Nordeutsche Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche: aus Meklenburg, Pommern, der Mark, Sachsen, Thürigen, Braunschweig, Hannover, Oldenburg und Westfalen

F. A. Brockhaus, 1848 - 560 páginas

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Página 478 - The old family of the Grahams of Morphie was in former times very powerful, but at length they sunk in fortune, and finally the original male line became extinct. Among the old women of the Mearns, their decay is attributed to a supernatural cause. When one of the lairds, say they, built the old castle, he secured the assistance of the waterkelpy or river-horse, by the accredited means of throwing a pair of branks over his head. He then compelled the robust spirit to carry prodigious loads of stones...
Página 513 - ... or limit, on the one hand: that of the bachelors was to drown it, or dip it three times in a deep place in the river, the limit on the other : the party who could effect either of these objects won the game ; if neither one, the ball was cut into equal parts at sunset.
Página 491 - It was till lately believed by the ploughmen of Clydesdale, that if they repeated the rhyme Fairy, fairy, bake me a bannock and roast me a collop, And I'll gie ye a spurtle off my gadend ! three several times on turning their cattle at the terminations of ridges, they would find the said fare prepared for them on reaching the end of the fourth furrow.
Página 474 - The martial spirit of our ancestors led them to defy these aerial warriors ; and it is still currently believed, that he who has courage to rush upon a fairy festival, and snatch from them their drinking cup or horn, shall find it prove to him a cornucopia of good fortune, if he can bear it in safety across a running stream.
Página 517 - ... draw the reaping and binding of the field together with the close of the evening ; this done, a small sheaf is bound up and set upon the top of one of the ridges, when the reapers retiring to a certain distance, each throws his reap-hook at the sheaf until one more fortunate, or less inebriated than the rest, strikes it down. This achievement is accompanied with the utmost stretch and power of the voices of the company, uttering words very indistinctly, but somewhat to this purpose...
Página 494 - At length he suddenly appeared before the fair building, accompanied by a violent storm of wind and rain, which stripped the surrounding trees of their leaves, and shut the castle gates with a loud clash. But while this tempest was raging on all sides, it was observed that, close by the spot where Thomas stood, there was not wind enough to shake a pile of grass or move a hair of his beard. He denounced his wrath in the following lines: Fyvie, Fyvie...
Página 513 - ... unless it was wrested from him by the other party, but no person was allowed to kick it. The object of the married men was to hang it...
Página 513 - Easterday ; then taking the ball in his left hand, he commenced a dance to the tune, others of the clergy dancing round, hand in hand. At intervals the ball was handed or tossed by the dean to each of the choristers, the organ playing according to the dance and sport : at the conclusion of the anthem and dance, they went and took refreshment.
Página 474 - A goblet is still carefully preserved in Edenhall, Cumberland, which is supposed to have been seized at a banquet of the elves, by one of the ancient family of Musgrave ; or, as others say, by one of their domestics, iii the manner above described. The Fairy train vanished, crying aloud, " If this glass do break or fall, Farewell the luck of Edenhall I...
Página 518 - I have often been admonished, by the "good old folks," never to eat these berries after Michaelmas day ; because the arch-fiend was sure to pass his " cloven foot

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