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sour and Tho. Rowse; Bourne monastery of her
foundation; Rob. Russheton, Wm. Gowre .
23 Sept. 1511-7 May 1513. Geo. Quarles; payments due
by her to the convent of Peterborough; Sir Jo.
Carewe, Wm. Compton; guild of tanners and shoe-
makers incorporated by her at Barnstaple; Jo.
Hunte; Sir Rob. Southwell, Bart. Westby

11 June 1513-17 May 1514. Jo. Sharpe, Hugh Edwardis,
Edw. Stanbanke; grant of some of her manors to the
dean and canons of St George's Windsor; Sir Wm.
Compton, Sir Ri. Cholmondley, Nic. Thelwell

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27 July 1514-10 July 1515. Hawtemprice monastery
York of her foundation; Eliz. Lysle, Sir Jo. Sharp,
Hugh Edwardes, Jas. Morice; pardon and release for
her exors.

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Morton bp. of Ely; Reginald Bray; the duke of Brit-
tany; Henry engages to marry the princess Eliza-
beth; speech of Fisher at Cambridge

Restitution and gifts to lady Margaret of lands and plate 235

Chr. Urswyke ; lady Margaret and qu. Elizabeth of York;
grant of Willesford manor to the abbey of Brunne.

Grants to lady Margaret 1) of the next presentation to a

canonry of Westminster, 2) of certain plate, 3) of the

nomination of the steward and other officers at

Ware; sword and cap of maintenance; Colyweston . 237

Statutes read quarterly; cowmfetts; ipocras; Christmas


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A voyde; minstrels; Sir T. Lovell; a barb; lady Mar-
garet and Jo. Skelton; St Wenefrede's well
Conspiracy against H. VII and his mother; masses for
each day of the week; priest to teach grammar;
fire at Shene 21 Dec. 1497; wrecks in the isle of Pur-
beck; lady Margaret's influence with her son

Princess Margaret's projected marriage; birth, chris-

tening and death of prince Edmund; crusades

designed against the Turks 1502, 1507

The pope commends the zeal of H. VII against the

Turks (1507); individual enlistments rewarded with

absolution; rejoicings on the arrival and marriage of

Catharine of Arragon

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Frideswide's; bp. Fisher induces her to convert St
John's hospital into a college

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Henry VIII tells card. Pole that no king can display a
bp. equal to Fisher
Lady Margaret commends H. VIII to Fisher's care; Sir
Reg. Bray; funeral doles; building accounts of Hugh
Ashton's chapel; his estates

Hugh Ashton's scholars at St John's coll.; anchorites

Pest house for Chr. coll. at Malton; pownced; books


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Friars observants at Greenwich; writhen; bp. Stanley

claims, bp. Fisher disclaims, the title of secondary

founder of St John's .

Extincted; benefactors of Bromehall, Higham and Os-
pringe remembered in the prayers of St John's coll.;
John Wolf painter

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ripselner etc. read ripseluer etc. Qu.
Tremyngton read Fremyngton.
Tremyngham read Fremyngham.
229 1. 36 and 39 for compleint read complaint.

1. 37 for tres read lres, i. e. lettres.

248 1. 35 and 251 1. 25 for 1857 read 1859.

Other errors are corrected in the notes.






Alleged interposition of Granted in ward to Ed

Place and time of the birth of Margaret Beaufort. Account of her parents. Death of her father. Granted in ward to the duke of Suffolk. Her education. Her mother marries again. St Nicholas. Married to John de la Pole. mund and Jasper Tudor, the former of whom she marries. Edmund Tudor created earl of Richmond. Abbey of Kirkstall. Death of Edmund earl of Richmond. Her son Henry born. Tomb, arms and obits.

MARGARET BEAUFORT, successively Countess of Richmond and Derby, is the subject of peculiar interest, as the progenitrix of all the monarchs who have swayed the sceptre of these realms for upwards of three hundred years. She 5 presents the brightest example of the strong devotional feeling and active charity of the age in which she lived, and at a period when the importance of knowledge is universally appreciated, it may be unhesitatingly averred, that she is entitled to the warmest gratitude of posterity 10 for her generous patronage of the learned and her munificent provision for the advancement of science and litera



This illustrious lady was born at Bletsoe in Bedfordshire', then the seat of a branch of the family of Beau

1 Fuller's Worthies, ed. 1811,

I 116; in the Dublin Review (VIII

138) Bletsoe is incorrectly stated to be in Hertfordshire.

champ. As regards however the time of her birth, the statements are various; 1441 is the generally adopted date, on the authority, as it would appear, of the manuscript collections of William Fulman, B.D., a respectable antiquary of the seventeenth century'. We learn how- 5 ever from the genealogical notes contained in a breviary of the reign of Henry the Sixth (preserved amongst the Royal MSS. in the British Museum) that she was born on the second of the calends of June (31st May) 14432, but it seems impossible to reconcile this latter date with the Io statement of Sir William Dugdale (apparently made from official documents), that on the death of her father in 1444 she was three years of age.

Her father, John Beaufort, the first duke of Somerset, knight of the garter and lieutenant-general of France, 15 Acquitaine and Normandy, was of royal descent, being grandson of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster and titular king of Castille and Leon, the fourth son of Edward the Thirds.

John of Gaunt by Catharine Swinford, who subse- 20 quently became his third wife, had several natural children, who were called Beaufort from their having been born at the duke's castle of that name in France. These children were in 1397 legitimated by act of parliament, without any restriction with respect to their claim to the 25 throne, though an exception of the royal dignity was afterwards surreptitiously inserted upon Henry the Fourth's confirmation of the charter of legitimation".

Her mother Margaret Beauchamp was the daughter of Sir John Beauchamp of Bletsoe knight, who was en- 30

1 Ballard's Memoirs of British Ladies, 8vo. ed. 6.

2 Collect. Topog. Geneal. 1 278. The statement here referred to is, as regards the day of her birth, strongly confirmed by the circumstance that during her life her anniversary was celebrated at Westminster on the last day of May. MS. Lansd. 441.

Dugdale's Baronage II 123.

4 Ibid. II 121.

5 Excerpta Historica 152-154. Leland (Itin. 1 f. 85, 86) states John Beaufort earl of Somerset, grandfather of the countess of 35 Richmond, to have been born after the marriage of John of Gaunt with Catharine Swinford, but this statement seems quite irreconcileable with the patent of legitima- 40 tion above referred to.

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