
Beam-Trawling, Fishery Board of Scotland and, 257

521 ; Biological Notes, 521; Elementary Practical Biology-
Beaumont (W. Worby), Sounding a Crater, Fusion-Points, Vegetable, Thos. W. Shore, 556
Pyrometers, and Seismometers, 296

Birch (G. J.), on a Perspective Microscope, 358
Beaver stated to be extinct in Northern Norway, 112

Bird (Charles), Lecture Notes and Problems on Sound, Light,
Beckley (Mrs. E. M.), Hawaiian Fishing-Implements and and Heat, 52
Methods of Fishing, 327

Birds : Siberian, presented by Mr. Seebohm to Natural History
Béclard (Prof.), Statistics of the Number of Female Medical Museum, 15: Dispersion of Plants by Birds, D. Morris, 151 ;
Students in Paris, 306 ; Death of, 375

Birds of Suffolk, Dr. Churchill Babington, 193 ; the Gould
Becquerel (Edmond), Action of Manganese on Phosphorescent Collection of Australian Birds at Philadelphia, 204 ; the Birds
Quality of Carbonate of Lime, 168

of Central Asia, 204; Types of Birds in the Vienna Natural
Beds of Chert in the Carboniferous Limestone of Yorkshire, on History Museum, 204 ; Arctic Species of, Henry Seebohm
the Character of the, Geo. J. Hinde, 582

on, 256 ; Morphology of, Prof. W. K. Parker, F.R.S., 331 ;
Bee, Cell of the Honey-, Geometrical Construction, Prof. H. Mechanism of the Flight of Birds, studied by Chrono.
Hennessy, F.R.S., 502

photography, M. Marey, 335 ; Morphology of the Wings of,
Bee-hives discovered in a Gigantic Eucalyptus-Tree in Australia, 599 ; Movement of a Bird's Wing, represented according

to the Three Dimensions of Space, M. Marey, 382 ; Birds’
Beeby (W. H.), Flora of Shetland, 474

Nests and Eggs, H. Seebohm, 236
Beetle in Motion, the, 29 ; Prof. C. Lloyd Morgan, 7; A. Birmingham, Mason Science College, 494
Wilkins, 414

Birnbaum (Dr.), Death of, 444
Beetroot, on the Destruction of Nematodes, 455

Birth-rate, on the Decline of, in France, 357
Beetroot-Sugar, Production of, in the U.S., 351

Bischoffsheim Observatory, the Great Refracting Telescope of
Begonia Veitchii, Abnormal, 430

the, 84
Beira Alta, Earthquake in District of, 59

Bishop's Ring in Colorado, Disappearance of, G. H. Stone,
Belgium, Ornithological Observations in, 423

Bell (Louis), on the Absolute Wave-length of Light, 524 Black (Dr. W. J.), Ozone Papers in Towns, 76
Belladonna and Opium, Action of, in a Case of Acute Diabetes, Blake (Dr. James), on the Connexion between Chemical Con.

stitution and Physiological Action, 6
Bengal, Eastern, Letters on Sport in, Frank B. Simson, 388 Blanford (Henry F.), Low Barometric Readings, 344
Bengalis, Use of, in the Geological Survey of India, H. B. Blaschko (Dr.), Structure of the Epidermis, 551
Medlicott, 472

Blastoidea, the, Robert Etheridge and P. Herbert Carpenter,
Ben Nevis Observatory, 517; Amount of the Rainfall at, 257 ; 267
Rainband Observations at the, A. Rankin, 588

Blight and Mildew on Fruit in the U.S., 422
Benn (T. G.), the Climate of Carlisle, 95

Blomefield (L.), Vitality of Seeds, 463
Bennett (Alfred W.), Genetic Affinities and Classification of the Blood, Influence of Extremes of Temperature on the Colour of
Algæ, 478

the, 576
Bentham (Geo., F.R.S.), Hand-book of the British Flora, 341 Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, U.S., 472
Bentley (Prof.), Manual of Botany, 350

Boas (Dr. Franz), Indian Tribes of British Columbia, 568
Benzenoid Compounds, Henry Armstrong, F.R.S., 407

