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346 pp.

Shortt (John, l1.b.)-continued.

Spangenberg (E.P.J.)-continued. ers, &c. and the law of libel. xxxii, 780 pp. sen- und schwaben-spiegels. Grösstentheils 80. London, H. Cox, 1871.

aus unbenutzten handschriftlichen quellen The law of railway companies. See geschöpft. xii, 234 pp. 12 pl. 4o. Halle, Godefroi (Henry) and Shortt.

in der gebaucrschen buchhandlung, 1822. Smith (Francis), and Hannaman, (William), Einleitung in das römisch-justinianei

brokers. Laws of Indiana, relating to her sche rechtsbuch oder Corpus juris civilis rosecurities. 9 1. 180.

New York, E. H. mani. 1v. in 2 v. xvi, 960 pp. 80. HannoCoffin, 1871,

ver, bey den brüdern Hahn, 1817. Smith (George J. P.) Reports of cases in [An interleaved copy).

the court of queen's bench. See Best (Will- Spencer (Thomas). The new vade mecum; iam M.) and Smith,

or, young clerk's magazine: digested and Smith (John William). A compendium of improved to correspond with the laws of the

mercantile law. 8th ed. By George Morley state of New York in particular, and the Dowdeswell. lviii, 698, cccxxviii pp. 80. United States in general. [Also), a collecLondon, Stevens & sons, 1871.

tion of forms of writs, &c. most common in Smith (Josiah W.) A manual of common

use in the supreme court of the state of Newlaw; comprising the fundamental principles York. 1st ed.

16o. Lansingand the points most usually occurring in daily burgh, S. Tiffany, for T. Spencer, 1794. life and practice. First am. from the fourth Spencer (William A.) Reports. See MinLondon ed, with notes and references. By nesota reports, v. 15. Edward Chase Ingersoll. XXX, 591 pp. 12°. Stacey (John, the younger, and John, the IVashington city, IV. H. S 0. H. Morrison, elder). Report of the trial of [accused] for 1871.

the murder of mr. Samuel Langtrey and Smith (William). A treatise on the duties and Charity Jolliffe, his housekeeper, on sunday

office of a receiver under the high court of the 1st of March, 1829, at Portsmouth : bechancery in Ireland, embracing also certain fore the hon, sir James Burrough, at the portions of the law of landlord and tenant. Hants summer assizes, July 30, 1829. Taken With an appendix of forms and a supple- in short hand. 32 pp. 2 portraits. ment containing the general orders, dated the pl’inchester, [ Eng. ] Robbins L. Wheeler, [1829). 10th day of October, 1836, relating to this Starkie (Thomas). A treatise on the law of subject. 3d ed. XV, 272 pp. 80. Dublin, slander and libel, and incidentally of maliMilliken of son, 1836.

cious prosecutions. From the 2d english ed. South Carolina. Acts and joint resolutions of 1830. With notes and references to amer

of 1870-71. 80 Columbia, S. C. Republi- ican cases and to english decisions since cun printing co. 1871.


By John L. Wendell. South Carolina reports. Reports of cases clxii, 494 pp; iv, 451 pp. .

80, Hartford, heard and determined by the supreme court Conn. J. L. Wendell, 1858. of South Carolina. November term, 1868,

The same.

Starkie's treatise on the to November term, 1869, inclusive.

law of slander and libel: including the S. G. Richardson. v. 1. 80. Columbia, s.

pleading and evidence, civil and criminal, C. Republican printing co. 1871.

with forms and precedents: also malicious Spain. Coleccion legislativa de España. prosecutions, contempts of court, etc. 3d ed. 1869-70. 80. Madrid, imprenta del

By Henry Coleman Folkard. xliii, 876 pp. ministerio de gracia y justicia, 1869-71.

go. London, Butterworths, 1869.

