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Sycling's bond to observe the statutes 5 Sept. 1506; bp.
Ely's letter exempting the college from episcopal visi-
tation and licensing the chapel 12 Dec. 1506

14 July 1507 patent granting Creke abbey to the countess
for the college

Manobre, Fendrayton, Helpestone, Naumby appropriated

to the college; grants of manors in Cambs. Leicestersh.
and Essex, with advowsons in Leicestersh.
Rooms reserved to the countess


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Founds two additional cantarists and a converse at West-

minster: a solemn anniversary to be observed for her

soul: books, chalices, vestments and ornaments for

the altars at which her masses were to be said; papal
bulls of indulgence conferring on hearers of her masses
as full remission of sin as if they heard Scala caeli
masses at Rome.

Extracts from the accounts of the proctors of Cam-
bridge 1505-6 for expenses of persons and letters
and presents sent to the countess


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Accounts of the Cambridge proctors 1507-8; letters to

Contemplated foundation of St John's college 1508
Wynkyn de Worde printer to the countess

Books, altarcloths and vestments to Durham, Wynborn,
Tateshall and Ware; money to various friars, nuns
and anchorites, to Jesus coll. Cambridge; to Coly-
weston church a chalice, massbook and vestment. To
the king a French book illustrated, Froissart, Boc-
caccio, Lydgate's Troy book, and 5 cups of gold

To the queen of Scots, queen of England, Mary princess of

Castile, lady Jane, dame Eleanor Verney, bps. of

Winchester and Rochester, lord Herbert, ornaments,

plate or money .

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To Mrs Parker trinkets, furniture, bedding, and a volume

of Gower

To Mr Lovell plate; to John St John plate, furniture,
bedding, Chaucer's Canterbury tales; to Alex. Frog-
nale plate, bedding and Magna Carta in French; to
Mr Marney plate; to Edith Fowler, Ri. and Mary
Stukeley, Elizabeth Massy, annuities.

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3. Deptford 8 Nov. 10 H. VIII. Inquisition taken by
John Hales, escheator. Ospringe hospital founded


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