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Página 240 - Cata Francia, Montesinos, Cata Paris, la ciudad, Cata las aguas de Duero Do van a dar en la mar."* I say to you, observe these rich lands, and know well what to do.
Página 224 - In this story, too, he is spoken of as having been arrested, as having escaped, and as having taken refuge in a sanctuary. According to this account, also, he is made out to have papers upon him which told against Velazquez.
Página 265 - Vista la discordia y desconformidad de los unos y de los otros, no hube poco placer, porque me pareció hacer mucho a mi propósito, y que podría tener manera de más aína sojuzgarlos...
Página 455 - Eat of the flesh of these teules, and of your brothers, for we are quite satiated with it ; and, look you, for the houses you have pulled down, we shall have to make you build in their place much better ones with 1 BERNAL DIAZ, cap.
Página 125 - By night, sweet odours, varying with every hour of the watch, were wafted from the shore to the vessel lying near ; and the forest trees, brought together by the serpent tracery of myriads of strange parasitical plants, might well seem to the fancy like some great design of building, over which the lofty palms, a forest upon a forest, appeared to present a new order of architecture.
Página 299 - ... elevation above the surface of the water. These were the first fields which the Mexicans owned after the foundation of Mexico ; there they first cultivated the maize, great pepper, and other plants, necessary for their support. In progress of time, as those fields grew numerous (eccessivamente moltiplicati, orig.) from the industry of those people, there were among them gardens of flowers and odoriferous plants, which were employed in the worship of their gods, and served for the recreation of...
Página 104 - Esta gente, como ya dije, son todos de muy linda estatura, altos de cuerpo e de muy lindos gestos, los cabellos muy largos e llanos, y traen las cabezas atadas con unos pañuelos labrados, como ya dije, hermosos, que parecen de lejos de seda y almaizares; otro traen ceñido más largo que se cobijan con él en lugar de pañetes, ansí hombres como mujeres.
Página 14 - Whether they thought they were coming to some festival, or that they were to do something more for the great house, does not appear. However, there they all were, four hundred of them, looking with much delight at their own handiwork. Meanwhile, Juan Bono brought his men round the building, with drawn swords in their hands ; then, having thoroughly entrapped his Indian friends, he entered with a party of armed men, and bade the Indians keep still, or he would kill them. They did not listen to him,...
Página 265 - Omne regnum in se ipsum divisum desolabitur; y con los unos y con los otros maneaba ya cada uno en secreto le agradecía el aviso que me daba, y le daba crédito de más amistad que al otro.
Página 102 - Gracia, he was at the base of the earthly Paradise. He also, upon reflection, concluded that it was a continent which he had discovered, the same continent of the east which he had always been in search of; and that the waters, which we now know to be a branch of the river Orinoco, formed one of the four great rivers which descended from the garden of Paradise.

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