Staunford (Sir William). An exposicion of [Continuacion de la coleccion de decretos]. v. 101Primer semestre de 1869-segundo semestre

the kinges prerogatiue collected out of the de 1870. 5 y. 1869-71.

great abridgement of iustice Fitzherbert and Sentencias del tribunal supremo de justicia, en sus salas primera y segunda.

Recursos de casacion y other olde writers of the lawes of Englande. de injusticia notoria, y decisiones de competencias.

Whereunto is annexed the proces to the same Primer-segundo semestre de 1869. 2 v. Sentencias del tribunal supremo de justicia en su sala prerogatiue apperta ning. 1567. [1st e .]

b. l. 1 p. 1. 85 p. 1. sm. 4o. London, RychSpangenberg (Ernst Peter Johannes). Bey- ard Tottel, 1567.

träge zu den teutschen rechten des mittelal- [With his Plees del coron, ed. 1557). ters, vorzüglich zur kunde und kritik der alt

Les plees del coron: diuisees in plusigermanischen rechtsbücher, und des sach- ours titles & common lieux. Per queux home


2 v.

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By J.

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tercera. Recursos contra la administracion. Año de 1869-71.

Staunford (Sir William)-continued.

Syms (Frederick Richard). A code of english plus redement & plenairement, trouera quelq; law (principles and practice) for handy referchose que il quira touchant lez ditz pleez com- ence in a solicitor's office. xxi, 417 pp. 1 1. posees lan du grace 1557. [anon. 1st ed.] 160. London, Stevens & sons, 1870. b.l. 4 p. l. unp. 1981. pag. sm. 4o. London, Talbot v. Talbot. A report of the judgment in aedibus Richardi Tottelli, 1557.

of the high court of delegates, delivered on Stephen (Henry John). A treatise on the June 14, 1855. 80. [London, T. Blenkarn,

principles of pleading in civil actions: com- 1855). prising a summary view of the whole pro- [In PAGET (John). Talbot v. Talbot. A letter to

the hon.justice Torrens. London, 1855. pp. 41-56). ceedings in a suit at law. From the 2d

Taney (Roger Brooke). Reports of admiralty London ed. By Samuel Tyler, 11. d. xviii,

cases in the district of Maryland. 1836-61. 398, xciv pp. 80. Washington, (D. C.) W.

See Campbell (James Mason). 0.8 0. H. Morrison, 1871.

Tarrant (Henry Jefferd). Lloyd's bonds : Stockett (J. Shaaff). Reports of cases, etc.

their nature and uses. 18 pp. 11. 89. LonSee Maryland reports, v. 29, 33-34.

don, Stevens & Haynes, 1867. Stone (Ch. Francis). See English chancery Tayler (George). The law of appeals to the reports.

superior courts of law by appeal case. Story (William Wetmore). A treatise on the

xxviii, 270 pp. 160. London, H. Cox, 1865. law of sales of personal property, with illus- Tennessee (State of). Acts of the state of trations from the foreign law. 4th ed. By

Tennessee, passed by the first session of the Edmund H. Bennett. lxxxii, 677 pp. 80.

37th general assembly for the year 1871. Boston, Little, Brown & co, 1871.

257 pp. 80. Nashville, Jones, Purvis & co. Struve (Burckhard Gotthelf). Ivrisprvdentia

1871, heroica sev ivs qvo illustres vtvntvr priva

A compilation of the statute laws of tvm. Qvod ex avtoris schedis edidit simvlqve

the state of Tennessee. Of a general and de fontibvs ivris qvo illvstres vtvntvr prae

permanent nature, compiled on the basis of fatvs est Io. Avgvstvs Hellefeld. 7v. 4o.

the code of Tennessee, with notes and referIenae, apud I. A. Melchior, 1743-1753.

ces, including acts of session of 1870–71. Sutherland (James) vs. Murray (General

By Seymour D. Thompson and Thomas M. James). The trial in the court of exchequer,

Steger. v. 1-3. 80. St. Louis, Mo. W. J. before lord chief baron Skinner, at Guildhall,

Gilbert, 1871-72. on wednesday the 23d of July, [1783]. Public statutes of the state of TennesWherein James Sutherland, esq. late judge

see, since the year 1858. Being in the nature of the admiralty at Minorca, was plaintiff,

of a supplement to the code.

