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fiscal year ended June 30, 1959.--

Part 1. Distribution by months.

Part 2. Purpose of registration and type of security

Part 3. Purpose of registration and industry of registrant.

Part 4. Use of proceeds and industry of registrant.--






Table 3. New securities offered for cash sale in the United States, 1934-58

and by months January 1958-June 1959...

Part 1. Type of offering--

Part 2. Type of security...

Part 3. Type of issuer.-

Part 4. Private placement of corporate securities ..

Table 4. Proposed uses of net proceeds from the sale of new corporate secu-

rities offered for cash in the United States, 1934–58 and by

months January 1958-June 1959.

Part 1. All corporate.

Part 2. Manufacturing-

Part 3. Extractive...

Part 4.. Electric, gas and water..

Part 5. Railroad..

Part 6. Transportation other than railroad.

Part 7. Communication --

Part 8. Financial and real estate.--

Part 9. Commercial and miscellaneous.

Table 5. A summary of corporate securities publicly offered and privately

placed in each year from 1934 through June 1959.---

Table 6. Notifications filed pursuant to Regulation A under the Securities

Act of 1933 for the fiscal years 1935–59.

Table 7. Suspension orders issued pursuant to Regulations A and D under

the Securities Act of 1933 during the fiscal year 1959.-

Table 8. Brokers and dealers registered under the Securities Exchange Act

of 1934- effective registrations as of June 30, 1959, classified by

type of organization and by location of principal office.------

Table 9. Number of stock and bond issues listed and registered on na-

tional securities exchanges and the number of issuers involved

as of the close of each fiscal year, 1936 through 1959.-

Table 10. Number of issuers listing and registering securities for the first

time on a national securities exchange and the number of issuers

as to which the registration of all securities was terminated

during the fiscal years 1936 through 1959-----

Table 11. Number of issuers and security issues on exchanges, as of June

30, 1959.--

Part 1. Number of issuers and security issues on exchanges.

Part 2. Number of stock and bond issues.-

Table 12. Unlisted stocks on securities exchanges..

Part 1. Number of stocks on the exchanges in the various categories

as of June 30, 1959.--.

Part 2. Unlisted share volume on the exchanges-calendar year 1958.-

Table 13. Dollar volume and share volume of sales effected on securities

exchanges in the 12-month period ended December 31,1958

and the 6-month period ended June 30, 1959---

Table 14. Block distributions, 1942–58...

Table 15. Comparative share sales and dollar volume on exchanges, 1935–

58 and 6 months to June 30, 1959---

Table 16. Number of proxy statements filed under Regulation 14, the num-

ber that included stockholder proposals under Rule 14a-8, the

number of such proposals, and the net number of stockholders

whose proposals were included, fiscal years 1939–59.-

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