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Hubbell's legal directory-continued.

Innes (Alexander Taylor). The law of creeds torneys in nearly three thousand cities and in Scotland. A treatise on the legal relation towns in the United States ; also a synopsis of churches in Scotland, established and not of the collection laws of each state, with established, to their doctrinal confessions. rules and instructions for taking depositions, xv, 495 pp. 80. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood &. the executions and acknowledgment of deeds, wills, etc. and times for holding courts Iowa (State of). Acts and resolutions passed throughout the United States and territories at the regular session of the eleventh gen- . for 1871. J. H. Hubbell, compiler. 292,

, eral assembly.

Des Moines, F. W. 80. New York, J. H. Hubbell fi co. Palmer, state printer, 1866. 1871.

Digest of the decisions of the supreme Huc (Théophile). Le code civil italien et le court of Iowa. See Lacy (John F.) code napoléon. Etudes de législation com

Reports of cases in law and equity deparée. 2e éd. considérablement augmentée termined in the supreme court of the state suivie d'une traduction complète du code of Iowa. v. 28–29. By Edward H. Stiles. civil italien annotée et augmentée d'une con- v.7-8. 80. Ottumwa, E. H. Stiles, 1867–70. férence de ses articles avec l'ancien code Irish (The) reports, published under the control sarde et le code napoléon, par Joseph Or- of the council of law reporting in Ireland: sier.

viii, 375 pp; 1 p. 1. ix, 463 pp. containing reports of cases argued and deter80. Paris, Cotillon, 1868.

mined in the superior courts of Ireland. ComHumbert (G. H.) Du régime nuptial des mon law series, v. 4. 1869-70. 8o. Dublin, Gaulois. 32 pp.

Paris, typographie for the council, by E. Ponsonby, 1871. Hennuyer, 1858.

The same. Equity series, v. 4. 1869-Hunt (Arthur Joseph). The law relating to 70. 80. Dublin, for the council, by E. Pon

boundaries and fences, and to the rights of sonby, 1871. property on the sea shore and in the beds of Italy. [Code civil du royaume d'Italie). Trapublic rivers and other waters. 2d ed. XX, duction complète du code civil italien, an

330 pp. 120. London, Butterworths, 1870. notée et augmentée d'une conférence de ses Huntington (Samuel H.) Cases decided in the articles avec l'ancien code sarde et le code court of claims of the United States.

napoléon, par Joseph Orsier. 1 p.1. ix, 463 1860-70. See Nott (Charles C) and Hun- pp. 80. Paris, Cotillon, 1868. tington.

[HUC (Théophile). Le code civil italien et le code

napoléon, v. 21. Idaho (Territory of). Cases in the supreme Jacob (Giles). The general laws of estates ; court. 1866–1867. Reported by John Cum

or, freeholder's companion. With a full and mings. v. l. 89. Boise city, 1867.

compleat abstract of the new act of parliaIllinois. Reports of cases at law and in chan

ment concerning distresses for rent, replevins cery argued and determined in the supreme

and ejectments, &c. and several other late court of Illinois. By Norman L Freeman.

popular statutes. Likewise some very usev. 51-53. 1869–1870. 80. Springfield, 1871.

ful precedents of deeds and writings, applicaIllinois reports. Digest. See Wood (Charles

ble to this work. viii, 402 pp. 14 1. 80. H.) and Long (Joseph D.)

[ London] in the Savoy, E. & R. Nutt & R. Indiana (Slate of). Laws of the state of In

Gosling, for A. Ward, 1740. diana, passed 1827–29, 31-34, 39-41, 49–

Jamaica (The) magistrate's and vestryman's 53, 55, 58, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71.


assistant, containing a digest of all the laws Indianapolis, state printers, 1828-71.

of the island alphabetically arranged, from Reports of cases in the supreme court

33 Charles ii. to 8 George iv. [anon.] 2 of judicature of the state of Indiana. By

p. 1. 320 pp. 1 1. 8o. Jamaica, office of the St. James B. Black. 1869-1870. v. 32-33. 80.