Edited by and the hon. general James Murray, late James H. Shankland.

xcv, 286 pp. 80. governor of that island, was defendant.

Nashville, Paul & Tavel, 1871. Taken in short hand by mr. Blanchard. 28 Tennessee reports. Reports of cases in the pp. fol. [London], G. Kearsley, 1783.

highest courts of law and equity of the state Swabey (M. C. Merttins) and Tristram of Tennessee. New ed, from Overton to (Thomas Hutchinson). Reports of cases

Meigs. [1821-1828. By William Frierson decided in the court of probate and in the

Cooper]. v. 4. 89. St. Louis, Soule, Thomas court for divorce and matrimonial causes.

f. l'insor, 1871. With a supplement by T. H. Tristram. v.4 Texas (State of). Laws, 1870. 89. Austin, From Hil, t. 1865 to Trin, t. 1865, and cases

Tracy, Siemering & co, 1870. in supplement from Hil. t. 1858 to Trin. t. Texas reports. Reports of cases argued and 1863. xi, 298 pp. 89. London, Butterworths, decided in the supreme court. 1869–1870. 1871,

By E. M. Wheelock, v.32. 80, Galveston, Swan (Joseph R.) A treatise on the law

Richard, son, Belo & co. 1871. relating to the powers and duties of justices Theloall (Simon). Le digest des briefes oriof the peace and constables, in the state of

ginals, et des choses concernants eux. 8 p. I. Ohio. 9th ed. xxix, 772 pp. 80. Cincin

upp. 424 1. numb. 120. Londini, Richardus nati, R. Clarke & co. 1871.

Tottellus, 1579. Sweeny (James M.) Reports of cases in the [Note.--With manuscript notes by sir John Savile).

superior court of the city of New York. Thomas (Sidney). Outlines of practice in (1869-1870]. v.2. 80.

v.2. O. New York, Banks the supreme court of the state of Illinois. 149 & brothers, 1871.

pp. 80. Chicago, Spalding & Lamonte, 1871.

Thompson (Isaac Grant). The supervisor's Tristram (Thomas H.)--continued.

manual. 2d ed. viii, 292 pp. 89. Albany, the court for divorce and matrimonial causes. J. D. Parsons, jr. 1869.

London, 1871. See Swabey (M. C. Merttins) Thompson (Seymour D.) and Steger (Thom- and Tristram.

as M.) A compilation of the state laws of Tyrie (David). The trial of David Tyrie, for Tennessee. v. 1-3. v. 1-3. See Tennessee.

high treason, at the assize at Winchester, on Tichborne v. Lushington. The Tichborne

saturday, August the 10th, 1782, before the romance: a full and accurate report of the hon. John Heath, esq. one of the justices of proceedings in the extraordinary and inter

his majesty's court of common pleas. Taken esting trial of Tichborne v. Lushington, in in short-hand, by Joseph Gurney, 24 pp. the court of common pleas, Westminster, for

I portrait. fol. London, J. Gurney, [1782]. forty days, from wednesday, May 10, to fri

United States. The statutes at large and day, July 7, 1871; including the whole of

proclamations of the United States of Amerithe examination, cross-examination, and re

ca, from December, 1869, to March, 1871. examination of the claimant. 2d ed. with

Edited by George P. Sanger.

v. 16. 80. addendum. 440 pp. 80. Manchester, [Eng.]

Boston, Little, Brown f. co. 1871. J. Heywood, [1871].

Court of claims. Revised rules of pracTissot (Joseph). Le mariage, la séparation et

tice of the court of claims of the United le divorce, considérés aux points de vue du

States : the acts of congress establishing the droit naturel, du droit civil, du droit ecclé

court, and in amendment thereof. 41 pp. 80. siastique et de la morale, suivis d'une étude

Washington, government printing office, 1871. sur le mariage civil des prêtres. xvi, 352 pp.