Boehmer (G. H.), Norse Naval Architecture, 445
Bérésofsky (M.), MM. Potanin, Skassy, and, Return of, from Bohemia, Nationalities of, 518
their Expedition to China and Mongolia, 309

Boileau (Major-Gen. J. T., F.R.S.), Death of, 57, 84 ; Proposed
Beri-beri, the Disease, 206

Memorial to, 84

Bois (H. du), Earthquakes, 8

British International Polar Expeditions, 147
Bolivia, Thouar's Exploration of, 231

British Islands, Coleoptera of ihe, Rev. W. W. Fowler, 531
Bollettino of the Italian Geographical Society, 403, 446

British Medical Journal, Dr. Rayner W. Batten on Physical
Bolton (Sir Francis), Death of, 255

Training of Girls, 495
Bolton (Thomas), Civil List Pension to, 204

British Museum, Catalogue of Fossil Mammalia in the, Rich.
Bombay, Technical School at, 206

Lydekker, 532
Bonney (Prof. T. G., F.R.S.): Volcanic Dust from New Zealand, British Stalk-eyed Crustacea and Spiders, F. A. A. Skuse, 532

56 ; Volcanic Eruption in Niua-Fu Friendly Islands, 127; Brittany, Notes on the Structure and Relations of some of the
Notes on the Structure and Relations of some of the Older Older Rocks of, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 550
Rocks of Brittany, 550 ; Oldhamia, 581

Broeck (E. Van den) and A. Rutot, Observations nouvelles
Börnstein (Prof.), Investigations into Thunderstorms of July sur le Tufeau de Ciply and sur le Crétacé supérieur du
1884, 24

Hainault, 317
Borodin (M. Alexander), Death of, 473

Brooks, Comet (1887 b), Dr. Rud. Spitaler, 352, 424, 496
Borzi, (Prof. A.), Nostoc ellipsos porum, 594

Brouardel (M. J.), elected Dean by the Medical School of Paris,
Bosanquet (R. H. M.), Determination of Coefficients of Mutual

Induction, by means of the Ballistic Galvanometer and Earth Brown (J.), Theory of Voltaic Action, 142
Inductor, 478

Brown (J. Allen), Discovery of Paläolithic Workshop Floor of
Boscovich (Father), Centenary of the Death of, 375

Drift Period near Ealing, 189; Paläolithic Man in North-
Boss (Prof.), Comet 1887 d (Barnard, February 15), 424, 446

West Middlesex, 554
Botary : Unpublished Drawings by G. J. Camelli, 34 ; British Brown-Séquard (Dr.), Experimental Researches connected with