Jago de la Vega gazette, 1828. Indianapolis, Journal co. 1871.

The same. Ingram (Thomas Dunbar). Compensation to [With ms. index).

land and house owners : being a treatise on Jones (Arthur T.) A horse story, by an old the law of compensation for interests in lands, gray horse, continued by Arthur T. Jones, &c. payable by railway and other public including a narrative of all the proceedings companies ; with an appendix of forms and in the case of the impeachment of John Orser, statutes. 2d ed. by J.J. Elmes. xxiii, 404 high sheriff of the city and county of Newpp. 120. London, Bulterworths, 1869,

York, with the decision of the governor of the

V. 5-6.

17 v.


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Jones (Arthur T.)-continued.

King (Colonel William). Letter from the state thereon, and the trial and conviction of secretary of war [J. C. Calhoun), transmitdeputy sheriff Thomas Carlin, for a misde.

ting a copy of the proceedings of a court 4 p. l. 337 pp. 89. New Yorli, G. martial, for the trial of colonel William King, F. Nesbitt fi co. 1856.

May 3, 1820. 128 pp. 80. Washington Jones (H. Cadman). See De Gex (John P.) Gales & Seaton, 1820. Journal du palais : recueil le plus ancien et le Kirwan (Thomas). A report of the trial of

plus complet de la jurisprudence. 1869–70. Thomas Kirwan, merchant, for a misdemeanor 80. Paris, bureaux de l'administration, charged to be committed in violation of the [1869-70)

convention act. By William Ridgeway. 1 Justinianus (Flavius Anicius). Digestym no- p. 1. 258 pp. 80. Dublin, C. P. Archer, 1812. Tomus tertius iuris ciuilis, quod vulgo [With A report of the proceedings in the cases of

Thomas Kirwan and Edward Sheridan. 1811]. digestvm novym appellant, ex fide vetusto

and Sheridan (Edward, m. d.) A re. rum codicum diligenter emendatus, et ab Egidio Perrino scholiis illustratus: qui etiam glos

port of the proceedings in the cases of Thomas

Kirwan, merchant, and Edward Sheridan, sas recognouit. 22 p. 1.400 1. fol. Lugduni,

m. d. for misdemeanors charged to be comapud Hugonem, et hæredes Aemonisa Porta,

mitted in violation of the convention act. 1540.

By William Ridgeway. 293 pp. 89. Dublin, Kansas (State of ). The laws of the state of

C, P, Archer, 1811. Kansas, passed at the eleventh session of the Kuhn (R. K.) Administrators account book, legislature. 1871. 89. Topeka, (Kansas,)

with instructions how to settle an estate. S. S. Prouty, 1871,

48 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Reports of cases argued and determined

fi co, 1871. in the supreme court of the state of Kansas. Ku-klux trial at Oxford, Miss. See Lumpkin [1869-70]. By Elliot V. Banks. y, 5. 80).

(Benjamin), Malone (Thomas), and others. Topeka, (Kansas,) S. S. Prouty, 1871.

Kyd (Stewart). A treatise on the law of bills of Keessel (Dionysius Godtfried van der). Se

exchange and promissory notes. 2d american lect theses on the laws of Holland and Zee

from 3d London ed. xii, 288 pp. 160. Albaland, being a commentary of Hugo Grotius'

ny, Thomas, Andrews & Penniman, 1800. introduction to dutch jurisprudence, and in- Lacy (John F.) Digest of the decisions of tended to supply certain defects therein, and to

the supreme court of Iowa. 1866–1869. By determine some of the more celebrated contro

John F. Lacy. [v.3]. 89. Chicago, Cal- . versies on the law of Holland. Translated

laghan & Cockcroft, 1871. from the original latin by Charles Ambrose Lambard (William). Archeion, or, a discovrse Lorenz. 2d ed. With a biographical notice

vpon the high courts of ivstice in England. of the author by professor J. De Wal. xxxi,

