The History of Peter the Cruel, King of Castile and Leon: With Additional Notes, Volúmenes1-2

Bentley, 1849
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Página 379 - King to place, or to depose him, Dwelleth not in my desire, But the duty which he owes him, To his master pays the squire.
Página 370 - MARIA DE PADILLA, be not thus of dismal mood, For if I twice have wedded me, it all was for thy good ; But if upon Queen Blanche ye will that I some scorn should show, For a banner to Medina my messenger shall go — The work shall be of Blanche's tears, of Blanche's blood the ground ; Such pennon shall they weave for thee, such sacrifice be found.' Then to the Lord of Ortis, that excellent baron, He said, ' Now hear me, Ynigo, forthwith for this begone.
Página 364 - Then out and spoke the ancient nurse that nursed the brothers twain, " On thee, King Pedro, lies the curse — thy brother thou hast slain ; A thousand harlots there may be within the realm of Spain, But where is she can give to thee thy brother back again ?" Came darkness o'er King Pedro's brow, when thus he heard her say; He sorely rued the accursed VOW he had fulfilled that day. He passed unto his paramour, where on her couch she lay.
Página 371 - I've done, to proud Castile no treason e'er did I. ' The crown they put upon my head was a crown of blood and sighs, God grant me soon another crown more precious in the skies...
Página 371 - Then gently spake the Lady Blanche, " My friend, I pardon thee ; " Do what thou wilt, so be the king hath his commandment given ; Deny me not confession — if so, forgive ye, Heaven...
Página 371 - Then Pedro to his chamber went, his cheek was burning red, And to a bowman of his guard the dark command he said. The bowman to Medina passed ; when the queen beheld him near, "Alas !" she said, " my maidens, he brings my death, I fear.
Página 362 - I SAT alone in Coimbra — the town myself had ta:en, When came into my chamber, a messenger from Spain ; There was no treason in his look, an honest look he wore ; I from his hand the letter took, — my brother's seal it bore. ' Come, brother dear, the day draws near' ('t was thus bespoke the King), ' For plenar court and knightly sport, within the listed ring.
Página 226 - Nazaran, under the Black Prince, in Spain. His armour was beheld by martial men with much civil veneration, with whom his faithful buckler was a relic of esteem. But it added to the wonder, that our Matthew, who did lie and watch so long on the bed of honour, should die in the bed of peace, aged ninety and six years, f about the beginning of king Richard the Second.
Página 74 - Forty have been capable of such an atrocity, which seemed to thepi, says our author, as something impossible. cavaliers advanced to this spot, without any arms or armour whatever but a short stick. They at first amused themselves by running after each other, which lasted for about half an hour, — then from sixty to fourscore rods of Ahjer were brought, of the thickness and length of those we use for thatching. The bridegroom first took one, and set oft...
Página 58 - The heralds and the king are foremost in the place. They clear away the people from the middle space; They measure out the lists, the barriers they fix, They point them out in order and explain to all the six: < If you are forced beyond the line where they are fixed and traced, You shall be held as conquered and beaten and disgraced.

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