Fungi, Hymenomycetes, Rev. John Stevenson, 4; Autumnal Cerebral Functions, 47 ; elected President of the Society of
Flowering, Dr. Maxwell T. Masters, II; Botanical Lecture Biology, Paris, 544
Experiment, Prof. Bayley Balfour, 126; Rogeria longiflora, 158 ; Bruce (Eric S.), War and Ballooning, 259
Entyloma Ranunculi, Prof. H. M. Ward, 166 ; Hermann's Brunton (T. Lauder, M.D.,F.R.S.): Action of Caffein and Theine
“Ceylon Herbarium ” and Linnæus's “ Flora Zeylanica,” Dr. upon Voluntary Muscle, 599 ; and J. Theodore Cash, Con-
H. Trimen, 166 ; Narcissi, G. Maw, 166; Botany of the tributions to our Knowledge of the Connexion between
Afghan Delimitation Commission, W. Botting Hemsley, 173; Chemical Constitution and Physiological Action, Preliminary
the Honzo Dsufu work on Botany, 204 ; Native Plants of Communication on the Action of certain Aromatic Bodies,
South Australia, 205 ; Botanical Federation in the West 599
Indies, D. Morris, 248 ; Baron von Mueller on the Acacias Brushes, on Two Jade-handled, Prof. J.P. O'Reilly, 318
(Wattles) of Australia, 282; Hand-book of the British Flora, Brydges (Rev. Thos.), Curious Subdivision of Colour among the
Geo. Bentham, F.R.S., 341 ; the Crocus, Geo. Maw, People of Onisin, 283
348; Manual of Botany, Prof. Bentley, 350 ; Report on the Buchanan (J. Y.): Similarities in the Physical Geography of the
Botanical Garden, Saharunpur, Mr. Duthie, 356 ; Botanical Great Oceans, 33, 76 ; on the Distribution of the Tempera-
Discoveries in the Tombs of Egypt, 405 ; Blight and Mildew ture in the Antarctic Ocean, 516; on Ice and Brines, 608
in the U.S., 422 ; Begonia Veitchii abnormal, 430 ; Lemons Buckland Museum, Fish-Hatching at, 400
irregularly developed, 430 ; Primula imperialis, 430 ; Wild Buckton (G. B., F.R.S.), Notes on the Recent Swarming of
White Daffodil, 430 ; Addition of a Commercial Laboratory Aphides, 15
to the Botanical Museum of Hamburg, 473; Dr. Urban's Budden (Dr. E.), To prove that only One Parallel can be
Proposed Botanical Investigation of the Higher Mountains of drawn from a given Point to a given Straight Line, 92;
St. Domingo, 494 ; Thos. Moore's Botanical Collections Prof. O. Henrici, F.R.S., 100
acquired for the Herbarium, Kew Gardens, 495 ; on some Ob. Buildings Bill, Sanitary Registration of, 282
servations on Palæobotany in Goebel's “ Outlines of Classifica- Bulletin de l'Académie des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg, 286,
tion and Special Morphology of Plants,” Prof. W. C. William-

310, 356
son, F.R.S., 535 ; Botanic Garden of Glasgow, 545 ; Hand- Bulletin of the Belgian Natural History Museum, 423
book of Practical Botany for the Botanical Laboratory and Bulletin de l'Académie Royale de Belgique, 404
Private Student, Prof. E. Strasburger, 556 ; on the Term

Bulletin of the Paris Geographical Society, 353
“ Latex" in, M. A. Trécul, 600

Bulletins de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris, 286
Bouinais (A.) and A. Paulus, La France en Indo-Chine, Bulletins des Sciences Mathématiques, 452

Bunge (Dr.), Success of his Expedition, 309
Bourgeois (M. L.), Preparation of a Silicostannate of Lime Burch (Dr. Geo. J.), Further Experiments on Flame, 165
corresponding to Sphene, 335

Burgess (William), Red Worm, 445
Bourne (G. C.), Anatomy of the Madreporian Coral Fungia, Burmah, Lower and Upper, Resources of, 378

Butler (Philip J.), Lung-Sick, 54.
Boys (C. Vernon): Preliminary Note on the Radio-Micrometer, Butterflies of India, Lionel de Niceville, H. J. Elwes, 436

549 ; on the Production, Preparation, and Properties of the

Finest Fibres, 575
Brain : Prof. T. Jeffery Parker, 208 ; on the Nomenclature of

the, Dr. _Wilder, 255; Functional Topography of the, Prof. Cacciatore (Prof.), Barnard's Comet, 181
Ferrier, F.R.S., 453

Caddy (Mrs. Florence), Through the Fields with Linnæus, 579
Braun (Dr. C.): Kalocsa Observatory, 59 ; Sunspot Observations Cadmium, Chloride of, 551
in Hungary, A. M. Clerke, 227

Cæcilians, Classification of the, 280
Brazil : Longitudes in, Admiral É. Mouchez, 100 ; the Birds of, Caffein, Action of, and Theine upon Voluntary Muscle, T.