6 p. 1. 276 pp. 180. London, H. Seile, 1635. 16o. Cape Town, J. C. Juta, 1868. Lamé-Fleury (Ernest Jules Frédéric). Code Kendall (Edward Augustus). An argument

annoté des chemins de fer en exploitation ou for construing largely the right of an appellee

recueil méthodique et chronologique des lois, of murder, to insist on trial by battle; and also

décrets, ordonnances, arrêtés, circulaires, etc. for abolishing appeals. 2d ed. With an ap

2e éd. xvi, 1125 pp. 80. Paris, Guillaumin pendix, containing a report of a debate in the

& cie. 1868. house of commons, on a clause for abolish- Lansing (Abraham). Reports of cases in the ing appeals of murder in the british north

supreme court of the state of New York. american colonies, etc. xix, 307 pp. 1 pl.

[1870-1871). v.3. 80. New York, Banks 89. London, B. R. Houlett, for Baldwin,

& brothers, 1871. Cradock & Joy, [etc. ] 1818.

Law (The) journal reports for the year 1871. Kentucky reports. See Bush (W.P.D.)

New series. v. 40. Parts 1, 2, and 3 in 3 Kerr (William Williamson). A treatise on

89. London, E. B. Ince, 1871. the law and practice of injunctions in equity. Law (The) list; [for 1872]. Compiled by With notes and references to american cases.

William Henry Cousins. 160. London, By W. A. Herrick. lxi, 736 pp. 80. Bos

Stevens & sons, 1872, ton, Litlle, Brown & co, 1871.

Law (The) magazine and law review ; or, Keyser (Henry). The law relating to trans- quarterly journal of jurisprudence. Septem

actions on the stock exchange. xxii, 335 pp. ber, 1870, to Aug. 1871. y. 30-31. 8. Lon169. London, H. Butterworth, 1850.

don, Butterworths, 1871.

374 pp.

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Law quibbles : or, a treatise of the evasions, Le Barrois d'Orgeval (Robert). La pro

tricks, turns and quibbles, commonly used priété littéraire en France et à l'étranger ; in the profession of the law, to the prejudice son histoire; sa législation : suivie des conof clients, and others [etc.] with abstracts ventions internationales conclues jusqu'à ce of all the late statutes for amending the law, jour avec les principaux états de l'Europe. [etc.] and an essay on the amendment and 89. Paris, E. Dentu, 1868. reduction of the laws of England. [anon.] LeBreton (André François). Pièces origi4th ed. 3 parts in 1 v. 4 p. 1. [339 pp. ] 51. 80.

nales et procédurez du procès, fait à Robert London, E. & R. Nutt, [etc.] for A. Bettes

François Damiens. Sie Damiens. worth of: C. Hitch, [etc.] 1736.

Leclercq (Olivier). Le droit romain dans Law (The) reports. Chancery appeal cases,

ses rapports avec le droit français et les prinincluding bankruptcy and lunacy cases, be

cipes des deux législations. 8 v. 89. Liége, fore the lord chancellor, and the court of

Duvivier, 1810-12. appeal in chancery. 1870–71. Edited by G. W. Hemming.

Lee (Thomas). Cases in the court of king's V. 6. 8o. London, W. Clowes & son, 1871.

bench, at Westminster in the 7th-10th years

of George ii. 2d ed. corrected, by Thomas Court of common pleas. 1870–71. Re

Lee. xvi, 416, 38 pp. 89. London, R. Pheney ported by John Scott and Edmund Lumbey.

& S. Sweet, 1815. Edited by J. R. Bulwer. v. 6. 80. Lon

Legrand du Saulle (Dr. Henri). Étude ilon, W. Clowes & son, 1871.

médico-légale sur les assurances sur la vie : Court of exchequer.

