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in criminal cases; then, the statute 7 & 8 Geo. 4, c. 31, relative to actions and other proceedings against the hundred; and lastly, the stat. 7 & 8 Geo. 4, c. 27, which repeals the several statutes, for which the provisions of the above statutes have been substituted. I have not, however, in any instance, altered the arrangement of the sections of these statutes, but have given them in the order and words of the statutes respectively; and after each section I have given the necessary forms of indictments, &c. for the offences defined by it, and the evidence necessary to support them. This, I conceive to be the simplest mode of arrangement I could have adopted. I might indeed have given the whole a more logical and technical arrangement, but at the expense of displacing the different sections of each statute, and of probably rendering the relation of each section to the others of the same statute uncertain.

In preparing this work for publication, I have not availed myself of any matter contained in the work already published by me on the Pleas of the Crown. This work is probably familiar to my Readers, and they can readily refer to it, if necessary, for the cases of construction decided upon the repealed statutes; I have found, in the Crown Cases published since the last edition of that work, namely, the reports of Messrs. Russell and Ryan, and Ryan and Moody, abundantly sufficient for my present I at one time entertained the idea of


embodying the matter of the present work in the work to which I have just now alluded; but I found it impracticable: indeed, the very size of this work will at once show the impossibility of ingrafting it upon the other.

As to the manner in which I have executed the present work, I shall only say, that I have endeavoured to render it deserving of the same approbation the profession have so kindly conferred upon my other professional works. If it meet with the same favourable reception they have experienced, I shall have very sufficient reason to be satisfied.

J. F. A.

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