Lauder Brunton, F.R.S., 599
Bredichin (Prof. Th.), Tails of the Comets of 1886, 474

Cairo : Earthquake at, 112 ; Walks in, Major E. T. Plunkett,
Bright (Sir Chas. T.), Electric Telegraph, 282

Brines, on Ice and, J. Y. Buchanan, 608

Calcium, Phosphorescence of the Sulphuret of, 455
Bristol University College, Reduction of the Salaries of the Caldwell (W. H.), Embryology of Monotremata and Marsu-
Professors, 326 ; Albert Fry on, 345

pialia, 524
Britain, Natural History, its Rise and Progress in, Prof. Alleyne Calendar and General Directory of the Science and Art Depart.
Nicholson, 148

ment, 320
Britain, South-East, on the Establishment of the Roman Calico-Printing, the Palissy of, the Life and Labours of John
Dominion in, Sir G. B. Airy, F.R.S., 562

Mercer, F.R.S., Edward A. Parnell, Prof. T. E. Thorpe,
British Association and Local Scientific Societies, 78 ; Principal F.R.S., 145
Officers for the Manchester Meeting, 471

California : Injurious Fungi in, Prof. W. G. Farlow, 521;
British Columbia, Indian Tribes of, Dr. Franz Boas, 568

Floods in Southern, 376; Aboriginal Art in California and
British Flora, Hand-book of the, Geo. Bentham, F.R.S., 341 Queen Charlotte's Island, Dr. W. J. Hoffman, 285
British Fossils, Catalogue of, Prof. Morris's, 158

Calorimetric Bomb and Measurement of Heats of Combustion,
British Fungi, Hymenomycetes, Rev. John Stevenson, 4

British Fungi, Text-book of, W. D. Hay, 364

Calorimetric Studies on Sick Children, 528




Date, 517

Cambridge: Pnlosophical Society, 167, 454 ; Cholera Fungus, Cerebral Localisation, Prof. E. A. Schäfer, F.R.S., 438, 464

Dr. E. Klein, F.R.S., 171, 295; Chas. Roy, 223 ; Walter Ceylon : Tea-Planting in, T. C. Owen, 268; the Veddas of,
Gardiner, 271, 319; George Massee, 319; Edgar Crook: 205
shank, 344 ; on the Earlier Tripos of the University of Cam Chætopoda of the Firth of Forth, 544
bridge, Sir G. B. Airy, F.R.S., 397 ; University Local Chaitaujon (M.), Exploration of the Orinoco, 446

Examination Report, 494 ; University Local Lectures, 544 Chagos Archipelago Birds, Dr. Otto Finsch, 497
Camelidæ, the Phylogeny of the, 568

Chalande (M. J.), Respiration in Myriapods, 288
Camelli (G. J.), his Collection of Drawings of Plants, 34 Chaldæa, Metals and Minerals from, 359
Cameron (William), Death of, 180

Chaleur rayonnante, Sur une nouvelle Méthode de faire des
Cameron (Capt.), Lecture on Urua, 259

Mesures absolues de la, Knut Ångström, 580
Cameroons Territory, Estimate of the Native Population in the, Chalk beneath the London Clay of the London Basin, on the

Water in the, Robert B. Hayward, F.R.S., 335
Canadian Plants, Catalogue of, Prof. J. Macoun, 350

Challenger Expedition : Zoological Results of the, 49 ; Report
Canadian Species, Hand-book of Zoology, with Examples from, of the Scientific Results of the Exploring Voyage of the, 351
Sir J. W. Dawson, F.R.S., 295

Chancourtois (M.), Death of, 57
Canal and River Engineering, David Stevenson, Major Allan Chandler (S. C.): New Variables, 307; the New Algol-Type
Cunningham, 169

Variable, 329
Cannibalism and its Prevalence in Ancient and Modern Times, Charleston Earthquake : Report on the, Prof. T. C. Mendenhall,
Richard Andree, 350

31 ; Influence upon the Health of the Inhabitants, 281 ; Capt.
Canoe, Discovery of a Prehistoric, 423

Dutton's Report on, 351
Capacity, Specific Inductive, Note on, John Hopkinson, F.R.S., | Charts, Atlantic Weather, 469

Chauveau (A.), Action of Glycose in Development of Animal
Cape Boxwood, 444

Heat, 291
Cape Horn, Temperature off, 568

Chelonian Reptile, Preliminary Note on the Fossil Remains of
Carbon, on the Action of the Chloride of, on the Anhydrous a Ceratochelys sthenurus, from Lord Howe's Island, Australia,
Oxides, M. Eug. Demarçay, 288

Prof. Thos. H. Iluxley, F.R.S., 615
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Chemistry : Chemical Constitution and Physiological Action,
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