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Wood vs. Polhill-continued.

Wyoining (Territory of )--continued. heard at the bar of the house of lords, 4th assembly, 1869. 8°. Cheyenne, W. T. pubFeb. 1746. 3 pp. Foldedsm. 4o. [London, lic printer, 1870. 1746].

General laws, resolutions and memo( Tho. Clarke, Cha. York).

rials, passed at the 2nd session of the leg. Woolworth (James M.) Cases in the United islative assembly ; 1871: together with the

States circuit courts for the 8th circuit. By organic act. 80. Cheyenne, Il'. T. public the hon. Samuel F. Miller, 11. d. Reported prinier, 1872. by James M. Woolworth. v. I. SO. . Chic

Young (Archibald). An historical sketch of cago, Callaghan & Cockcroft, 1870.

the french bar from its origin to the present Wotton (William, and Moses William). Cy

day ; with biographical notices of some of freithieu Hywel Dda ac eraill, seu leges wal

the principal advocates of the nineteenth licae ecclesiasticae et civiles Hoeli boni et

century. xii, 279 pp. 80. Edinburgh, Ed- . aliorum Walliæ principum, quas ex variis

monston S. Douglas, 1869. codicibus manuscriptis eruit, interpretatione Young (Arthur, csq.)

A digest of maritime latina, notis et glossario illustravit Gulielmus

law cases from 1837 to 1860. 2 p. 1. 159 pp. Wottonus, adjuvante Mose Gulielmio, qui et

So London, H. Cox, 1865. appendicem adjecit. 19 p. 1. 586 pp. 12 l.

A digest of salvage awards from 1837 fol. Londini, Guil. Bouyer, 1750.

to 1860. I p. 1.42, 8 pp. 89. London, H. [Note.-pp. 9-10 imperfect).

C02, 1865. Wright (William). Advice on the study of

[1Vith his Digest of maritime law cases. London, the law, with directions for the choice of books, 1865). addressed to attornies' clerks, with additional Zabriskie (James C.) The public land laws notes for the american student. [anon.] 167 of the United States; with instructions and

pp. 12o. Baltiinore, E. J. Coale, 1811. decisions appertaining thereto. [Index Wyoming (Territory of). General laws, only]. 32 pp. 80. San Francisco, H. H.

passed at the first session of the legislative Bancroft & co. 1870.


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