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art of reporting for several years subsequent, that sketches only of the debates were preserved by the reporters.

In the selection of the Speeches in Congress, two objects have directed the Compiler in his choice-the eloquence of the productions, and the importance of the subjects of discussion; and as far as practicable, he has given preference to those which unite both these qualities. He has endeavored, without regard to the political parties which have existed, to make the selection in such manner as to furnish a view of the most important subjects which have engaged the deliberations of Congress. Several speeches, originally reported in the third person, have been changed to the first with as little alteration in the phraseology as possible.

In Forensic Eloquence, great excellence has been attained in this country; but most of the efforts in this department have passed away with the occasions which gave them birth, or exist only in the recollections of those who heard them.

In the prosecution of his undertaking, the Compiler has applied to every source from which he could expect to derive aid; and takes this opportunity to acknowledge his great obligations to numerous gentlemen, from whom he has received valuable assistance. He still is sensible that, notwithstanding his exertions to render the collection as perfect as possi

ble, it is not improbable that the sin of omission' may be justly laid to his charge.

But when it is considered how various and extensive are the materials from which the compilation has been made, he feels confident that due allowance will be made for any errors of this kind into which he may have fallen.

Nov. 13, 1827.

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