Cases decided, 1869-70. See 80. Paris, Marescq aîné, 1868.

Nott (Charles C.) and Huntington (SamTompson (George). The tradesman's law

uel H.) library: consisting of familiar treatises on

Supreme court.

Rules of the supreme the laws which tradesmen in general, for

court of the United States, and rules of practheir governance in the ordinary affairs of

tice for the circuit and district courts of the business, ought to be conversant with, or

United States in equity and admiralty cases. have an opportunity of immediate referring

Revised and corrected at December term, 1870. to, as occasions may arise. vi, 1024 pp. 80.

109 pp. 120, Washington, government printLondon, for the author, 1830.

ing office, 1871. Tooke (John Horne). In the house of lords. United States digest ; [v. 28-29] containing Between John Horne, clerk, plaintiff in error,

a digest of decisions of the courts of comand our sovereign lord the king, defendant in

mon law, equity and admiralty, in the Uniterror. Case of the crown. To be heard at

ed States and in England. By B. F. Burnthe bar of the house of lords, 8th April, 1778.

ham. Annual digest. 1868-1869. v. 22–23. 3 pp. fol. [London, 1778].

80. Boston, Little, Brown & co. 1871, John Horne, plaintiff in error, and our

Van Wetter (Polynice, ll, d.) Traité de la sovereign lord the king, defendant. Upon a judgment, in the court of king's-bench, on

possession en droit romain. 3 p. 1. 305 pp. 11. an information for several libels. The case

go. Gand, H. Hoste, 1869. of the plaintiff in error. 3 pp. fol. [Lon- Van Wetter (P. A. H.) Droit d'accroissedon, 1778).

ment entre colégataires. 434 pp. 80. BruxTownsend (Calvin). A compendium of com- elles, T. Lesigne, 1866, mercial law. xx, 587 pp.

"Concours universitaire de 80. New York,


Question de droit romain. Mémoire Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor of co. 1871.

couronné). Townshend (John). The law and practice on Velez Sarsfield (Dalmacio). See Argentine

proceedings by landlords to recover posses- republic. sion of demised premises, on the non-payment Vermont (State of). Acts and resolves, 1870. of rent or expiration of the term. With an

89. Montpelier, J. d. J. M. Poland, appendix of forins.

120. Nero 1870. York, J. S. Voorhis, 1862.

The general statutes of the state of Treatise (A) of the nobilitie of the realme. Vermont: [to 1862]. 2d ed. With an apSee Bird (William).

pendix comprising the public laws enacted Tristram (Thomas Hutchinson). Reports of since 1862. xiv, 1352 pp. 89. Cambridge,

cases decided in the court of probate and in [Mass. ] H, O, Houghton, printer, 1870.


648 pp.

214 pp.

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mon, 1871.

Vermont reports. Reports of cases argued Wallace (John William)-continued. and determined in the supreme court of the

Cases in the circuit court of the United state of Vermont. By Wheelock G. Veazey. States, for the third circuit (1854-1862]. v.3. v.43. New series, v. 8. 89. Montpelier, J. 89. Philadelphia, T. & J. W. Johnson f. co. f. J. M. Poland, 1871.

1871. Victoria (Australia). Acts of parliament of Washburn (Emory, ll. d.) Lectures on the Victoria. 25, 26 & 27 Victoria, 1861-63. 2 v.

study and practice of the law. xii, 318 pp. in 1. fol. Melbourne, J. Ferres, 1862-3.

80. Boston, Little, Brown d. co. 1871. Vinton (Francis, d. d.) A manual commentary

Washington (D. C. City of ). The laws, diof the general canon law and the constitution

gested and arranged. 1868. See Webb

(William B.) of the protestant episcopal church in the United States. viii, 223 pp. 80.

