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Rosalie G.

Crítica de los usuarios  - rosalie g. -

This book has given me a wakeup call of all I need to provide my future husband so he feels loved needed and fulfilled. Leer comentario completo

Great product fast shipping

Crítica de los usuarios  - jenptsai -

I received the product quickly and without problems. I have not read the book yet but have heard great things about it. Leer comentario completo

Proper Care and Feeding

Crítica de los usuarios  - ldvia -

Amazing. I wish it had been required reading before I got married. Its a great book to read alone or with your spouse. Ive been giving it as gifts to friends who cant thank me enough. Dr. Laura gives wonderful insight on how to have a successful and happy marriage. Leer comentario completo

Great Book

Crítica de los usuarios  - sabsh -

This book is very informational and gives a lot of insight into the male isnt as complicated as we like to think! I have put into practice for now a few of her suggestions and she is right ... Leer comentario completo

Very good explanation of content

Crítica de los usuarios  - mccorm -

This book changed my marriage for the BETTER! Every wife should read it ASAP! Leer comentario completo


Crítica de los usuarios  - dynamololo -

I love this book. Im only on chapter 4 but already my husband has said that he sees a difference in the way that I am showing love through my actions and speech. Its amazing the difference in my ... Leer comentario completo

This book saved my marriage!

Crítica de los usuarios  - canewlywed -

With her signature accessible conversational style Dr. Laura clearly explains what men want and how to keep them happy. After reading this book my man suddenly makes sense! Dr. Laura has identified ... Leer comentario completo

Crítica de los usuarios  -

What a wonderful book. If only this was understood by our wives. We men are simple to please and not complex. She understands mens feelings completely. Leer comentario completo

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