1870-71. Re

leçons professées à l'école pratique. 48 pp. ported by J. Anstie and A. Charles. Edited

80. Paris, F. Savy, 1867. by J. R. Bulwer. v. 6. 80. London, W.

Lloyd (Eyre). The law of compensation Clowes Sison, 1871.

under the lands clauses and railways clauses Court of queen's bench. 1870-71. Re

consolidation acts, the metropolis local ported by W. Mills and H. Holioyd, and in

management and other acts, &c. With a the bail court, by Arthur Wilson. Edited

full collection of forms and precedents. 20 by J. R. Bulwer. v.6. 80. London, IV. . ed. xxiv, 403 pp. 80. London, Stevens of Clowes si son, 1871.

Haynes, 1870. Equity cases, including bankruptcy Long (Joseph D.) Digest of Illinois reports. cases, before the master of the rolls, the vice

See Wood (Charles H.) and Long. chancellors, and the chief judge in bank- Lorimer (James). The rights and duties of ruptcy. 1870–71. Edited by J. W. Hem

belligerents and neutrals with reference to ming. v. 11-12. 89. London, W. Clowes &

maritime commerce.


burgh, Thomas Constable, 1865. Privy council appeals. Cases heard Love (Rev. Christopher). A cleare and necesand determined by the judicial committee

sary vindication of the principles and practiand the lords of her majesty's most honour

ces of me, Christopher Love, since my tryall. able privy council. 1869-71. Edited by E.

before, and condemnation by, the high court F. Moore. v. 3. 80. London, W. Clowes

of justice. 2 p. 1. 43 pp. 4o. London, 1651. & son, 1871.

[With LOVE (Christopher). The whole triall of mr.

The public general statutes, passed in

The whole triall of mr. Love, before the the thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth years of the

high court of justice in Westminster hall. reign of her majesty queen Victoria, 1871.

Containing the charge of high treason against With a list of the local and private acts, and

him. With the relation of his suffering, and à copious index. V. 6. 80. London, WV.

his speech and prayer at his death. 1 p. 1. 128 Clowes & son, 1871.

pp. 4°. London, 1652. Lawrence (A. R.) A compilation of the laws

[Imperfect; last leaves wanting]. of the state of New York, relative to the assess- Lumpkin (Benjamin), Malone (Thomas), ment and collection of taxes in the city and and others. Full report of the great Ku-klux county of New York.

Compiled for the trial in the U.S. district court at Oxford, board of supervisors, of the county of New Miss. Reported by David M. Philp. 100 York, by A. R. Lawrence, jr. iv,

pp. 89. Memphis, IV. J. Mansford, 1871. 120, New York, G. H. Clark, 1859,

Lushington. See Tichborne v. Lushington,

28 pp.

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son, 1871.

iv, 188 pp.

2 v.

284 pp.

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Xx, 532

Lutwyche (Alfred J. P.) Reports of cases Mapril (Athanase). Code-dictionnaire pra

argued and determined in the court of com- tique de législation, de doctrine et de jurismon pleas, on appeal from the decisions of prudence en matières civiles, judiciaires et the revising barristers, from Michaelmas administratives.-Code-mapril. 644, 59 pp. term, 7 Vict, to [Michaelmas term, 17 Vict.] 80. Bordeaux, A. Bord, 1868. both inclusive.

2 p. 1. 639 pp ; viii, Marezoll (Gustav Ludwig Theodor). Lehr80. London, IV. Benning & co. buch der institutionen des römischen rechtes. 1847-54.

2e aufi.
xvi, 432 pp.

80. Leipzig, J. A. Lutwyche (Sir Edward). The reports of the Barth, 1841.

resolutions of the court on divers exceptions Maritime law cases. Reports of the cases taken to pleadings, and other matters in law.

relating to maritime law, decided by the 6 p. 1. 380 pp. 1 p. 1. 381-710

40 1.

court of admiralty, and by all the superior 89. London, J. Walthoe & T. Ward, 1718.

courts of law and equity ; salvage awards McCall (H. S.) Precedents, or practical and selection of cases decided in the courts

forms in actions at law in the supreme court of the United States, the consular courts, of the state of New York, the superior court &c. From 1867 to 1871. v. 3. and court of common pleas, for the city of pp. 89. London, H. Cox, 1871. New York, adapted to the code and rules of