80. New York,

Washington (Territory of ). Statutes of the E. P. Dutton & co. 1870.

territory of Washington : being the code

passed by the legislative assembly, at their Virgin (William Wirt). Maine civil officer :

first session, held at Olympia, February 27, a guide for justices of the peace, trial jus

1854, [etc.] 488 pp. 1 1. lxviii pp. 80. tices, sheriffs and their deputies, coroners and constables. With an appendix. 2d ed. xxxii

, Waterhouse (Edward). Fortescutus illus

Olympia, G. B. Goudy, 1855. 612 pp. 12°. Portland, Loring, Short & Har

tratus, or a commentary on that nervous

treatise, De laudibus legum Angliæ, written Reports. See Maine. Reports, v. 58.

by sir John Fortescue. 10 p. 1. 594 pp. Virginia (State of ). Acts and joint resolu

2 portraits. fol, London, T. Dicas, 1663. tions, 1870-71. 452 pp. 80. Richmond, C.

Watkins (Charles). A treatise on copyholds. A. Schaffter, 1871. Digest of the criminal laws of Virginia.

2d ed. corrected and much enlarged: and 1871. See Matthews (James M.)

further augmented, with notes of all the

more recently adjudged cases, by Robert Wait (William). The code of procedure of

Studley Vidal. [With] an appendix of the state of New York, as amended to 1870,

manorial customs, &c.

xxviii, 570 with constitutional amendment, and statutes

Pp; xiv, 451 pp. 80. London, W. Clarke relative to the courts, and other statutes, and

& sons, 1816. a full index. 4 p. 1. xxi, 264 pp. p. l. xxi, 264 pp. 120. Al

Webb (William B.) The laws of the corporabany, W. Gould fi son, 1870.

tion of the city of Washington, digested and The same. As amended to 1871, with

arranged under appropriate heads in acnotes on practice, pleadings and evidence;

cordance with a joint resolution of the city rules of the courts, fully annotated ; a com

councils, together with an appendix containplete table of cases, and a full index. lviii,

ing a digest of the charter and other acts of 975 pp. 89. Albany, W. Gould f. sons, 1871.

congress concerning the city. vii, 649 pp. Wales. Leges wallicae. See Wotton (Will

89. Washington, R, A. Waters, 1868. iam, and M. W.)

Weekly (The) notes: being notes of cases Walker (J. Bryant). The law of municipal heard and determined by the house of lords,

corporations in the state of Ohio, embracing the superior courts of equity and common all the statutes in force July, 1871, with notes law, the courts of probate and divorce, the on the supreme and other courts of the state chief judge in bankruptcy, and the admiralty relating thereto. viii, 386 pp. 80. Cincin- and ecclesiastical courts. 1868-1870. 4 v. nati, R. Clarke & co. 1871.

in 2. 40. London, council of law reportWallace (Horace Binney). American lead- ing, (1868-70).

ing cases. See Hare (J. I. C.) and Wallace. Welwood (William). An abridgement of Wallace (John Bradford).

Remarks upon

all sea-lawes ; gathered forth of all writings the law of bailment. [Originally published and monuments, which are to be found in the American jurist]. 39 pp. 80. [Phila- among any people or nation, vpon the coasts delphia, 1840].

of the great ocean and Mediterranean sea. Wallace (John William). Cases argued and 4 p. 1.77 pp. sm. 4o. London, T. Man, 1613.

adjudged in the supreme court of the United West Virginia (State of). Acts of the legisStates, Dec. terms, 1869 and 1870. v. 10-11.

lature of West Virginia : at its 9th session, 80. Washington, D. C. W. H. & 0. H. Mor- January 17th, 1871. 434 pp. 80. Charlesrison, 1871.

ton, H. S. Walker, 1871.

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V, 4.

West Virginia (State of )-continued. Wisconsin (State of )-continued.

The code of West Virginia, comprising sequent legislation, together with the unrelegislation to the year 1870. With an ap. pealed statutes of a general nature passed pendix, containing legislation of that year. from the time of the revision of 1858 to the vii, 986 pp. 11.


