A Catalogue of Twenty-five Thousand Volumes of Choice, Useful, and Curious Books: In Most Classes of Literature, English and Foreign, on Sale, at the Reasonable Prices Affixed

F. Pickton, 1860 - 582 páginas

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Página 404 - and CUMBERLAND.—Dialogues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, by various Writers in the Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects, now first collected ; to which is added, a copious Glossary of Words peculiar to those Counties. Post 8vo, pp. 408, cloth. 9s 1839 This collection comprises, in the Westmoreland Dialect, Mrs. Ann Wheeler's Four Familiar Dialogues, with Poems, &c.
Página 99 - It contains above 50,000 words (embodying all the known scattered glossaries of the English language), forming a complete key for the reader of our old Poets, Dramatists, Theologians, and other authors, whose works abound with allusions, of which explanations are not to be found in ordinary dictionaries and books of reference.
Página 292 - from a Comparison of more than Sixty Languages. Being an Introduction to the Science of Grammars of all Languages, especially English, Latin, and Greek. By the Rev. W. Barnes, BD, of St. John's College, Cambridge, Author of " Poems in the Dorset Dialect," "Anglo-Saxon Delectus,
Página 152 - Line of Heirship, as well of those Families mentioned by Sir William Dugdale, as of those whom that celebrated Author has omitted to notice; interspersed with Interesting Notices and Explanatory Remarks. Whereto is added, the Proofs of Parliamentary Sitting from the Reign of Edward I. to Queen Anne; also, a Glossary of Dormant English, Scotch, and Irish Peerage Titles,
Página 85 - SPECIMENS of Cornish Provincial Dialect, collected and arranged by Uncle Jan Treenoodle, with some Introductory Remarks and a Glossary, by an Antiquarian Friend; also a Selection of Songs and other Pieces connected with Cornwall. Post 8vo, with curious portrait of Dolly Pentreath, cloth. 4*
Página 196 - JOHNES (AJ) Philological Proofs of the Original Unity and Recent Origin of the Human Race, derived from a Comparison of the Languages of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. 8vo, cloth. 6s (original price 12s
Página 154 - work engaged the attention of the author for several years, comprises nearly a thousand families, many of them amongst the most ancient and eminent in the kingdom, each carried down to its representative or representatives still existing, with elaborate and minute details of the alliances, achievements, and fortunes, generation after generation, from the earliest to the latest period.
Página 11 - ANGLO-SAXON Version of the Life of St. Guthlac, Hermit of Croyland. Printed, for the first time, from a MS. in the Cottonian Library, with a Translation and Notes. By Charles Wycliffe Goodwin, MA, Fellow of Catherine Hall. Cambridge. 12mo, cloth. 5s
Página 403 - WESLEY.—Narrative of a Remarkable Transaction in the Early Life of John Wesley, now first printed from a MS. in the British Museum. 8vo, sewed. 2s 1848 A very curious love affair between JW and his housekeeper; it gives a curious insight into the early economy of the
Página 267 - Jos.) Collections concerning the Church or Congregation of Protestant Separatists formed at Scrooby, in North Nottinghamshire, in the time of James I., the founders of New Plymouth, the parent colony of New England. 8vo, cloth.

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