A digest of maritime law cases. See 1871, and to the practice of states having a Young (Arthur). similar code. 3d ed. 10, 547 pp. 80. New Marshall (William) vs. Cunningham, DougYork, Bunks f brothers, 1871.

al and co. In the house of lords. William Macdonald (John H. A.) A practical treat- Marshall, of Glasgow, merchant, appellant.

ise on the criminal law of Scotland. xv, 680 Messrs. Cunninghame, Dougal, and compa

pp. 89. Edinburgh, W. Paterson, 1867. ny, of Glasgow, merchants, respondents. Macnaghten (Steuart) and Gordon (Alex- The appellants case. To be heard, May 1780.

ander). Reports of cases argued and deter: 7 pp. fol. [London, 1780]. mined in the high court of chancery during

The same. The respondents case.

5 the time of lord chancellor Cottenham. Ed- pp. fol. [London, 1780]. ited by J. C. Perkins.

1849-1851. Maryland. Acts of the general assembly on 3 v. 8o. Boston, Little, Brown di co. 1871. the subject of attachment. 1836. See HinkMagistrates' statutes. The statutes and parts

ley (Edward).

The law and rules of the land office of of statutes relating to the law administered in magistrates' courts, and to parochial, mu

Maryland. By John M. Brewer and Lewis nicipal, and ecclesiastical law, enacted in the

Mayer. xv, 166 pp. 80. Baltimore, Kelly, session of 1870. 2 p. 1. 208

pp. 160. Lon- Piet fi co. 1871. don, Law Timesoffice, 1870.

Laws of Maryland, made and passed Maine (State of). The revised statutes of the

at sessions of assembly, begun and held at state of Maine, passed January 25, 1871 : to

the city of Annapolis, 1785–92. 8v, in 1. which are prefixed the constitutions of the

fol. Annapolis, F. Green, printer to the state, United States and of the state of Maine :

1785-92. with an appendix. xi, 1273 pp. 4o.

49. Port

Supplement to the Maryland code, conland, Bailey & Noyes, [1871].

taining the acts of the general assembly, Maine reports. Reports of cases in law and

passed at the session of 1870 ; arranged in equity, determined by the supreme judicial

articles and sections to correspond with the court of Maine. By W. Wirt Virgin. [1870].

code. By J. I. Cohen and Thomas Row

land. 466 pp. 8o. Baltimore, J. Murphy v. 58. 8o. Portland, Loring, Short of Mar

dico, 1870. Manwood (John). A treatise and discovrse Maryland reports, containing cases argued

of the lawes of the forrest: wherin is de- and determined in the court of appeals of clared not onely those lawes, as they are now

Maryland. By Nicholas Brewer, reporter. in force, but also the originall and beginning

October term, 1866. v. 26. 89. Annapolis, of forrestes : and what a forrest is in his owne Brewer, Dubois & Button, 1869. proper nature.

Also a treatise of the pural- The same. By J. Shaaff Stockett. 1868 lee [purlieu]. 8 p. 1. 168 1. numb. 6 1.

v. 1-3.

mon, 1871.

and 1870-71. v. 29 and 33-34. 80. Bal. 40. London, T. Wight & B. Norton, 1598. timore, J. Murphy & co. 1869–71.



Massachusetts (State of). Acts and resolves | Minnesota reports. Reports of cases argued

passed by the general court of Massachusetts, and determined in the supreme court of the in the year 1871, together with the constitu- state of Minnesota. v. 15. By Wm. A. Spention, the messages of the governor, list of cer. [1870]. 80. Saint Paul, W. S. Combs, the civil government, changes of names of

1871. persons, etc. 876 pp. xxxviii. 80. Boston, Mississippi (State of). The revised code of Wright of Porter, 1871.

the statute laws of the state of Mississippi, A collection of acts and laws, passed in as adopted at January session, a. d. 1871. 788 the state of Massachusetts-bay, relative to pp. 4o. Jackson, Alcorn & Fisher, 1871. the american loyalists and their property. 35 Mississippi reports. v. 43. Being cases arpp. 89. London, J. Stockdale, 1785.

gued and decided in the supreme court of Massachusetts reports. V.

v. 102-103. April, Mississippi. v. 1. By J. S. Morris. [18701869-Jan. 1870. Albert G. Browne, jr, re

71]. 8o. Jackson, Miss. Kimball, Raymond porter. 80. Boston, H, 0. Houghton fico.

fico. 1871. 1871.