Wheeling, J. Frew, close of the legislature of 1871. By David 1868.

Taylor. 2 v. 89. St. Louis, W. J. Gilbert, , West Virginia reports.

Cases decided in 1871. the supreme court of appeals of West Vir- Wisconsin reports. Reports of cases argued ginia. By John Marshall Hagans. 1870- and determined in the supreme court of Wis71.

80. Morgantown, Morgan & consin. By O. M. Conover. v. 25. June, Hoffman, 1871.

1869-June, 1870. 89. Chicago, Callaghan West Washington market case. Arguments & Cockcroft, 1871.

of counsel in the West Washington market Withy (Robert). A practical treatise upon case, on an application to the supreme court the law of annuities : wherein the different by the comptroller and counsel, to the corpo- securities for annuities, and the remedies for ration of the city of New York, to set aside the recovery thereof, are fully exemplified. a judgment in ejectment, and to restore the

Together with the determinations of the city to the possession of the above-named

courts on the construction of the annuity premises; as also to vacate two judgments act. [Also), a large collection of precedents. obtained by messrs. James B. Taylor and xxiv, 526 pp. 89. London, J. Butterworth, Owen W. Brennan against the city, amount- 1800. ing together to over $500,000. With the Witmer (Tobias). Deed tables showing the opinion of judge Ingraham, and the order

number of acres, date of deed, and grantee's entered thereon, vacating the judgments and

name of each lot, and part of lot, in the granting the relief sought. Reported by

county of Erie, N. Y. as sold by the Holland Joseph L. Blundell. 279

80. New

land company, the farmer's loan and trust York, W. C. Bryant & co. 1860.

company, and the state of New York. Also, a Wetherfield (G. Manley). The debtors act deduction of the title to the Indian reserva1869. With the regulae generales of Michael

tions. iv, 192 pp. 1 l. 89. Buffalo, Clapp, mas term 1869; the rules, forms, and fees;

Matthews & co. 1859. affecting committals in the county courts ; Woburn (Massachusetts). By-laws of the notes, and an index. 64 pp. 160. London,

town of Woburn, and sections of state laws: Longmans, Green, Reader, &. Dyer, 1870.

together with the names and location of Wetter (Van), See Van Wetter.

streets, rules for the government of town Wharton (Francis, ll. d.) Precedents of in- meetings and town officers for 1863. 32 pp. dictments and pleas, adapted to the use both

31. 16o. (Voburn, C. S, Parker, 1863, of the courts of the United States, and those Wood (Charles H.) and Long (Joseph D.) of all the several states : together with notes Digest of the Illinois reports, embracing all on criminal pleading and practice embracing the decisions of the supreme court of the the english and american authorities gener- state from Breese to the fiftieth volume. v.2. ally. 3d ed. 2 v. xxxiii, 600 pp; xxxiii, Reports v. 32 to 50, 89. Chicago, authors, 754 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Kay & brother, , 1871, 1871.

Wood (James). Wood's hand-book for jusWhitman (Charles Sidney). Patent laws tices, constables, and coroners ; containing

and practice of obtaining letters patent for brief practical directions and complete forms inventions in the United States and foreign for legal procedure in justice's court, azd countries; including copy-right and trade- for the transaction of all kinds of business mark laws. xii, 708 pp. 80, Washington, usually devolving upon constables and corW. H. & 0. H. Morrison, 1871,

oners in the state of Iowa.

80, Wisconsin (State of ). Laws (general) 1871.

Waterloo, Iowa, Smart f Parrott, 1871. 80. Madison, Atwood & Culver, 1871.

Wood vs. Polhill. William Wood, appelPrivate and local laws.


80. lant. David Polhill, esquire, and others, on Madison, Atwood & Culver, 1871.

behalf of themselves, and other the proprieThe revised statutes of the state of tors of gold and silver mines in Jamaica, reWisconsin, as altered and amended by sub- spondents.

The appellant's case, To be

254 pp.

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