Missouri (State of). Laws of the state of Sce, also, Allen (Charles).

Missouri, passed at the regular [and] ad

journed sessions of the general assembly, Mastin v. Escott. A full report of the case

1869–1871. 3 v. 8o. Jefferson city, 1869–71. of Mastin v. Escott, clerk, for refusing to

Missouri reports. Reports of cases argued bury an infant baptized by a wesleyan min

and determined in the supreme court of Misister; containing all the arguments on hoth

souri. By Truman A. Post. 1869-1871. sides, and the judgment delivered by sir Her

V. 45-47.

80. bert Jenner in the arches court of Canter

St. Louis, M'Kee, Fishback

fico, 1871. bury, May 8, 1841. By W. C. Curteis, 11. d.

Mitchell (John) and Gay (John) v. Rodney 3 p. 1. 298 pp. . 89. London, Crofts & Blen:

(Sir George Brydges) and Vaughan (John). karn, 1841.

In the house of lords. John Mitchell and Matthews (James M.) Digest of the laws of

John Gay, original plaintiffs, and plaintiffs in Virginia of a criminal nature, illustrated by

And sir George Brydges Rodney, judicial decisions. To which is prefixed the

bart. and the honourable John Vaughan, denew constitution of Virginia. 2d ed. 376

fendants. The plaintiffs' case. pp. 89. Richmond, Va. J. W. Randolph of:

[London], 1783. English, 1871.

The same. The case of the defendants. A guide to commissioners in chancery,

3 pp. fol. [London), 1783. with practical forms for the discharge of their Moak (Nathaniel C.) Reports of cases in the duties, adapted to the statute law of Virginia.

english courts.

See Reports. 2d ed. xi, 254 pp. 80. Richmond, Va. J. Molloy (Captain Anthony James Pye). MinW. Randolph & English, 1871.

utes of the proceedings at a court martial for Matthews (Stanley). A summary of the law

[his] trial, as taken by M. Greetham, jr. of partnership, for the use of business men.

1 p. 1. 184 pp. 80. London, J. Debrett, 1795. vi, 140 pp. 120. Cincinnati, R. Clarke fico. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 201). 1864.

Molyneux (Charles William, 3d earl of Sefton) Michigan (State of). General acts and joint

v. Hopwood (Robert Gregge). Earl of Sefand concurrent resolutions of the legislature

ton v. Hopwood. A report of the Hopwood of the state of Michigan. 1871. 3 v. 80. will case.

Tried at the South Lancashire Lansing, W. S. George fico, 1871.

spring'assizes, 1855 ; before mr. justice CressMichigan reports. Reports of cases deter- well and a special jury. Taken from the

mined in the supreme court of Michigan, notes of messrs. Snell and Counsell, shortfrom January 5 to October 21, 1870. Hovey hand writers. 3 p. 1.534 pp. 4o. ManchesK. Clarke, reporter. v. 2-3. Being v. 20-21 ter, G. Simms, 1855. of the series. 80. Detroit, Richmonds & Moore (Edmund F.) Reports of cases heard Backus, 1871.

and determined by the judicial committee Minnesota (State of ). Gerieral laws of the and the lords of her majesty's privy council.

state of Minnesota, passed during the thir- 1863–65. (New series). v.2. 89. London, teenth session of the state legislature, com- Stevens & sons, [1865] ? mencing January 30, 1871. 281 pp.

The same. 1870-1. (New series). v.7. Saint Paul, Press printing company 1871. 89. London, Stevens & sons, (1871]?

6 pp. fol.


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